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Doing business in Ghana An exclusive interview with the investor Ramazan Kafarov, CEO/Chairman of Geo Professional Services African Review: The personality Mr. Kafarov is now a world citizen in the area of entrepreneurship. How did it all begin for you in Africa? Ramazan Kafarov: The story is very simple. Fourteen years ago during the negotiations in Germany, my old fellow offered me to start gold mining in Ghana. I had never had any relations to African continent before, so, probably, that’s why I decided to give it a try. While on a visit to the capital of Ghana, Accra , and having stayed here for a couple of weeks, making deep analysis of its local market as well as the country’s macroeconomic environment as a businessman, I saw vast opportunities the country has to offer. Ghana has close historic and economic relations with the United Kingdom and Western Europe, and Ghanaians are considered as the most friendly people in the African continent. All this was more than enough for me. So my business exploits began when I purchased a land rich in alluvial deposits of gold, one hundred and twenty km2 in area, in one of the country’s regions, hitherto having sent a few geologists for estimation of the allotment. And that is how it all started with the alluvial mining. AR: How many businesses do you manage currently; what kind of businesses are they, and how widespread are they, globally? RK: I am the owner and the founder of a few group of companies. Let us take each of them for consideration. Our consulting company supports other companies or private entities in solving problems of administrative, investigative, anticipate characters dealing in gold business within the mining industry, problems in financing, optimisation of the labour process, strategic planning and investment activity of the company, provides a variety of consulting services


Ramazan Kafarov, CEO/Chairman of Geo Professional Services

Geo Professional Services supports business in the mining industry, with financing, labour, strategy and investment” and helps to find solutions to difficulties within areas where there are mineral deposits. The company provides services in project development and effective organisation of gold mining “turn-key projects” companies, skillfully introduce new technologies, and recent developments in company foundation. Also, the company provides special equipment on lease or purchases terms upon a mutual agreement of the parties.

African Review of Business and Technology - August 2014

With regard to the next company, there is availability of qualified geological service personnel who execute prospecting works within our four – acquired territories within some regions of Ghana; there is strong laboratory base and analytical department where geological prospecting works are performed, and these are done within the confines of our own licensed territory, total area over 1000km2, and the territories of the third-party organisations in that order. Partnership agreement with the geological survey department of Ghana, rapid pace of performing the works, rationalism, observation of all criteria including drilling and geophysical works along with the preparation of reporting, corresponding to world standards, calculation of deposits by C2, 3D category of modulation in modern programmes give ample evidence of operational excellence of the whole staff of the geological service, who exhibit immense working experience, not only