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Spring flowers always make Jasmine Hill Gardens and Outdoor Museum in Elmore County a special place to visit. Usually the peak of spring bloom starts in mid-March, but the unusually warm weather in February made many flowering shrubs pop into brilliant color early. Camellias, which are Alabama’s state flower, have been especially pretty with a brilliant array of flowers from the lowest to the highest branches open at once. Gardeners at Jasmine Hill commented that they had never seen the many varieties of camellias showing this much color at the same time. This garden was started seventy-seven years ago by the grandson of Alabama’s governor Benjamin Fitzpatrick. Named for his grandfather, Ben Fitzpatrick and his wife Mary conceived the gardens and took the name Jasmine Hill from the brilliant yellow Carolina Jasmine flowers which were blooming wild in the woods on their first visit to the property. The settler’s cabin which had been constructed by the Harwell family in 1830 became their home in 1928 after they sold a chain of department stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Luckily they took cash for their sale, because the great depression of the 1930’s found them financially sound and able to travel extensively in Greece and Italy finding statuary to bring to their hilltop garden on the first Alabama outcropping of the Appalachians. It would be after their deaths that geologist Dr. David King from Auburn University would discover their garden is located on the western rim of an ancient meteorite crater. During the depression one of President Roosevelt’s CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Camps was located on Harwell Mill Creek within the crater. Mr. Fitzpatrick was able to hire the workers living there to collect stones from the creek and transport them to the gardens for building walls and paving walkways. Visiting garden enthusiasts have said that Jasmine Hill probably has more stone walks than any other garden in the country. On one of their trips to Greece, the Fitzpatricks were introduced to German archaeologists who were busy uncovering ruins of ancient temples surrounding the stadium which housed the first Olympic games beginning in 776 BC. Just outside the entrance to the stadium stood the ruins of the Temple of Hera where the Olympic Flame is started and the Fitzpatricks decided they wanted to duplicate these ruins in their garden. Hiring a German archaeologist and an architecture student from the United States, the plans of the ruins were soon drawn and ready for duplication by the Indiana Limestone Company. Assembly of the columns took place during World War II when the United States government was flying reconnaissance flights looking for subversive activities. They happened to fly over Jasmine Hill during the construction project which must have looked so strange from the air that they called the FBI to come down and inspect that “strange installation being constructed north of Montgomery.” The agents were pleasantly surprised when they were told about the project to reproduce a temple which had been destroyed by earthquakes in Greece. The Jasmine Hill Temple of Hera ruins were used in 1976 as a site for celebrating the 200th anniversary of the American Revolution. This bicentennial event brought thirty folk dancers and musicians from three regions of Greece. Authentic Greek food was provided by Montgomery’s Greek Orthodox Church. In 1996, which was the 100th year of the modern Olympic Games, an estimated ten thousand people gathered to watch the real Olympic Flame arrive to light a cauldron on the Jasmine Hill Temple of Hera. This flame was, of course, started in Greece at the original Temple of Hera and was on its way to the Atlanta Olympic Games. Greek folk dancers and musicians were again part of that celebration. GAZETTE PUBLISHING 12 East Jefferson St. Montgomery, AL 36104 Return Service Requested



The gardens are now open for visitors all year on Friday and Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM and on Sunday from noon to 5 PM.

Group tours can be arranged any day of the year with advance reservations. More information may be obtained on the website


or by calling (334) 328-8917.

The gardens are located between Montgomery and Wetumpka off U. S. Highway 231 on Jasmine Hill Rd.

Springtime has always been a popular time to visit because of the profusion of flowers. In March the flowering Japanese cherries, redbuds and dogwoods begin their impressive show of blooms along with massive plantings of azaleas and beds of annuals throughout the gardens. As the season progresses many other flowering trees and shrubs, such as crape myrtles, hydrangeas and magnolias, show large splashes of color for visitors strolling the stone walks. Beds of annuals are changed seasonally to insure an abundance of The Alabama


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flowers surrounding the many copies of ancient Greek and Roman statuary. The gardens are designed so that there is something blooming all year. The weekend of March 24, 25 and 26 the Fitzpatrick cottage within the gardens will be open from noon to 5:00 PM each day for visitors. There is no extra charge for this added treat, and a free Coke will be available for refreshments. Hostess for this event will be Marsha Golden. Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy in the gardens. Family gatherings are always welcome. A wedding garden with raised stone altar may be reserved along with one of the two facilities for receptions. Parties, meetings and family reunions may also be scheduled at any time during the year. Please LIKE US on

As an added bonus for Gazette readers, you may clip the coupon following this article and bring it with you during the month of March for a 25% discount off of two regular adult admissions.

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25% OFF 2 adult admissions during the month of MARCH, 2017 with this coupon Good Luck Buckeyes available upon request during the month of March.

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March, 2017

Wetumpka Gazette

Welcome to Wetumpka A City of Natural Beauty

From the Desk of Mayor Jerry Willis

Don’t Forget Our...

Wetumpka City Council

(left to right) Greg Jones, Councilman District 5 - 334.567.4861; Rebecca Thornton, Councilwoman District 3 - 334.399.3034; Kevin Robbins, Councilman District 1 - 334.462.9696; Mayor Jerry Willis, Mayor of Wetumpka - 334.567.1314; Steve Gantt, Councilman District 4 334.467.0385; Percy Gill, Councilman District 2 - 334.549.3120.


The Recycle Center is located at 205 E. Charles Avenue. The center is managed by the Public Works Director, and operated by the Recycle Center Coordinator. The recycle center earned Alabama’s “Best Small Municipal Program” award from the Alabama Recycling Coalition for 2000.

istration form below or you can pick up the pamphlet, “A Guide for Improving the Environment and Appearance of Wetumpka”, available at the

Recycle Center or at City Hall. On the west side of the Bibb Graves Bridge the recycle pick-up will be on Thursday and East of Bibb Graves Bridge is on Wednesday. The public is also invited to drop off items at the center.

Recycling is an environmentally sound process that eliminates over fifteen hundred tons of waste every year from being placed into the City of REMoVAL oF RECyCLED MATERIAL Wetumpka Landfill. Recycling also helps preserve natural and manufacRemoval of recycled material or scavenging recycled materials is protured resources. In 2003, the Wetumpka Recycle Center generated over hibited. If you have questions, please call 567-1334 during manned hours $25,000 dollars for the sale of recycled materials. These funds are used of operation. for various beautification projects. CURBSIDE RECyCLING

Curbside recycling reduces the amount of household garbage collected by Advanced Disposal. As a result, each truck can collect household garbage from a greater number of houses, which equates to lower household garbage collection rates for everyone. If you would like to participate in curbside recycling you can use the reg-

Gerry Purcell Executive Director

Registration & Lunch 12:30 p.m. Ball Drop and Putting Contest 1:00 p.m. Shotgun Start Contact: Jamie young, Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce ~ 334/567-4811 jyoung@wetumpkachamber.org

ITEMS ACCEPTED: Paper Cardboard Aluminum Cans Steel cans Plastic 1 Plastic 2 ITEMS NoT ACCEPTED: Glass products Styrofoam Plastic Shopping Bags

Used motor oil is only accepted at the Public Works Department City Shop (110 Red Eagle Dr) Recycle Center Hours

The gate at the recycle center is open each Monday at 12:00 p.m. through Sunday at 12:00 p.m. It is manned Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

5th Annual Building Fund Golf Tournament

Quail Walk Golf & Country Club, Wetumpka Friday, April 7th 11:00 a.m

March, 2017


Wetumpka Gazette

Commission Agenda Encompasses Full Slate of County Business

Chairman Troy Stubbs District 3

Kenny Holt District 1

Mack Daugherty District 2


Call to order – Chairman Stubbs

Elmore County Commission Work Session Elmore County Commission Work Session Monday, March 13, 2017 5:00pm

Earl Reeves District 5

Bart Mercer District 4

Consent Docket:

Approve Travel Memo

Regular Business:

Review the Minutes of the February 23, 2017 Commission Meeting\corrections Review the Minutes of the March 7, 2017 Commission Meeting\corrections Review the Memorandum of Warrants for the period of February 16, 2017 through March 7, 2017

old Business:

Consider Central Elmore Water and Sewer Authority Board Appointment due 3/27/17 Candidates: Ron Johnson

New Business:

Sheriff Franklin - Dispatchers Mattie Lewis – Crenshaw Park Gerry Purcell, Executive Director of the Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce, requesting appropriation of $5,000 Consider a Resolution approving an application for the formation of an Elmore County Industrial Development Authority Consider Elmore Economic Development Authority (ECEDA) Board Appointment due 3/27/17. Candidates: John Strickland Consider Elmore County Industrial Development Authority Board Appointments Seat 1 Gwendolyn Long Seat 2 Seat 3 Harris Gardner Seat 4 Rhett Smith Art Faulkner Seat 5 Consider a Resolution in support of Elmore County local legislation allowing for Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages Consider approving a 050 – Retail Beer (off premises only) and a 070 – Retail Table Wine (off premises only) liquor license transfer from Natvarlal Umrigar, Shaylees Place to Adyan 1, LLC for Titus Gas and Deli located at 17047 US 231 North Titus AL 36080. Consider approving the rate of pay for Dispatcher Crissie Garcia as the same rate at the time of her resignation (less supervisory pay) based on prior experience with the Elmore County Sheriff’s office Consider amendment to the Mapper I Job Description to include the rate of pay of $13.00/hour. Declare vehicles (see attached list) surplus and authorize the same to be sold through JM Wood Auction

Personnel Notifications:

Notification of promotion of Douglas Cole Cousins, Construction Supervisor, effective 3/20/2017, (vacant position) Notification of resignation of Michael Minardi, Corrections officer, effective 3/8/2017 Notification of resignation of Colby Davis, Corrections officer, effective 3/6/2017 Notification of Taron Franklin, Dispatch Supervisor, effective 3/5/2017, (replace R. Puckett)

Reports to the Commission:

County Administrator’s Report–Grace McDuffie, County Administrator Highway Department Report – Richie Beyer, County Engineer Emergency Management Agency Report – Eric Jones, Director County Attorney Report – Jeff Courtney

Reports from the Commission

Important Calendar Dates

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Safety Committee Meeting, 9:00am at the Highway Administration Building

ALGTI Personnel Administration Course (Wednesday

10:00am –5:00pm; Thursday 8:00am 12:00pm) at the Legends in Prattville

Thursday, March 23, 2017 ALGTI Roads and Bridges Course (Thursday 1:00pm – Friday, March 24, 2017 5:00pm; Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm) at the Legends in Prattville

Monday, March 27, 2017 Commission Work Session at 5pm with Business Meeting immediately following.


tribution process. He pointed out that local governments are much more able to allocate these funds in effective ways and without harming the environment in the process. The message to Congress was that our county can At the March 13, 2017, County Commission Meeting, Commission- respond during and immediately following disasters. Local government can ers praised County Engineer Richie Beyer for his testimony before the sub- respond to repair roads and bridges on a timely and necessary basis if alcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on oversight and Governmental lowed to do so. County Emergency Management Engineer Eric Jones also attended Reform. Beyer has served as a leader in both the National Association of the hearing and concerning Beyer's testimony added, "It was quite phenomCounties and the National Association of County Engineers. Beyer was to address how Federal funds are impeded during the dis- enal and made me proud to be from Elmore County."

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.elmoreso.com

Elmore County Sheriff's Office 8955 U.S. Highway 231 Wetumpka, Alabama 36092

Wetumpka Police Department

Sheriff Bill Franklin

Wetumpka Fire Department

208 Marshall Street Wetumpka, AL 334-567-5321

Chief Danny Billingsley

Fire Chief Greg Willis

411 South Main Street Wetumpka AL 36092 (334) 567-1333

Chief Deputy R. H. Lowery


Dial 911 for EMERGENCIES oNLy NoN-EMERGENCIES: (334) 567-5441 Secret Witness: (334) 567-5227

Assistant Fire Chief Tim Elliott 411 South Main Street Wetumpka AL 36092 (334) 567-1333


Wetumpka Gazette

March, 2017


The Wetumpka Elementary School held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on March 14 to celebrate their new outdoor classroom. Already in use, the students have already planted seeds and look forward to watching their plants grow into the Spring and Summer months. Bonnie Sullivan, Principal said, "We are very excited at WES for a great learning environment in an organized outdoor setting."

Submit your school news articles today!

We are looking for more area school news and would like to feature your school or class. Submit articles and photos to wetumpkagazette@gmail.com

March, 2017


Wetumpka Gazette

Please Leave Home Without It

Concerns over identity theft continue to grow, especially with news of data breaches at major companies and financial institutions. Unfortunately, you have little control over the hacking of these companies, but you do have control over your actions.

Ten Things to Leave at Home:

1. Social Security Card. A Social Security card may be used to open credit card accounts and take out loans. This is tantamount to handing the keys to the kingdom to a thief. For seniors, this also includes your Medicare card since that has your Social Security number on it.

2. Multiple Credit Cards. Carry a single card for general use and emergencies. Only carry another card if you plan on using it that day. Keeping all those cards at home will save you considerable time in reporting lost cards and disputing charges.

3. Gift Cards and Certificates. They're like cash. Keep them at home until you're ready to use them. 4. Spare Keys. Your wallet or purse contains your home address. No sense making the theft worse by endangering your home and family.

5. USB Drive. This is very convenient for carrying important files, but it's gone forever, if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen.

6. Password Cheat Sheet. Carrying passwords runs the risk of them falling into the wrong hands. You don't carry your cheat sheet? How about those ATM PINs? That's a sure way to lose cash fast. 7. Checks. Carrying around a blank check is an obvious risk. Even a cancelled check is a risk since it has your routing and account numbers, which may be used to transfer cash.

8. Receipts. Besides being bulky, they will contain the last four numbers of your credit card number. A thief might "phish" to find the rest of these numbers. 9. Passport. A thief could use this to travel under your name, open bank accounts, or even get a Social Security card. Not good.

10. Business Cards. Consider a separate case and carry in your pocket. Do you really want a thief to know where you work?

The content is developed from sources believed to be providing accurate information. The information in this material is not intended as tax or legal advice. It may not be used for the purpose of avoiding any federal tax penalties. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation. This material was developed and produced by FMG Suite to provide information on a topic that may be of interest. The opinions expressed and material provided are for general information, and should not be considered a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. Copyright 2017 FMG Suite.

The Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery, located on the second floor of the Wetumpka City Hall administrative building is comprised of eight gallery rooms. Lectures and receptions are conducted in the Riverview Gallery, which accommodates 299 persons. The Wetumpka Civic Center is available for larger audiences. “In 2017, The Kelly will showcase artists in our exhibits, the monthly ‘lunch and learn’ programs, docent tours and special events. Provided the gallery can receive a grant from ASCA, we can broaden our outreach to more artists, students and adults throughout the state and the southeast. For example, one exhibit will celebrate the art faculty, alumni and students of Troy University. Another will bring pastel artists from all over Alabama to Wetumpka. Our fall show, ‘Originally from Alabama’ will offer a nationwide open call for new work featuring Alabama today and Alabama’s history, events, people and places. The gallery is very excited about the upcoming year and the future of the KFMG. The response from the community has been very positive,” said Kathy Willis, President of The Kelly.

2017 Alabama Pastel Society National Exhibition “Star Dust” A.P.S. knows “youʼve Got That Magic Dust” The Alabama Pastel Society is honored to announce a new venue for our Prestigious National Exhibition: The Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery 408 S. Main St. Wetumpka, Alabama (334) 391-5090 Web | thekelly.org Facebook | https://www.facebook.com /thekelly55/

Pastel Workshop with Cameron Hampton April 24 & 27, 2017 Cameron Hampton, PSA, IAPS, SPS, APS-ME

Cameron is a Masters Circle Member of the International Association of Pastel Societies, earning her Gold Medal in the Spring of 2007. She is also a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, the Southeastern Pastel Society and the Alabama Pastel Society. She is a painter, photographer, sculptor, animator and illustrator. Hampton attended both Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and The Atlanta College of Art (now The Savannah College of Art and Design) in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, she has studied independently in Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Slovakia, and Hungary where she lived. She currently teaches at the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation in Watkinsvile, Georgia. Hampton has works in corporate and private collections throughout the world. Her work is represented by Carré dʼartistes in Utrecht, Netherlands.



March, 2017

Wetumpka Gazette

120 Cotton Street, Wetumpka, AL 36092 • 334-567-1335


THEME: HOBBIES ACRoSS 1. Tetanus symptom

6. Second mo. 9. Wild guess 13. Ottoman Empire bigwig 14. Unit of length of yarn


15. *Rock collector’s pick-up 16. Blockbuster starring Sigourney Weaver 17. “____ the President’s Men” 18. Lively 19. *Bibliophile’s pastime 21. *Knit or purl 23. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 24. *Birdwatching site 25. Prohibit 28. *Coin collectors amass it 30. Red Sea nation 34. ____ Andrews, sportscaster 36. ____meter or ____scope 38. Caterpillar hairs 40. Cogito ____ sum 41. *Collector’s item to a philatelist 43. One of deadly sins 44. Respected Hindu 46. Boris Godunov, e.g. 47. Buenos ____ 48. Spaghetti ____ 50. In a frenzy 52. Actor Stallone 53. Quiet time 55. Lamb’s mother 57. *Crossword, e.g. 60. *Hobbyist, technically 64. East Asia country, pre-1945 65. Grass bristle 67. Cagey 68. Abraham’s sacrifice 69. Be a witness 70. “Siddhartha” author

71. “Don’s ask, don’t ____” 72. Shape with an ax 73. Domains

DoWN 1. Practice in the ring 2. Opposite of sun-kissed 3. Most populous continent 4. Storage place, pl. 5. “Flashdance” song 6. *Vexillology subject 7. Underwater electricity generator 8. *Model-builder’s wood 9. Let it stand, to proofreader 10. Cleopatra’s necklace 11. Egyptian hieroglyph for “life” 12. Turkish title of respect 15. Kerri Walsh’s moves 20. Some tides 22. “___ your hand at...” 24. ____ verb, like “ask around” 25. *What an apiarist likes 26. Woven wall hanging 27. *When backyard astronomers gaze 29. Cobblestone 31. Mix together 32. Tiny purses 33. Like Flonase 35. Type of film 37. Mosque V.I.P. 39. *Crafters’ e-outlet 42. Preface 45. Novelist HonorÈ de ____

49. 1/100 of afghani 51. Zambian or Malawian money 54. Fido’s restraint 56. Olden day anesthetic 57. Assume a posture 58. Russian mountain range 59. Eagerness 60. Again 61. Alleviate 62. Celestial bear 63. Whiskey grain, pl. 64. *Model-builder’s purchase 66. Diminutive



Pet of the Week – Hanson

Hanson is a one-year old male Lab that came to us as a stray. He is a typically active and boisterous Lab, plenty of energy to burn, good with his female kennel partner, about 60 lbs. Our adoption fees are $100 for dogs & $50 for cats under one-year-old; cats over one-yearold can be adopted by approved adopters for a fee of their choosing. This adoption fee completely covers the mandatory spay or neuter, basic immunizations, de-worming, microchip, heartworm check for dogs, rabies vaccination if old enough, free health exam with your participating veterinarian. To meet all the great pets at our shelter come to 255 Central Plank Road, Wetumpka, AL, 36092, go to our website at www.elmorehumane.org for more information, email us at hselco@bellsouth.net or give us a call at 334-567-3377. We are open for adoptions Mon–Fri 10-5 and Sat 9-3.

E-mail: hselco@bellsouth.net • PHoNE: (334) 567-3377 For more information visit our website: www.elmorehumane.org The Humane Society of Elmore County • 255 Central Plank Road (Hwy 9) Wetumpka, Alabama 36092

Visit Downtown Wetumpka

March, 2017


Wetumpka Gazette

Support YOUR Local Retailers and Businesses... They give back to our community! Locally owned businesses are the backbone of America.

173 Hill Street • Wetumpka, AL 36092 • (334) 478-5100

Johnny oates 109 Company Street, Suite 110 Wetumpka, Alabama 36092


108 Company Street Wetumpka, AL 36092 334-233-1554



Expanded Gift Shop Area Ready For You To Shop!

• Awards • Engraving • Eagles/Clocks • Accessories • Jewelry •Alabama/Auburn Licensed Gear • Alabama Clay • New Line of Children’s Clothes • Specialty T-Shirts

A New Look For The DELI!

Espresso / old Fashioned Malts / Milkshakes / Coffee / And More

Scent Wizards

Saturday, May 6th

Tim Hinkle - owner

Lotions, Soaps, Candles and Gifts


Wizards of Massage Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sport Massage

Mike Dodd, LMT 334-422-9967

Teresa Hurley, LMT 334-452-3377

108 Company Street Wetumpka, AL 36092 www.wizardsofmassage.com


Call: 334-233-1554

Professional Cleaning Service Residential or Business

Coosa River Showdown Bass Fishing Kayak Tournament Gold Star Park • 2:00 pm- 7:00 pm

Arts & Crafts • Food vendors • Businesses • Kayak Safety Classes

The Wetumpka Rotary Club meets Tuesdays at 12 Noon at the Wind Creek Casino and Hotel.


March, 2017

Wetumpka Gazette

The Value of a Woman‌Be very careful if you make a woman cry because God counts her tears.

et us help you with any and all of your breast cancer merchandise. We are able to assist with insurance eligibility and filing for all supplies as well. Come see us today and let us help you!

100 Court Street • Wetumpka, AL 36092

(334) 478-5090

Elmore County Pregnancy Center ~ a trusted and safe place to turn to for help ~ ~ FREE pregnancy test ~ 104 Company St., Wetumpka, AL 36092 334- 567-1955 www.hopewetumpka.org

Current Board of Directors for the Elmore County Pregnancy Center

Wes Gunn, President, Pastor, Redland Hills Church Trip Healey, Pastor, The Bridge Church Wanda McCullers, Treasurer Nichole Bean Mary Claire Haenlein April Brown

If you would like to support The Pregnancy Center with a one time gift or a monthly pledge, please visit hopewetumpka.org/donate. Donations can be made via PayPal or you may set-up automatic monthly payments. you may also fill out the form below and mail your contributions to: Name ____________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________

Mail to: Elmore County Pregnancy Center 104 Company St., Wetumpka, AL 36092

City _______________________________________St.________Zip_________ Email: ______________________________________________

Phone: office____________________Cell_______________

March, 2017

Wetumpka Gazette

First Wetumpka Bridal Extravaganza A Great Success!


The Civic Center glowed from the glimmer of tiny lights and candlelight on Sunday afternoon, March 12. Brides and grooms paraded through the ballroom in gowns and tuxedoes both traditional and in new looks for the new millennial.

LaToya King, owner of King Bridal and Formal Boutique opening soon on Main Street, organized the very successful and well attended event. "It was a great day for the brides who attended. We wanted to build Wetumpka businesses and in turn make the best bridal attire, accessories, and gifts available to our community." said King.

There were 52 vendors representing formal wear, catering, photography, limo services, hair stylists, boutiques, florists, keepsake gifts, wedding coordinators, make up artists, monogrammed, fashion for honeymoon wear, jewelry and bridesmaid’s attire. King's efforts were much appreciated by the merchants who were involved in this impressive first ever bridal show in Wetumpka.


Area Club Meetings

• The Wetumpka City Council meets at 6:00 PM for a work session, meeting immediately following the work session on the first and third Monday of each month at City Hall, 212 S. Main Street. • The Elmore County Commission meets at 5 PM for a work session, meeting immediately following the work session, on the second Tuesday and fourth Monday of each month at the Elmore County Courthouse in downtown Wetumpka.

• Impact Crater Commission meets at 6 PM on the First Tuesday of each month at the Jeanette Barrett Room.

• The Redland Community Association meets at 9 AM on the second Saturday of each month except December at Mulder Memorial United Methodist Church. For more information call Sue McGinty at 514-9287 or Margaret Anne Kelley at 567-9367.

Wetumpka Gazette

Thursday of each month at 1 PM at the Woodman Lodge 2349 WL Dickinson Dr. (Wetumpka Lodge) Montgomery. For more information call 270-9550.

• American Legion Wetumpka Post # 7 meets the third Monday of each month, 7 pm. For more information call Commander Roger Rowe at 334-514-4376 or commander@allegionpost7.org.

• Busy Bee Quilters meets second Friday, 9:30 am, City of Wetumpka Administrative building. For more info call 334-451-2493.

• Central Alabama Master Gardeners Association meets third Tuesday of each month, 10 am. usually at the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service facility.

• Crenshaw Community Park Civitan Club meets first and third Saturday of each month, 3 pm, Crenshaw Community Park. • Cub Scout Pack 50 meets first - fourth Tuesdays of each month, 7 pm - 8 pm, First Baptist Church. For info call 334-221-4597 or 334-612-9820. • Elmore County Art Guild meets on the second Monday of each month except June, July and August, 11:00 AM at the Wetumpka Chamber office, 110 East Bridge Street, Wetumpka.

• West Wetumpka Neighborhood Association meets at 7 PM on the second Tuesday of each month at the Jeanette Barrett Room, For info, call 567-5082.

• Elmore County Historical Society meets on the second Sunday except June, July and August, 2:30 PM at the Elmore County Museum.

• Woodmen of the World Lodge 25 meet the third

• Korean War Veterans Charter 263 meets every third Saturday from 10 to 11 AM, at the VFW in Wetumpka.

March, 2017

• Kiwanis Club of Wetumpka meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 8:00 AM.

• National Active/Retired Federal Employees Association Chapter 1985, meets the third Friday of each month at the Front Porch Grill in Millbrook On Hwy 9, (Behind Rite Aid) at 8:30 AM for Breakfast/Coffee. For Info call (334) 799-2261 Tom Karrh, President.

• Retired Senior Volunteer Program meets on the second Tuesday of each month, 2 PM at First United Methodist Church of Wetumpka.

• Rolling Across Alabama meets on the second Saturday of each month, 2-4 PM at Legacy Park in Millbrook. This is a non-profit organization promoting the independence of the physically challenged. For info, call 285-8955.

• VFW Ladies Auxiliary meets the second Tuesday of each month, 6 PM, at the VFW Post.

• VFW Post 4572 meets the second Tuesday of each month, 7 PM at the VFW Post.

• Wetumpka Band Boosters meet the second Tuesday of each month, 7 PM at the WHS Band Room.

• Wetumpka Quarterback Club meets the second Monday of each month, 6:30 PM.

2017 Fishing Tournament Wetumpka Family yMCA

• Gamblers Anonymous meet every Saturday at 7 PM in Trinity Episcopal Church, across from Winn Dixie in Wetumpka. For more information, cal 541-5420.

• Exchange Club meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, 6 PM.

Wetumpka yMCA 200 Red Eagle Dr. Wetumpka, Al 36092

• Wetumpka Lions Club meets each Monday, at 12 noon at Shoney's.

• Wetumpka Rotary Club meets each Tuesday at 12 noon at Wind Creek Buffet.

Whether you are a first time fisher or on your seventh championship, we have a tournament for you! Join us Saturday, March 25, 2017 on beautiful Lake Jordan for the 4th Annual Fishing Tournament benefiting yMCA Annual Support Campaign. Tournament hours are safe daylight blast off. Weigh in begins at 3:00pm. Important Information: March 25, 2017 Wetumpka Family yMCA 1st Place – $2,000 2nd Place—$1,000 3rd Place- $750 Payouts 1st—8th place $100.00 Entry Fee Per Boat Large Mouth, Spotted and Red Eye Bass $10.00 Entry Fee for Big Fish Payback Put in at the Lake Jordan State Ramp Pre-register by 12:00 pm on March 24, 2017 and be entered into a drawing for $100.

**May sign up morning of the tournament being at the launch site at 4 AM. Entry fee must be cash or check. Mail Pre-registration by March 1, 2017 to Wetumpka yMCA, 200 Red Eagle Dr. Wetumpka, Al 36092. (Make checks payable to Wetumpka yMCA).

212 S. Main St. • Wetumpka, Al 36092 • (334) 567-1308 Hours: Mon-Fri - 8am to 6pm. • Saturdays - 9am to 5pm. Closed Sundays

Free Medicare Education Class March 21, 2017 • 12 noon

Do You Know the A, B, C & Ds of Medicare? You are invited to a free Medicare educational meeting conducted by a Benefit Advisor specializing in Medicare at 12 noon at the library. The meeting lasts approximately one hour and will include Q & A.

March, 2017


Wetumpka Gazette

Whole Life - Cancer - Accident - Critical Illness Mortgage Protection Children’s Education & More

Agency Director: Gary Dobbs Cell: 334-546-2040

Email: dobbs@elmore.rr.com


Adullam House, the home for children of incarcerated parents in Elmore County, has enjoyed the past four years of operating the Thrift Store at the Winn Dixie shopping center on Hwy 231. Now they will move to a larger space on Hwy 14 at Firetower Road. The Grand opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is set for Friday, March 31st at 11:00 a.m. DoNATE Some of our needs can only be met by monetary donations. For example, the power/water/gas bills, insurance, salaries, taxes, gasoline, etc. As staggering as the monthly bills are, running this ever-growing ministry, God has always supplied our needs through the kindness of His people and we know He will continue to do so, because that's what His Word tells us. If you would like to support financially the work of Adullam House you can mail a check to:

The public is encouraged to join as Adullam House celebrates their expansion.

Adullam House P.o. Box 1248 Wetumpka, AL 36092

or donate securely via Paypal or Credit Card. Adullam House/New Convictions Outreach is a 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.

Adullam House admits chldren of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally made available. It does notdiscriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its admission policies, educational policies, athletic and school-administered programs.

Great Southern Breakfast Recipes


Ingredients: 1 pound sausage 1 1/2 ounces pork gravy mix (1 package of Pioneer Brand Peppered Sausage Gravy Mix) 1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded 6 eggs 1/2 cup milk to taste salt to taste black pepper 1 Can (8 oz) biscuits ( 1 can Pillsbury Grands Biscuits )

Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees Take a 9x13 pan and spray it with Pam or whatever you like to use. Then take the Biscuits and it into 1" pieces and line bottom of pan. Brown Sausage and scatter over biscuits. Sprinkle with Cheddar Cheese. Whisk eggs and milk with a pinch of salt and pepper and pour it over the pan. Make Gravy mix per package directions and pour over. Bake in the oven for about 30-45 minutes. Make Gravy mix per package directions and pour over. Bake in the oven for about 30-45 minutes.


1 egg 2 tablespoons milk 1 (16 oz) can Grands! Flaky Layers Biscuits 1 (2.1 oz) pkg precooked bacon, cut into bite-size pieces ¾ cup shredded Cheddar cheese ¼ chopped onion

Heat oven to 350. Spray baking dish with cooking spray. In large bowl, beat egg and milk until smooth.

Separate dough into 8 biscuits; cut each into quarters. Gently stir biscuit pieces into egg mixture to coat evenly. Fold in bacon, cheese and onions. Spoon mixture into sprayed dish; arrange biscuit pieces in single layer. Bake at 350 for 23 to 28 minutes or until golden brown. Cut into squares or just “pull apart.” This is a good recipe to double for church!


2 (12 oz) pkg bulk pork sausage 1 medium bell pepper, chopped 1 medium onion, chopped 3 cups frozen hash brown potatoes 2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese 1 cup Bisquick mix 2 cups milk ½ teaspoon pepper 4 eggs

Directions: Heat oven to 400. Grease 13x9 baking dish. Cook sausage, bell pepper and onion in skillet over medium heat until sausage is no longer pink; drain. Stir together sausage mixture, potatoes and 1 ½ cups of the cheese in baking dish.

Stir Bisquick mix, milk, pepper and eggs until blended. Pour into baking dish. Bake uncovered 40 to 45 minutes or until knife in center comes out clean. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake 1 to 2 minutes longer or just until cheese is melted. Cool 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Eat A Hearty Breakfast!


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