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A successful energy audit for SPP Pumps in Egypt SPP Pumps MENA LLC has been highly successful in securing orders for its value-added products and services. Recently, the company responded to an important order from Lehaa Group, a private agricultural sectorinvestor, when it completed an energy audit on the irrigation pumping equipment at the Lehaa’s farm at Toshka in Egypt. There were a number of significant challenges, especially with respect to the intake pumping system, because of the complexity of the site. However, SPP MENA conducted an extensive energy audit of the existing system. The data obtained from the audit was compiled and analysed - and then energy-efficient pumping solutions were recommended by SPP MENA. The detailed presentation, given to the Lehaa’s management, was appreciated. The customer was happy to see a significant reduction in energy expenditure once the new system, recommended by SPP MENA, was implemented.

Impact of the project Value-added services like energy audits support SPP MENA’s esteemed customers in understanding the operational efficiency of existing system and in appreciating the benefits of implementing energy-efficient pumping solutions. The Lehaa Group was pleased to accept and implement SPP’s recommendation. More successful business In addition to this achievement, SPP MENA also received prestigious orders for the supply of large mixed flow pump sets for irrigation projects and process pumps for the salt & mineral industry. Moreover, the company has successfully executed assembly, testing and packaging of UL-listed fire-fighting pump sets, both engine driven and motor driven pumping units with controllers and allied accessories. SPP MENA supplied horizontal split casing pumping units for a HVAC project in Egypt.

Lehaa Group called on SPP Pumps MENA LLC to conduct an energy audit and recommend solutions to improve its operational efficiency

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