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age 18+ 18+ 18+ 17171717171717-

Gender F M F M M F M M F F

Did youknow the film exsisted? No No Yes No No No No No Yes No

Seen the film? No No Yes No No No No No No No


Finial Fantasy Franchise

Are you Aware of the franchise Yes, the game Yes, the game Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Would you see the film because of it? No Need to see a trailor Yes Maybe No No No No Yes

Film poster Genre Horror Action, Sifi, Fantasy Sifi Action, Adventure, Sifi Action, Adventure, Sifi, Fantasy Sifi Action, Sifi, Fantasy Action, Sifi, Fantasy Action, Adventure, Sifi, Fantasy Adventure, Sifi

Why? Looks scary Robots, geneal atmosphere Aliens Tec Colours, Bold Title, Charactors Robots/ Creatures Different Plannet Ailens, Explosion Title, Robots Colours, Pics of people Robots

What Genre do you like? Rom Com Action, Horror, Comedy Adventure, Sifi, Fantasy All Action, Comedy, Sifi Action, Comedy, Drama Action, Sifi, Fantasy All All Action, Comedy, Romance

How often do you go to the cinema? every week every month Ocasionaly every month every month Ocasionaly every 3 month Every 6 month When I can afford it Every month

Would you see the film based on poster No, Not my thing no, Doesn't say enough about the film no, hard to read, to many colours, Not a good poster Maybe, Part of the main franchise that has a good Rep No, the poster looks fake, No actors mentioned No, it is a shit poster No, poster is boring, No leading protagonist, no actors I like no, Doesn't say enough about the film Maybe, Looks interesting and it would have a good story No, poster isn't as well designed as the games

Questionaire Results  
Questionaire Results  

I handed a questionaire to some of my friends and family about Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within's Release poster! This was their responses