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The Alabama

Vol 1, Issue 8 - June 2017



The Alabama Gazette Publishing LLC, 12 E. Jefferson Street, Montgomery, AL 36104

City of Wetumpka

All-day show 2-10 pm

Two Stages of Entertainment Free children’s activities A Juried Art Show More to Come! Make Plans NOW to be at Gold Star Park on July 22nd


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June 2017


120 Cotton Street, Wetumpka, AL 36092 • 334-567-1335 Check out their website for calendar events.

Elmore County Pregnancy Center

a trusted and safe place to turn to for help ~ FREE pregnancy test 104 Company St., Wetumpka, AL 36092 334- 567-1955 www.hopewetumpka.org

Elmore County Pregnancy Center May 2017 Answered Prayers

June 2017 Prayer Calendar

The following is a list of answered prayers from the May Prayer Calendar:

~ We had one client pray to receive Christ this month!! Please pray for her to return to the Center. We would really like to walk alongside her through this pregnancy and help her grow in her new relationship with the Lord. Please also pray she will follow in Baptism and get connected to the Body of Christ. ~ The Gospel was shared 18 times this month!

~ We had clients come for Bible Studies 10 times this month!

~ The Comfort and Joy ministry from Santuck Baptist Church brought a LARGE donation of handmade and new baby items for our clients!! Thank you!

~ Super big PRAISE and thank you to the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc for their help (again!) here at the Center and with the Santuck Flea Market Fundraiser!! We appreciate these women so much! They are always willing to help and have such sweet, servant hearts! ~ We had an opportunity to share about the ECPC with the Leadership Elmore County organization! "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us-whatever we ask-we know that we have what we ask of Him.” 1 John 5:14-15

Ultrasounds Now Available!

Call Sharron Smith for all your advertising needs. 334-868-3203

Thursday, June 1 – Please pray for us today as we see clients for pregnancy tests and the Earn While You Learn Program and as ultrasounds are performed through the Life on Wheels Ultrasound Unit!! The unit will be coming today (and every Thursday) from 9-12. Please pray for unity in the staff, volunteers, and staff with Life on Wheels (Phil. 1:27 & Phil. 2:1-5). Pray that we will be covered in the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). Pray the Lord will bring women who will benefit from seeing their babies on the ultrasound. Pray we will be led by His Spirit as we counsel these ladies and their families. Pray for His angel armies to protect this place and time.

Friday, June 2 – Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the Board as they guide this ministry's services. Thank God for their commitment!

Saturday, June 3 – With the extended hours we are in need of more volunteers. We are still looking for a volunteer to serve from 2-7 on Thursdays and we are looking for volunteers who will commit to one Saturday a month from 9-1. Please be in prayer that the Lord would call those who He would have to serve here.

Sunday, June 4 – Please pray for new Church partners to engage in the ministry. Our families need mentors in their day-to-day life and we hope the Church will fulfill this. Monday, June 5 – Please be in prayer for the Main Street Wetumpka “facelift” that will be taking place in the future. Please pray He would provide what we need at the ECPC to make necessary changes. For the remainder of the June Prayer Calendar please go to:


Call Nancy Smith at 334-207-2864 Contributing Writer

June 2017

Local Woman Shines Light on Dramatic Pencil Artistry

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Only a few years ago, Wetumpka's Brittni Jewell was an aspiring artist working hard by day in the graphics world after graduating from AUM in 2011 with a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Printmaking. Working on computers to design graphic signs, car wraps, logos, t-shirts and more was in keeping with her degree. However, on her own time she was painting - all the while wishing art could drive her income instead of creating graphics. Then she met Cory Smith and soon became Brittni Jewell Smith. Along with her new husband came a bonus - a cool new son, Crosson. An all boy, baseball playing, always smiling, happy kid. And then Crosson was thrown a curve. He was diagnosed with leukemia in December 2015. Brittni was working at Wells Printing in Montgomery as a designer and in pre-press setup when Crosson was diagnosed. It was then she decided to stay at home to take care of him and became his stay at home mom/nurse. Finally with some extra free time at home, she was able to devote some time to her artwork. She had always found painting to be good for a creative outlet and expression and certainly this was the time to pour that drive into her talent. Soon drawing replaced painting and it became her passion. So, she started drawing portraits. One of her first portraits was a gift for her Mom, Robin Jewell. It was a perfect replica of Lucille Ball, Mom's all time favorite which hangs in her kitchen. It wasn't long until Christmas approached and her Mom's friends began ordering their own custom portraits from pets to grandkids. Christmas gave her new venture, Brittni Smith Artistry, a possible home in business.


Between visits to Children's Hospital in Birmingham and back home to recover from chemo treatments, Crosson began to show improvement and it seemed to be making a difference in his long term prognosis. The family would be given good news, leave the hospital, only to return later with an even sicker little boy. This happened time after time from December 2015 until the present. Then, this April, Crosson was surprised by WSFA cameras as the Make-A-Wish organization granted his wish with a trip to Disney World. The Smiths spent a fun filled week seeing and doing everything they possibly could do in the parks, sending home happy photos and great posts to Facebook every day. Upon the return home at the end of the week, Crosson wound up back at Children's again. After another course of treatment, he's back in Wetumpka and is playing Little League again for the Red Sox. Last week after an awesome hit, the team scored and he got the well deserved game ball. The Smiths give God the glory for his continued rebounds and constantly rely on the prayers offered by friends and family to lift them up. His teachers at Wetumpka Elementary School have been diligent to help him stay current with his school assignments so that he keeps up with his classmates. And what of Brittni's business? Her beautiful custom drawings and portrait artistry are in great demand. There are additional drawings featured on her Facebook page, Brittni J. Smith Artistry or you can follow her on Instagram @brittnismithartistry. Be sure to look for her work at upcoming festivals in the River Region. By Staff Writer Nancy Smith

July 13-15, 20, 21, 27-29-7:30pm Sunday July 23 at 2 p.m.

Cole Blackwell in Red Headed Robbie

Amber Rigby and Matthew Mitchel in School House Rock

Stanton Yarboro and Kara Lightner in Legend of the Santa Pig

Recipes for Good Southern Eatin’...

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Cucumber & Tomato Salad

Cranberry Pork Tenderloin


1 small bottle Catalina dressing 1 package dry onion soup mix 1 can jellied cranberry sauce 1 small pork tenderloin

Method Preheat oven to 325. Mix dressing, soup mix, and cranberry sauce together with a wire whisk. Place pork in well greased baking dish and top with dressing mix. Cover with foil. Bake for 2 hours. Cool 10 minutes before slicing. Makes four servings.

Stewed Squash

2 lbs. Yellow Squash, small, sliced ½ Vidalia onion, chopped 3 Tablespoon butter 1 Tablespoon Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning ½ cup water Salt and pepper to taste

Wash and slice squash; place squash, onion and water in skillet. Cover and bring to a gentle boil over medium high heat. Reduce heat and simmer until squash and


June 2017

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 1 teaspoon chopped chives 1 1/2 pounds Kirby cucumbers, peeled, seeded, and sliced 1 large tomato, diced 1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion 2 tablespoons fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves 2 tablespoons chopped fresh dillweed Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese

Whisk together first three ingredients in a small bowl. Toss together cucumber, red onion, parsley leaves and dill weed in a large bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with feta cheese.

Support your LOCAL Farmers! Summer brings us the BEST Local Produce!

onions are cooked to a very tender stage. (I cook mine until the squash slices are coming apart.) Stir occasionally. Add butter and salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot.


Pet of the Week – B.B.

B.B. is a two-year old American Bulldog/Lab mix looking girl, about 50 lbs! She is an active, energetic girl but very sweet - good with dogs, cats, children and even horses. She seems much more comfortable with women and children and can be a bit skittish with men until she feels comfortable. Our adoption fees are $100 for dogs & $50 for cats under one-year-old; cats over one-year-old can be adopted by approved adopters for a fee of their choosing. This adoption fee completely covers the mandatory spay or neuter, basic immunizations, de-worming, microchip.

To meet all the great pets at our shelter, come to 255 Central Plank Road, Wetumpka, AL, 36092, or go to our website at www.elmorehumane.org. For more information email us at hselco@bellsouth.net or give us a call at 334-567-3377. Donations always accepted.

It seems safe to say summer has arrived in Alabama so time to make sure your pets are prepared for the impending non-stop heat. Unlike us humans, our dogs and cats don’t sweat like we do so have to pant to try and control their body temperature. Panting can only cool them down so much so owners need to proceed with caution when undertaking activities with your pet in our hot weather. First off, our pets need unlimited clean, cool water. Make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water and that it is located in a shaded area to help it stay as cool as possible. Many dogs will benefit from having a children’s plastic wading pool full of nice cool water that they can get into if it gets too hot and those are readily available at local stores for a very small price. Want to give your dog a treat on a really hot day – go buy bags of ice and put in a wading pool for them to play in. And box fans are also cheap and can help your pet as well – think of how much better you feel in front of a fan on a hot day. Just make sure they cannot chew on the power cord. If you have outside dogs with dog houses, those houses must be under adequate shade else wise they will turn into mini-ovens unsuitable for protecting your dog from the elements. If you think an unshaded dog house is adequate shelter for your pet, just crawl in one as the temps hit the 80’s-90’s and see for yourself how ‘comfy’ it is. If you

THEME: THE 1960s

ACROSS 1. Diamond corners 6. CA's Santa ___ winds

go to our Humane Society of Elmore County Facebook page, you will see a quick ‘study’ we did last summer to illustrate how igloos in the full sun are no better than ovens. Our wish, of course, is for dogs and cats to join in the fun inside your home so they can enjoy the air conditioning or fans with their human family. If you like taking your pet with you in your vehicle and the outside temperature is probably above about 70 degrees, then you MUST think ahead in regards to your itinerary BEFORE leaving the house. This time of year it is generally better to leave your pet at home than take any chance on it having to stay in your car for any length of time no matter how quick you think your stop will be. If you do have your pet with you in hot weather, please make sure that you will not be stopping anywhere where your pet must stay in the car for more than literally 2-3 minutes as Alabama heat can seriously injure or kill a pet (or child) left in a parked car very quickly. We encourage citizens to call your local police and report any pets in parked cars during hot weather so they can take appropriate actions. And if you leave your vehicle running with the air-conditioning on for your pet, still make sure that you don’t do that for too long as mechanical failures could occur so that the A/C is no longer cooling and the results could be devastating. For those that travel with their dog in the back of a

9. At what time? 13. Music to a performer's ears 14. Yes move 15. Eurasian goat-like antelope

pickup truck – just DON’T! The bed of a truck is hot enough to scorch your dog’s paws so please put your dog in the cab of the truck with you so it too can enjoy the air conditioning and be much safer. Before shaving a long-coated dog thinking it will help them, please talk to your Veterinarian as dogs can get sunburned and overheat faster because they have no protection from the sun. For those with ‘short-nosed’ dogs like Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers and more, please just keep them in air-conditioning as many of these breeds simply cannot handle the heat and will suffer heatstroke or death if left out in the high heat, even if they have shade. And please, please, please, if you are a flea market lover, just leave your dog at home while you brave the heat to look for ‘treasures.’ You may think taking your pet with you shows how you love it, but far too many dogs are simply miserable on hot sand or pavement and would be much happier (and healthier) staying at home happy to greet you on your return. Our pets are not super beings able to withstand conditions that we don’t like ourselves. If you are miserable in the heat, your pet is too so please plan accordingly to keep your pet safe and happy throughout our long Alabama summer.


16. *"The ____ Burnett Show" 17. Number in a pair 18. #10 Down, pl. 19. *"Beach Party" garb 21. *Kind of 1960s "invasion" 23. Tokyo, pre-1868 24. *Wilder in 1968's "The Producers" 25. "Gross!" 28. 9th letter of Greek alphabet 30. Changes 35. High part of day 37. Narcotics agent 39. Donor recipient 40. Musical finale 41. Imprison 43. Funeral cloth 44. MC Hammer's "Too ____ to Quit" album 46. Command: "At ____!" 47. Popular acronym in education 48. Attractive to look at 50. Clarified butter 52. Greek H 53. Wise old man 55. Beaver's construction 57. *Civil Rights Act of 1964 signee 61. *Six-Day War nation 64. *Maker of "Mouse Trap"

board game

65. Elbow rest 67. Exemplary 69. Mosquito - ____ disease 70. "The Old Man and the ____" 71. Ivy Mike, e.g. 72. Son of Aphrodite 73. Expression of doubt 74. Affirmatives

DOWN 1. *Home to "Doctor Who" starting in 1963 2. United ____ Emirates 3. Rani's dress 4. Call forth 5. Forward slashes 6. ____perspirant 7. *Betty Friedan's org. 8. Acrobat maker 9. *Beatles song on "Rubber Soul" 10. Audiophile's praise 11. Shining armor 12. *Crosby, Stills & ____ 15. Protection from a sword 20. Nary a soul 22. Ribonucleic acid 24. Waste basket contents 25. *"The Man from ____" 26. Soft and sticky 27. ____podge 29. Wild no more 31. Bests

32. Related on mother's side 33. Find new tenant 34. *Point of origin of Alabama marches 36. Lack of guile 38. *Folsom State Prison visitor 42. Orchestra section 45. Disorderly fight 49. ____-tzu 51. Like a smell of soil 54. Grind teeth 56. Not yes, nor no 57. Be compatible 58. Wafting output 59. Life saver 60. Grannies 61. Allah's cleric 62. "Iliad," e.g. 63. Tart garnish 66. Dream time 68. *"The Munsters" network

Medi-Rides Transport June 2017

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Cranks Up for Business

Medi-Rides is now in business.The phones are steadily ringing and owner, Jim Martin, is busy hiring, training, manning his website and answering reporters’ questions. Martin opened Medi-Rides Transportation for business on May 11 with an official ribbon cutting scheduled for some time this month if he can slow down long enough! Medi-Rides is one of four new Wetumpka companies doing business in the Business Innovation Center located at the Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce. Also referred to as “The Incubator,” spaces are provided to new entrepreneurs in this area to quick start their business without the cost of office space to slow them down. “I was going to go into the pulpit or do this,” Martin said. “God is really moving here. It delights my heart to do this.” Medi-Rides is a new service in Elmore, Tallapoosa, Montgomery, Macon, Autauga and Jefferson Counties, beginning with a concentration in Elmore County. It is a transportation service for elderly and disabled people who need rides to the doctor, physical therapist, drug store or grocery store. Two mini buses stand ready to move both wheelchair and ambulatory patients who need someone who actually cares about them to transport them to and from their healthcare provider. Martin said that he was blessed to have been given a grant by the Alabama Department of Vocational Re-


habilitation Service for the first two mini buses both equipped with wheelchair lifts. Martin related that elderly and disabled people need a service of this type based on his own observations over the years while sitting in waiting rooms watching patients wait for hours for their rides to pick them up. For example, his first priority patient to be transported will be kidney dialysis patients. He has witnessed these patients who have fasted before their treatments strain to keep upright in their chairs for hours while waiting for transportation. “God has led me to this purpose. He wouldn’t let this idea die. I believe there is a public outcry for this service. I believe people want to be well to be able to contribute,” Martin said. He stressed that this is a non-emergent business. There are no EMTs or medically trained personnel on his staff. His goal is to deliver people to their healthcare provider on time and with care for their well-being in general. “I’m only hiring people who are Spirit-led here,” Martin said. He spent at least fifteen minutes answering one call from an elderly couple in Emerald Mountain who had several general questions about hiring him to get them to their upcoming appointments. He patiently made it clear to them that Medicare allows them a certain number of rides per year and that they can find out how many they can qualify for by calling their Medicare provider. In addition, anyone with major insurance can contact Access to Care, an insurance broker, who can request his company to provide their transportation. He asks that customers contact Medi-Rides from 24 to 48 hours prior to their appointment; better still, he hopes customers would let the office know as soon as they set their next appointment. The cost for wheelchair patients is: $28 plus $3.50/mile. The first five miles are free within the city limit. For ambulatory patients the cost is: $7 plus $2.50/mile. Medi-Rides asks that patients understand that they will have up to a one hour waiting period after they notify the company that their appointment is concluded, but hopefully the wait will be less than the hour whenever possible. If patients want the driver to wait while they visit their doctor, there is a $20/15 minute wait fee. Fortunately, discounts will be available for frequent users of the service. The phone number for Medi-Rides is 478-3857 and to make appointments or get more information online, go to medi-ridestransport.com. When asked if there was anything else the public needs to know about this new business Martin responded, “This is God’s business. To Him be the glory.” Amen! By Staff Writer Nancy Smith

Wetumpka Snippets Living Life at Its Fullest... Market Shoppes Move to Downtown Wetumpka

Downtown becomes home to 30 specialty boutiques when the Market Shoppes, now located on Highway 231, moves on July 1. Mother and daughter owners, Pam Martin and Katie Russell, plan to open in their new location at 211 Hill Street in the former Wetumpka Gift and Awards building. Most of the 30 vendors who now occupy space at the Depot are moving to the new location. The ribbon cutting is upcoming but no date has been set.

Ft. Toulouse and Ft. Jackson are Living History

Cannons fired and orders rang out from the walls of Ft. Toulouse recently as French and their Indian allies fought to hold their forts against the British invasion. Suddenly it was 1755 and the the troops were shouting orders in French. The French and Indian War reenactment was perfectly executed to show how Ft. Toulouse defended the French colony against invasion by the British during the war called the “Seven Years War” or the “French and Indian War.” Reenactors leave no detail to chance. Everything is carefully planned: period costumes, lack of electricity, food cooked over fire, tents lined up on the grounds and period artillery stand ready for discharge. Living history is important to the lifeblood of our Ft. Toulouse. These reenactments are staged to provide an impactful insight into the history of our area and are presented on several dates during the course of the year.

The summer date to see this piece

of our history is June 17. For more information go to



Wetumpka Kayak Event hosted by Kayak Bass Fishing LLC Chad Hoover reported they had 61 teams participate in this year’s event.

Support YOUR Local Retailers and Businesses... They give back to our community! Locally owned businesses are the backbone of America.

Wetumpka Teachers Awarded for Bravery

Waiting for the bell to ring at 3:00 was a normal part of the day for teachers Scott King and Angela Washington, both of Wetumpka, on the afternoon of March 16 at Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery. Then normal turned into chaos when shots rang out from the vacant lot next to the school. As the students emerged from the building, a 16 year old Lee student allegedly opened fire with a gun he had stolen from a friend’s house the day before. He was allegedly aiming for someone else in the group but hit Tessa Desmet instead. Desmet was struck in the throat causing a life threatening injury that required immediate attention. Thanks to the quick reaction of these two teachers, Desmet was kept alive until she could be transported to the hospital by ambulance. Both King and Washington were awarded the Pride Award by Mayor Jerry Willis during a recent City Council meeting. King is pictured with his wife Latoya, but Washington was unable to attend.

Three generations enjoying events at Gold Star Park

30th Annual Coosa River Whitewater Festival June 9-11 Whitewater event for kayaking, canoeing, and recreational paddling. For more information contact coosariverwhitewaterfestival.com.

Wetumpka Fire Department rounds up escaping ducks at the River Region Duck Dash at Gold Star Park. Each duck was adopted and all proceeds went to local charities. Fun was had by all at the recent Wetumpka Rotary Club event.

Earth Day 2017

Wetumpka Elementary School was the star of this year’s Earth Day in Wetumpka. Master Gardeners were on hand for the plant swap and to answer questions. The students of the outdoor classroom had already planted seeds earlier in the Spring. There was an assembly line to construct bird houses - even the children joined in the effort. They were taught that the birds are needed to control insect population and other vital environmental needs. The City Recycling Center located at 205 E. Charles St. was on site for pickup. Compost was also available for pick up at that location. School projects with the Earth Day theme were displayed for the public to enjoy and were awarded ribbons by the panel of judges Thanks to Tiffany Robinson, Special Events Coordinator for the City of Wetumpka.

Visit Downtown Wetumpka

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June 2017

Mayor Jerry

Willis The City of Wetumpka is a progressive and energetic City and our mission is to provide our citizens with the best services and an unforgettable experience. We ask that you continue to watch our website for current events and updated services. Wetumpka, known as "The City of Natural Beauty" is located on the banks of the Coosa River which offers the convenience of fishing, boating and kayaking. Downtown Wetumpka preserves many of our historical assets and offers the opportunity to explore our cultural background. Wetumpka is also home of one of the largest marine impact crater in the nation. Visit the Wetumpka Impact Crater page and learn of the eroded remains of the meteorite crater which blasted 2,000 feet into the coastal area approximately 85 million years ago. The City of Wetumpka, Boy Scout Troop 50 and VFW Post 4572 will hold its annual Flag Day ceremony on June 14, 2017, at 7:30 pm. at Gold Star Park Wetumpka, AL. Schools, businesses or individuals who have unserviceable flags that need to be properly disposed are welcome to attend or may bring them by the City Administrative Building prior to the ceremony.

Johnny Oates 109 Company Street, Suite 110 Wetumpka, Alabama 36092




Expanded Gift Shop Area Ready For You To Shop!

• Awards • Engraving • Eagles/Clocks • Accessories • Jewelry •Alabama/Auburn Licensed Gear • Alabama Clay • New Line of Children’s Clothes • Specialty T-Shirts

A New Look For The DELI!

Coach Ron Dickerson, Sr.

The Wetumpka City Council recently took action on the renewal of the professional services agreement for Coach Ron Dickerson, Sr. former Head Football Coach, and NFL player. Coach Dickerson provides Recreation and Leisure Services. Coach provides professional, technical, investigation and evaluation related to recreational programs and activities in the City of Wetumpka. He facilitates negotiation for some athletic events and grant applications, as well as public speaking to groups in the community. His annual contract renewal begins June 2017.

River Region Women in Business Group m eets T hurs., Ju ne 15, 6:00 pm -7:30 pm at the Wetum pka Area Cham ber conference room, 116 E. Bridge Street, Wetumpka. No cost to attend f irst meeting. Please RSVP to 334-651-8289 or sheainal@gmail.com

Scavenger Hunt Do You Know Downtown Wetumpka? Have you heard about the latest thing in downtown Wetumpka?

• Downtown businesses are participating in a scavenger hunt which will award over $500 in prizes to the lucky winner. • The hunt began on May 22 and will wrap up on June 22. • Start at Scent Wizards. Sign up with Tim Hinkle and take a selfie to begin your journey. • Every three days a new poster will picture a downtown business. • Go to the business and find a clue for a hidden item located somewhere in that store. When you find it, take a selfie and wait three days for the next posting. • The winner will be determined as the contestant who has the most correct selfies on June 22. • The businesses participating in the hunt and who will also be contributing prizes are:

Chamber of Commerce River Perk Frios Scent Wizards Curves The Gab

Breast & Body Health Boutique Austin Flowers Tapp 18 The Vault Grumpy Dog Creed

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