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Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura Executive Committee Elections 2013 Application for Candidacy Position Aspired For: Full Name: Last




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II AB-Lit(Eng)

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I. Experiences in ALAC

2x2 Picture Please list down past ALAC projects you have participated in and all positions held in chronological order. You may add more rows if needed. Name of Activity

Role in Activity

1st General Assembly


(Finance) Departmental Training




Mentorship Program


GET Program Participant International Festival: Europe


Contribution to the Activity

I gave my input whenever necessary, and was in charge of taking down the minutes during our meetings.

II. Other Co-Curricular Activities Please list down your co-curricular activities outside of ALAC in chronological order, including positions held in other organizations. You may add more rows if needed. Freshman applicants may include their experiences in high school. Name of Activity

Role in Activity

LitSoc: Public Relation and Marketing Department



Core Team Member

SOH Exhibit Marketing Team



Promotions Deputy

Contribution to the Activity

I was a member of the Sales Department, therefore I was in charge of selling tickets before the event. During the event, I worked at the ticket booth for roughly two hours, selling tickets and overseeing the people who came in and out of the venue. I was one of the volunteers tasked to look for sponsors for the event.

As the Promotions Deputy, I serve as the bridge of communication between the Core Team and designers. I am also in charge of promotions blasts, and of contacting point persons to create promotional materials (e.g. photographers).

III. Self-Assessment Please answer each question in this section with no more than 500 words. 1. What made you decide to run for your position? Explain your qualifications and key characteristics that make you eligible for your chosen position. I believe that I possess good multi-tasking skills and a good work ethic. I show meticulous attention to detail, and I’m organized. I’m not afraid to ask questions. I don’t like making mistakes, but I’m not afraid to own up to them when I slip. I’m extremely determined, know what my goals are, and what I must do in order to achieve them. I have been an active member of ALAC since the start of the school year. In the middle of November, I was presented with the exceptional opportunity to join the pioneer batch of the Mentorship program of the organization. I honestly had no idea what the program entailed, but I decided to accept the offer. I know a good opportunity when I see one. Accepting that offer ultimately changed the direction I had originally set out in front of me with regards to ALAC. Due to the program, I was able to interact with my fellow members, get to know the current Executive Board, and most importantly, I was able to get to know the organization more intimately. Initially, I joined the organization because I wanted to be able to speak French more fluently, and because I wanted to further immerse myself in other cultures. However, working with the members of the organization made me realize that this learning experience can be shared with others. I now understand what the organization is trying to achieve, and I believe what it stands for—and I would have never would have realized this had I not been approached by the Executive Board. That is, fundamentally, the reason why I want to run for a position. I want to be able to contribute into making the organization better, and more accessible, in the hopes that others may be able to experience the same things I went through. 2. In your own words, what are the responsibilities of the position you have chosen to run for? The Vice President of Finance is generally in charge of everything in the organization that has to do with money. That includes, but is not limited to: preparing a budget for each activity of the organization, and ensuring that the Project Managers in charge strictly follow the budget. The Vice President must also manage the ins and outs of the organization’s money, efficiently training point persons and ensuring that they are familiar with the processes of borrowing money for the organization, and maintaining absolute transparency with the rest of the Executive Committee. As an Executive Board member, however, the Vice President is also tasked to ensure that the constitution of the organization is well kept. The Vice President of Finance also has the right to voice their concerns and opinions when making decisions about the organization, keeping the harmony and coherence within the Executive Committee, and ensuring the success of the organization by properly appointing and training the right people.

3. On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), rate your overall experience in ALAC. Justify your rating and explain how it can be improved as a consistent rating of 5 throughout the next academic year if elected. One of the most notable qualities that ALAC possess as an organization is that it looks after their members. In the short span of time I spent with the organization, I realized that the members genuinely care about one another. The organization also catered to my interests, and I know that a lot of the student body feels the same way. My overall rating for my experience in ALAC is a 4, only because I know that there will always be room for improvement throughout the coming years. One of the aspects that the organization needs to improve on is accessibility, another is the communication within the organization.

IV. Leadership Please answer each question in this section with no more than 500 words.

1. List down at least three strengths and three weaknesses as a leader. How will you overcome these weaknesses? My biggest weakness as a leader, I think, is that I cannot hold myself very well in front of a crowd. In fact when I applied into the organization, one of the very reasons I felt encouraged to apply for the Finance department was because it accepted the least number of members. I am a fairly introverted person, and that is evident enough in my social interactions. It takes me a while to get comfortable around a person, and that is almost impossible for me to achieve when I stand in front of a large crowd. Aside from that, I believe, compared to other candidates, I’m a fairly inexperienced member. I’ve been a part of the organization for less than a year; I’ve never been an officer before, or even a project head. To top it all of, I’m not very spontaneous, either. I’m actually an extremely cautious person, to the point where it may cause me to miss a few good opportunities. On the other hand, I’m only really cautious because I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I don’t like making mistakes, thus I am very thorough whenever I formulate a plan of action. Believe me when I say that I will have gone through every possibility, every outcome, before I make a final decision. Furthermore, as inexperienced as I am, I think that also leaves a lot of room for me to grow into my position. I’m not afraid of asking questions and have taken every opportunity I can to do so, to learn from my superiors, because as difficult as it is for me to reach out to others, I can go out of my comfort zone when the situation requires me to do so. The reason I’m so put off by large groups is because I highly value coherence—and that is admittedly more difficult to achieve when there are a lot of people with different ideas. However, I am prepared to go to any lengths in order to achieve it. 2. Describe your leadership style. How do you think your approach to leadership will help the organization? There are two qualities in a leader that I favor above all others, and that I subsequently try to uphold. First is professionalism. I firmly believe that leaders should generate respect from their fellow members, and should be acutely aware of the distinction between work and play. When a leader is professional, and is held at a certain level of regard by his or her members, things get done. Members will be encouraged to work promptly and sufficiently, as opposed to slacking off and finding comfort in the very likely possibility that familiarity will triumph over duty and responsibility. The second is courteousness. The two, especially when paired together, not only ensure the harmony of a group, but also usually eliminate bias. Therefore, in attempt to uphold those values, I think that I’m open and democratic. I respect my fellow organization members and value their opinions. I’m honest, yet empathetic and supportive. I think that all those traits, when properly utilized in the organization, will result in not only my own self-development, but the development of the Executive Board members and the whole organization as well.

V. Questions about ALAC

1. Do you think the mission, vision, and core competencies of the organization are well-manifested in its efforts? Why or why not? How do you intend to improve on this? Yes, I do believe that the core competencies are well-manifested. However, a voice must be heard in order to instigate change, and I think that the organization should work on establishing its presence within the Ateneo community. 2. How do you differentiate ALAC from other cultural organizations in Ateneo? True to its core competencies, ALAC presents the Ateneo community with a juxtaposition of not just culture, but also language and arts. The organization in itself is more holistic and diverse. Lastly, the atmosphere of the organization is more intimate, I think, and more welcoming. 3. What do you think is the relevance of ALAC to the Ateneo community? ALAC seeks to provide its members with avenues and opportunities to experience both local and international culture, language, and arts. With those in mind, the organization is able to push perspectives, raise awareness and advocate appreciation. Ateneo, on the other hand, wants its students to push past boundaries, become better people that are looking for development and improvement. If the two successfully come together, then the ambitions of both are possible. 4. Based on goals and projects set by the organization in the previous years, what do you think are the major problems encountered by ALAC? What do you think are possible efforts to address these problems? 1. Communication within the organization Solution: To continue with the efforts of the previous Executive Board of implementing individual/group consultations 2. Misalignment to goals- Sometimes projects may be unsuccessful because different people have different expectations or goals in mind with regards to the project. Solution: Proper expectation setting at the very beginning through meetings 3. Member inactivity Solution: Ensure that department goals and responsibilities are clear at the start of the year. Keep members active with an organizational rewards and recognition plan. 5. How do you envision the organization 3-5 years from now? I envision a successful, sustainable, strong organization, which is able to deliver its promise based on the three core competencies. Ideally, there will be more committed members, improved communication among departments, and more successful fundraising activities that all the members of the organization can participate in.

6. If you were to decide which projects to remove from the organization, what would these be? Why? (For Executive Board aspirants only) I think one of the projects that the organization can afford to replace is the rummage sale. Admittedly, I’m not exactly sure if this fundraiser generates a lot of income, however I don’t see how this particular activity will align with the core competencies of the organization. Furthermore, because it takes place outside of school, it doesn’t necessarily have a direct impact to the Ateneo community. 7. Evaluate the performance of the department you are aspiring for based on its efforts for the present academic year. (For President and Executive Vice President aspirants, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of ALL departments.) When I asked members of the organization to evaluate the performance of the Finance Department, the main problems that came up were (1) inefficient dissemination of information among the members and (2) lack of training. In order to improve the dissemination of information, I think that there should be transparency between the Executive Board and the members of the departments. The departmental training, however, should be consistent instead of simply at the start of the school year so that the members may master the steps needed to fulfill their jobs.

VI. Platform 1. Overall Plan for the Organization Briefly explain what you think the direction of ALAC should be for the coming academic year. The main aspect that I want to improve on is the inter-departmental synergy of the organization. Communication has long been a problem in ALAC, however, if there are more opportunities for the members of the different departments to interact and cooperate with one another, I think that it will be one step further to addressing the problem. 2. Overall Plan for the Department What will be the main thrust of your chosen department? Explain how this will sustain the efforts of the department from the previous academic year. How will it connect your current plans to how you envision the future of the organization? (For President and Executive Vice President aspirants, please include in your explanation how you intend to align all the departments to your overall plan for the organization.) I want to focus on Sustainability for the Finance department team in the upcoming academic year. In order to do so, I plan on highlighting those exceptional members and constantly training them so that they may be more knowledgeable about the responsibilities of the Finance Department. This is particularly good for the members as well, who will constantly feel like they are learning, growing and improving with the organization. 3. Concrete Strategy and Specific Steps List down the key elements of your platform. You may add more points if necessary. In accordance to these, I want to continue to implement the Core Teams especially when dealing with the fundraisers of the organization.  It’s a good opportunity to be able to continue of intimacy of Finance Team, and the attempt at better communication and membership activity.  It’s also an attempt at a long plan goal, because essentially while Finance is about generating income, people will never run out of ideas for fund raisers. It's the organized system, and the sustainability of the system that the department will have to focus on.

On pain of disqualification, I certify that all information I have provided on this application form is true and correct. I understand that the ALAC Committee on Elections may verify information included in my application. I hereby give my consent to Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura to use the information provided herein for the purpose of election consideratiosn and publication.

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Jerie Casipit - Vice President for Finance  
Jerie Casipit - Vice President for Finance