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Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura Executive Committee Elections 2013 Application for Candidacy

Position Aspired For: Full Name:

Lao Last


Associate Vice President for Project Management Jamiessonn Carlo First

Cua Middle

Year and Course:

James 1 BS Information Technology Entrepreneurship

Cumulative QPI:


Contact Number:


I. Experiences in ALAC

2x2 Picture

Please list down past ALAC projects you have participated in and all positions held in chronological order. You may add more rows if needed. Name of Activity Tambay Week (1st & 2nd)

Role in Activity Participant


External Affairs

Into the Wild – 2nd GA



Mandarin Tutor

GET Leadership Program

International Festival Weeks: Asia & Europe

Contribution to the Activity



Externals core member

Teaching Mandarin

II. Other Co-Curricular Activities Please list down your co-curricular activities outside of ALAC in chronological order, including positions held in other organizations. You may add more rows if needed. Freshman applicants may include their experiences in high school.

Name of Activity AJMA Launch

Role in Activity Promotions Volunteer

Contribution to the Activity Promoted the event, sold tickets.

Examen Committee (High School)

Overall Head

Produced, wrote, spoke, directed the Examen for the entire High School for three years. Lead the committee for one year.

Appreciation Day Committee (High School)

IT Member, Welcoming Subcommittee Head

Produced posters and videos for one year. Organized the Welcoming program for two years. Lead the Welcoming program for one year.

Prom & Ball Committee (High School)

IT Member

Produced posters and presentations for both events.

Lipdub Committee (High School)

Core Member

Produced promotional posters and conceptualized the video.

III. Self-Assessment Please answer each question in this section with no more than 500 words.

1. What made you decide to run for your position? Explain your qualifications and key characteristics that make you eligible for your chosen position. I decided to run for a position because I wanted to be a bigger part of the organization that I felt most at home in during my freshman year. Back in high school, I was no stranger to being an officer in an organization. In fact, I was the committee head for one of them, and a core group member to a few others. I qualify for this position because of my experiences in heading organizations, as well as organizing projects. I am approachable and easy to talk to. I do not believe in leaders who do not know what their members are doing. Instead, I believe in leaders who have had first-hand experiences in their projects.

2. In your own words, what are the responsibilities of the position you have chosen to run for? The Associate Vice President for Project Management is the right-hand man of the Vice President for Project Management. He is the person that aids in selecting project managers; creating, planning, and executing projects; and coordinating with the project mangers. He should always be inthe-know regarding the statuses of projects, as well as problems that might arise. He should be able to contact the VP whenever the need comes. The AVP for PM should also be able to handle the duties and responsibilities of the VP should he/she be absent. The AVP is the bridge between project managers and the VP, and should take down all that has been discussed and agreed upon regarding projects.

3. On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), rate your overall experience in ALAC. Justify your rating and explain how it can be improved as a consistent rating of 5 throughout the next academic year if elected. ALAC has become a big part of my freshman year. My overall experience in ALAC would be rated a 5 because it was through ALAC that I was able to be comfortable, meet new people, have fun, and have a place to spend time. As an officer, it would not only be my goal to improve my experience in ALAC, but also improve the experience of others. Since it was ALAC and their members who I had fun with, my goal next year is to be one of those members who welcome new members and let them have fun in ALAC as well. I want the new members, especially the freshmen, to experience what I experienced from ALAC.

IV. Leadership Please answer each question in this section with no more than 500 words.

1. List down at least three strengths and three weaknesses as a leader. How will you overcome these weaknesses? As a leader, I work hand-in-hand with my members. I do not allow myself to just command them what to do, but I also help in with the work. This allows me to express my approachability and let them know that I do not just order people around. I also try my best to be friendly with my members, and talk to them as much as I can. I try not to be an overlooking and menacing figure of authority, but a friendly figure who guides members through the path. I also try to attend all the meetings that I can, in order to set an example to my members. Even if it is logistically challenging for me to go to a certain meeting, I find a way in order to be present. One of the weaknesses I have is that I am not intimidating. While others may see this as a good trait, I believe that it is a trait that leaders should have. While it is important for leaders to not be overly intimidating, a fair level of fierceness will allow members to listen and pay attention to the task at hand. Being feared is not something I want, so I prefer to take a different route – to be friendly, yet focused. This means that I want to be able to coerce my members into being productive while taking a friendly path. Another weakness that I have is that I rarely get mad. Again, others may see this as a good trait, but I view this as a hindrance to me. While I may not get mad, I will not tolerate incompetency. Instead, I will present myself as strict with requirements and deadlines. Meaning, failure to comply with the set directions will affect their positions in the future. Lastly, I tend to work projects in one sitting, no matter how long it takes. If I am focused on a project, whether academic or extracurricular, I can work on it through the night without breaks. This, however, is not helpful in terms of general project management. This position will require me to work in parts, as it is impossible to make this project within one sitting. I will overcome my weakness through proper time management and regular check-ups with the project managers. 2. Describe your leadership style. How do you think your approach to leadership will help the organization? I prefer to work alongside the project managers, rather than let them do all the work. I want to put myself out there and be a part of not only the execution, but also be a part of the planning and creation. I want to be able to guide the project managers about their tasks and what they need to do, while showing them how to do, instead of telling them how. This approach will help the project managers in deciphering problems that lie ahead of them. Since ALAC is not a large organization, I believe that getting to know the members personally can allow them to view me as a guide through ALAC.

V. Questions about ALAC 1. Do you think the mission, vision, and core competencies of the organization are well-manifested in its efforts? Why or why not? How do you intend to improve on this? ALAC has created events that promoted the different cultures around the world. It has brought Asia and Europe into Ateneo, allowing students to bridge cultures from the corners of the Earth. This is presented in the International Festival weeks, which also celebrate the arts. One of its main projects, Turuan, allows both ALAC and non-ALAC members to learn new languages at no expense, at their own time, all while creating new friendships for the love of experiencing new languages. These are the wellmanifested missions and visions of ALAC, and they have let countless students show their interest in the different cultures. While these have been great efforts already, it can be improved by further expanding the cultural reach of ALAC, including other continents, such as Africa and the Americas. A bigger diversity can influence more students to be interested in the beauty of the different countries. 2. How do you differentiate ALAC from other cultural organizations in Ateneo? ALAC’s scope is bigger, compared to the other cultural organizations in Ateneo. It does not focus on one specific culture or country, but encompasses all the cultures in its entirety. ALAC is not about separating races, defining cultures, or excluding others. ALAC is about being in one community, no matter how different we all are, and including everyone. We have various activities that emphasize the different cultures, from the International Festival weeks that show the prominence of international events, to the ALACbay, which shows the beauty within our country’s borders. 3. What do you think is the relevance of ALAC to the Ateneo community? ALAC acts as the bridge between the students and the different countries around the world. It promotes the beauty of all the cultures and lets students experience them first-hand, creating national festivals right within Ateneo. ALAC also provides help to students taking up certain Foreign Language classes, giving them a greater exposure outside the classroom setting. 4. Based on goals and projects set by the organization in the previous years, what do you think are the major problems encountered by ALAC? What do you think are possible efforts to address these problems? One major problem that ALAC encountered is being able to gather members and participants that are interested in the programs. We need projects that are more student-involved, like contests and games. These contests, like a film contest, can let students be creative with their submissions while promoting different cultures. Quiz bees can also attract the attention of students, allowing people to widen their knowledge of other cultures. 5. How do you envision the organization 3-5 years from now? ALAC is an organization that has a lot of potential because there is so much that can be done from within. I envision ALAC as the leading cultural organization of Ateneo, with activities every month

that promote the different cultures around the world. It will highlight the cultural identities of the students within the university while not excluding the ones from other countries. ALAC will be an organization that brings an aura of festivity because of its love for the different cultures. 6. If you were to decide which projects to remove from the organization, what would these be? Why? (For Executive Board aspirants only) 7. Evaluate the performance of the department you are aspiring for based on its efforts for the present academic year. (For President and Executive Vice President aspirants, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of ALL departments.) The projects of ALAC this year have reached out to many corners of the globe, incorporating Asia and Europe in its International Festival weeks, having trips to different museums and historical sites, and promoting ALAC’s vision, in general. The project managers have done a lot in order to create amazing programs that encapsulate the beauty of our world. This being said, there is still things that can be improved on. While Asia and Europe encompass a large part of the world, it would be better to implement a third International Festival for the African and American countries. Africa is culturally rich, and a whole week dedicated to its beauty can improve ALAC’s diversity.

VI. Platform

1. Overall Plan for the Organization Briefly explain what you think the direction of ALAC should be for the coming academic year. Next year, ALAC should focus on catching the attention of the students in Ateneo. It already has numerous programs that allow students to experience the different cultures. However, it needs to be able to have more interactivity between students. As I mentioned previously, contests and games can attract students to learn more about the different cultures and languages. ALAC should bring the interactive learning of the students about the unique characteristics of the different cultures to the next level. It should peak their interest and spark their desire to join. 2. Overall Plan for the Department What will be the main thrust of your chosen department? Explain how this will sustain the efforts of the department from the previous academic year. How will it connect your current plans to how you envision the future of the organization? (For President and Executive Vice President aspirants, please include in your explanation how you intend to align all the departments to your overall plan for the organization.) The main thrust for Project Management will be interactivity. The current academic year focused on expanding their global scope, including Europe in its International Festival program along with Asia. Interactivity will sustain these efforts through the added participation of students within Ateneo. It will bring the interests of students from the different courses, allowing them to do what they are good in (whether it be a film contest or a poetry contest) for the sake of culture. If this is successful, ALAC would be more effective in attaining their goal of bridging cultures, experiencing languages, and celebrating the arts.

3. Concrete Strategy and Specific Steps List down the key elements of your platform. You may add more points if necessary. 

Laboring o I am not a leader that just leads, but I am also a laboring person. I do not do all the work, but I also do not let all the work be done by my members. Leaders should not just stand and stare at the people working. Instead, he should jump right in on the job and do part of the work. It is a team effort, after all. Approachable o I aim to be an approachable leader who can respond to the needs of the project managers, as well as answer to the calls of the Vice President. It is important for me to be able to communicate well with the project managers so there will be a better relationship between the project managers and the ExeCom. Companion


I want to be someone to work with, not someone to work for. I believe that everyone does not need a leader to who does nothing but berate or command them. Instead, everyone does need a friend or a companion that will guide them through the dark paths and be there whenever there is conflict. A companion nourishes and helps people instead of bringing them down.

On pain of disqualification, I certify that all information I have provided on this application form is true and correct. I understand that the ALAC Committee on Elections may verify information included in my application. I hereby give my consent to Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura to use the information provided herein for the purpose of election consideration and publication.

Jamiessonn Carlo C. Lao Signature over Full Name

January 13, 2014 Date



Jamiesson Lao - Associate Vice President for Project Management  
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