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Challenging times for rigs and drilling THE RSI GROUP specialises in professional drilling rig surveys and technical project support. RSI provides its inspection services to the majority of the small, medium and major oil companies in business today. During the ongoing downturn in the oil industry, many offshore and onshore drilling units have been stacked and laid up. If operators are to avoid rig equipment NPT during their future drilling operations, then close scrutiny of the drilling unit equipment, systems and operations on these stacked drilling units would be required. The pressures on the industry stakeholders to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum can certainly have an adverse effect on the condition of stacked drilling units. The RSI Group chairman and CEO, Craig T Sinclair said, “In these challenging times the RSI Group provides peace of mind for the operators. RSI represents the professional end of the rig inspection market and for 16 years we have

Craig T Sinclair, RSI Group chairman and CEO. (Photo: RSI)

consistently delivered very high standards of drilling rig inspection. In fact, there is no other inspection company in business today that comes close to the quality of service and professional delivery that RSI provides.” The worldwide drilling industry is said to be shrinking by the day, with the departments being trimmed and staff becoming redundant. All of these events could have a negative impact on the condition, maintenance and operations on stacked drilling assets. It is therefore almost imperative for prospective operators to ensure that these stacked drilling assets are thoroughly inspected and tested prior to reactivation and drilling operations commencing. RSI Group would ensure the safe and efficient working of its drilling operations through its companies – Rig Survey International, RSI Engineering and RSI Well Control Services. The companies work 24/7, dispatching engineers to the ongoing projects to check on the rig equipment, systems and operations.

Halliburton introduces global rapid intervention package BOOTS & COOTS Services, a subsidiary of Halliburton, has developed a global rapid intervention package (GRIP), a suite of services to help reduce costs and deployment time in the event of subsea well control events. According to the company, GRIP provides well planning and well kill capabilities facilitated by its global logistics infrastructure and existing product service lines. This includes an inventory of well test packages, coiled tubing units and relief well ranging tools.

In addition, GRIP features ‘RapidCap’, a high temperature, 15,000 psi air-mobile capping stack. It incorporates a specially designed gate valve-based system making it significantly lighter, less expensive and more mobile than options currently on the market, the company claims. According to Boots & Coots, capping stack systems currently available are extremely difficult to deploy due to their size and weight (roughly 100,000 – 140,000 GRIP and the RapidCap air-mobile capping stack are expected to be ready for deployment by the end of 2016. (Photo: Pichitstocker/Fotolia)


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kg) and are expensive to transport and reassemble on a job site. To address the need for a more portable and cost-effective solution in capping stack systems, RapidCap aims to reduce deployment time by up to 40 per cent over competing systems. RapidCap can be air transported on a Boeing 747-400F and lifted by a 110 tonne or lighter crane and does not require specialised infrastructure. “We are proud to offer the global rapid intervention package that will provide our customers with easy access to containment and relief capabilities even in the most remote areas,” said Boots & Coots vice-president consulting and project management Jim Taylor. “Boots & Coots has long been recognized as a global leader in well control response and GRIP furthers our commitment to safe offshore operations,” he added. GRIP and the RapidCap air-mobile capping stack are expected to be ready for deployment by the end of 2016. Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. Boots & Coots Services, established in 1978 and later acquired by Halliburton, specialises in well control.

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