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Concept Statement: A list of all users that may visit my site: • Perspective clients • People interested in the work I create What will each of those users want to see in order to enjoy their visit to my site? • An appealing website design and interface • My portfolio work • A resumé and contact information Intended audience: • Clients, Employers • People interested in Graphic Design What I need to inform and persuade of: Promote my: Myself, my artwork Goals of the site are: Easy to understand and appealing My ultimate message/philosophy: Work needs to be appropriate and impressive, site needs to be to par with my portfolio work. What is the story I am telling? My artistic journey Assets I need to persuade the user: • I have a developed style in my work but also am flexable • I think outside the box • I am very passionate about my work • I am easily contacted for anything

For the purpose of structuring my website portfolio pages, I will list the categories of work I will show: • Branding • Advertisents • Web • llustrations

Preliminary Website  

Very basic design for m personal webpage