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Ultra a-Fast Miniiature P ressure Transduucer Series M5 M Capable of exposure to 200 °C C Broad compen nsated temperature range, from o -20...125 °C or -40...180 °C Excellent dynaamic response, up to 50 kHz (p pulsation measurements) Extremely com mpact design, pressure connecction: M5 x 0,5 fine thread Insensitive to structure-borne vibration Te eflon FEP cab ble with IP67 fe errule, suitable fo for use on test benches Pressure ranges of 3 bar,, 10 bar and 30 bar (absolut ( e) Te emperature compensated 0…10 V output (Series M5 HB)

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Explosion Waves

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Oil Review Middle East 7 2016  

Oil Review Middle East 7 2016