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SDMo hosts technical seminar in Gabon

In total, 46 people attended the event in Libreville.


pot, distributor for French genset manufacturer SDMO in Gabon, organised a technical seminar for approximately 40 invitees with the objective of presenting SDMO and its expertise in the field of special projects. Held in February 2016, SDMO’s Jean-Hervé Guinvarc’h and David Léon took part in the technical seminar at the Hotel Boulevard in Libreville, Gabon. Régis Cuynat of Spot, which has been a partner of SDMO for more than 10 years, responded positively to the proposal put forward by Jean-Hervé Guinvarc’h and conducted all of the preparations for the meeting of professionals in Gabon. Representatives from SDMO’s International Contracts Department gave a general presentation of the company while focussing on the field of special projects and engineering. Particular attention during the presentation was paid towards fuel, with explanations offered to attendees on topics including the installation of tanks and centrifuge systems. The topic of fuel, says SDMO, is of particular importance in Gabon, where diesel is frequently of a poor quality.


Participants were also given the opportunity to find out about one of the fuel options on one of the exhibited products, an enclosed J110 with galvanised double-wall chassis, which is suitable for saline environments. The customers who attended came from a number of different sectors, including military, telecoms, utilities and the public sector. A Q&A session rounded off the morning event, with feedback from the seminar proving to be very enthusiastic, according to SDMO. The company now plans to repeat the presentation exercise within the next

African Review of Business and Technology - April 2016

couple of years in Gabon, while other similar seminars will take place over the coming months in other countries throughout West Africa. In December 2015, SDMO also participated in the Archibat exhibition in Abidjan, in collaboration with its Cote d'Ivoire distributor ADEMAT. At the event SDMO presented its products and expertise. ADEMAT took advantage of the event and the presence of the SDMO sales team to organise two Power Solutions seminars. The half-day meetings were attracted 90 attendees across the two sessions. ■

New vehicle of intervention for Burkina Faso dealer


DMO’s distributor in Burkina Faso, PPI, has been equipped with a new vehicle of intervention in the colours of SDMO. The company says that it hopes this will prove an “effective way to enhance our products”, as well as help to boost the skills of its local partner in the West African country.

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African Review April 2016  

African Review April 2016