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NCB Annex Summary: 1.-NCB 1.1-Definition 1.2-Structure 2.-Role 2.1-Role of the NCB 3.-NCB Team 3.1-NCB Responsible 3.2-NCB Members



The National Control Board is a national controlling body working arbitrating cases of exchange quality of AIESEC in Tunisia, its Local Committees, trainees, and EPs.


The NCB is composed of: - Learning Team - Consultancy & Communication Team - Legality team 1.2.1-The Learning Team is responsible of: - Manage the implementation of XPP & national quality standards on the national level. - Arising educational material & showcases. - Delivering a simplified version of XPP. 1.2.2-Consultancy & Communication Team is responsible of: - Guidance in solving the problems related to experiential leadership.

Provide local entities with consultancy and support on issues arise. - Connection with parties involved (TN taker / EP / SE / HE). - Management of the NPS Audit for local entities. 1.2.3-Legality team is responsible of: Manage Creation / Review of national quality standards principles & other supporting documents; TN & EP contracts according to AIESEC & national law .

-Case solving, following-up and review. -Support in passing cases to ICB.

3.-NCB Team 3.1-NCB Responsible : The responsible of the NCB for the term N are the MCP, MCVP ICX, MCVP OGX and MCVP TM for the term N.

3.2-NCB Members :

2.-Role 2.1-Role of the NCB : The NCB is responsible of : -Education of the national plenary to stick to XPP and improve exchange quality standards.

-Consultancy for local committees in terms of exchange quality. -Consultancy in terms of Exchange Program Policies (XPP) implementation for local committees.

3.2.1-Any AIESECer in the world have the right to apply to be a member of the NCB. 3.2.2-The application, interviews and selection of The NCB members must be launched before the first national conference in Tunisia (Start 'UP). 3.2.3-Every NCB member have the right to get an access to the CustomerGauge platform.

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Ncb annex