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Innovations 

New exploration valuation platform

HOERBIGER releases first eVCP

THE POWERFUL EV2 decision support platform launched by CGG Robertson and Woold Mackenzie enables oil and gas clients to determine the value of undrilled exploration acreage in the world’s most prospective basins, representing an industry first in terms of coupling a flexible valuation tool with a rigorous and detailed geological knowledge base in an intuitive environment. EV2 differentiates volume and value potential at basin, play, and block scales and combines this analysis with unique functionality, such as the ability to change underlying subsurface modeling assumptions. Users can incorporate proprietary knowledge from seismic, geologic data and in-house expertise to calibrate yet-tofind reserve assumptions, subsurface risk maps, and oil price assumptions. Custom scenarios allow quick comparison of farmins, license rounds, and new deal opportunities for new ventures teams, petroleum economists, and financial analysts. The platform now covers 100 priority basins around the world in areas with leading exploration potential, upcoming license rounds, and high-profile prospects to help clients secure the best value return on their investment. A further 80 basins will be released between now and March 2017, resulting in a comprehensive global data set. EV2 allows users to value corporate acreage portfolios in an objective, comparable, and consistent manner.consistent manner, helping to fill a critical gap in the market.

HOERBIGER HAS ANNOUNCED the release of a world first electric, stepless variable clearance pocket (eVCP). For example, a capacity increase of 1 mmscf/day can earn an additional US$3.5mn over the course of five years (assuming a natural gas price of US$2.00/mscf). The new innovation allows fine adjustments to compressor capacity and load by signalling eVCP to increase or decrease the volume pocket. Operators can now run compressor drives near maximum torque which also maximises the compressor’s throughput. “With eVCP, our customers are able to automatically adjust to field conditions to optimise engine load and compressor throughput,” said John Metcalf, senior VP of sales and engineering at HOERBIGER Corporation of America. The innovation that makes the eVCP possible is its ability to overcome the gas pressure to move the pocket piston. To make electric actuation possible, motor torque is converted to linear force using a gear box and lead (power) screw. The HOERBIGER R&D Team developed a unique hybrid nut using a polymer sliding surface inside a steel casing. The polymer provides low friction and high durability in the face of repeated blows from the compressed gas. The steel casing prevents the polymer from extruding. The unique screw mechanism is oil-free, and the polymer component of the hybrid nut operates with enough friction to make the system self-locking. The drive motor only operates while changing the volume of the clearance pocket. HOERBIGER's eVCP systems have been undergoing field trials since April 2015. The eVCP effectively automates the variable-volume clearance pocket.

TSS, the solid partner to energize your operation At TSS you’ll benefit from the world’s most concentrated resources of stand-alone solar energy expertise with over 15 years of experience in research, design, consultancy, sales and implementation. We serve our customers via offices in The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, and over 10 partners worldwide.

Building solutions with you Working with our customers we also co-create entirely individual solutions. We develop new techniques with contractors, suppliers and end-users ensuring we provide you the best, most reliable solar energy system possible. Building solutions not just for you, but with you. Always.

World’s most solid solar systems Your installations are remote and off-grid and face extreme conditions. That is why they need a solid solar energy system. Based on your needs and your unique circumstances TSS will design such a system for you. You’ll keep going. Always.

Hazardous area’s (Ex-proof) TSS is one of the few solar companies worldwide certified for the design, engineering and supply of ATEX Zone 1 systems. Our solar energy systems pass the highly rigorous ATEX/IECEx standards for explosive environments. Enabling our customers to safely meet their power requirements in hazardous environments. Always.

High performance and smart design TSS uses high performance components and combines them with the smart design of our solar energy systems. Maximizing performance, minimizing cost. Always.

Quality TSS is an ISO9001 certified company. You’ll keep going … Always.

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