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Agenda / South Energas exhibits at Energy Indaba

Nautic Africa secures Citrans contract


Africa Energy Indaba was a great success for Energas Technologies

Equipment supplier to Southern African oil and gas industries, Energas Technologies recently exhibited at the Africa Energy Indaba in partnership with its supplier, Turboden, a developer and producer of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbogenerators. Energas Technologies sought to connect with the suppliers, decision-makers and key role players in Africa’s energy sector brought together at Afria Energy Indaba. “The event was a great success for both Energas Technologies and Turboden,” remarked Laetitia Botha, Energas Technologies product engineer. Partnering with Turboden, European specialist in turbogenerators, Energas was able to highlight the benefits of its innovative and reliable energy solutions for industry in greater depth. Comments Botha, “This partnership was important for us, because we wanted to bring Turboden’s ORC turbogenerator solutions, which have great potential in harnessing Africa’s waste energy, right under the view of our existing and potential customers at the event.” With a chronic shortage of electricity in Africa, a developing continent whose energy requirements are set only to increase as infrastructure demands grow, a number of visitors to the Energas Technologies booth showed a keen interest in energy generation and recovery in the South African and wider African contexts. Botha commented, “Africa boasts significant natural resources, such as gas, minerals and timber, which have great potential for energy production, and while many people are aware of this, creating or recovering energy from these resources is a challenge for most.”

Adfil backs Chryso for fibre sales The Adfil Construction Fibre division of UKbased Low & Bonar Group is partnering with concrete and cement admixtures and ancillary products supplier Chryso Southern Africa in order to achieve growth for its fibre business into Africa. “Many countries in Africa have huge infrastructure programmes to build roads, water systems and power stations to meet the demands of the world’s second most populous continent. Adfil recognises the growth opportunities and chose Chryso as its preferred partner with the view to increase our fibre market share in Africa,” Mark


Mitchell, technical sales manager for Adfil Fibres, said. Adfil has almost three decades of experience in the development, production and distribution of fibres in over 60 countries.

Chryso will distribute Adfil’s micro fibres and macro fibres, and manage a concrete slab design programme

African Review of Business and Technology - April 2016

outh African shipbuilder Nautic Africa has signed a significant agreement with Citrans to build the first ferries in a series of vessels for the Ivory Coast worth R347mn (US$22.6mn). The deal forms part of a Presidential infrastructure project that aims to reduce urban congestion in Abidjan. Phase one of the project, which will deliver 18 vessels by September 2016, highlights Nautic’s ability to design and build to the specific requirements of the international market. A focus on vessel stability, comfort and competitive costing has resulted in a twin-hulled design concept for the newbuilds. Due to operate in shallow inland waters, the 27m long ferries are designed with a maximum water draft of just 1m and air draft of 4m. The catamaran-styled vessel design is guided by the International Association of Classification Societies’ (IACS) rules to keep passengers safe and comfortable. With operating speeds of up to 12 knots, the ferries will be fitted with various seating arrangements in 200-seater and 240-seater versions. Configurations for economy as well as business class seating will see some of the vessels catering either for business or economy class completely or for a varying percentage of both. Highlighting the importance of safety in vessels focused on passenger transport, Nautic confirms that each vessel is to be delivered with life saving safety equipment as well as a variety of alarms and sensors. Passenger comfort is ensured with toilets and air conditioning throughout the vessels. In addition, four boarding ramps provide quick and efficient access onto and off the vessel. The ferries will benefit from Nautic’s commitment to building to the highest specifications using the latest technology for an end product that is efficient and robust to ensure an extended service life.

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African Review April 2016  

African Review April 2016