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TaLLassEE QuarTErLy Tallassee, Alabama

Southgate to Lake Martin

“The Treasure on the Tallapoosa” Tallassee has many of its own Legends... The Legendary J. E. “Hot” O'Brien

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The Legendary J. E. “Hot” O'Brien By W. C. Bryant In 1985, 27 years after John Edward “Hot” O'Brien coached his last football game, and nine years after his death, the Birmingham News polled 387 active highschool coaches asking who they believed was the best coach in the history of Alabama high-school football. Of those surveyed, 232 returned ballots. O'Brien was listed on 26 ballots and first on 14 of those, giving him a 102-point total on a scale devised for rating purposes by the News. No other coach, living or dead, received a higher total. It is highly possible that many of the coaches participating in the survey had never met “Hot” O'Brien or coached against him. But they had read and heard of his coaching prowess, of his Tallassee Tigers' 57-game win streak, and they were in awe of his numbers and impressed by the manner in which he had achieved them. Certainly, they knew of his stellar character in and out of the arena. That survey was the signal honor that certified John Edward “Hot” O'Brien as a true legend among Alabama high-school coaches of the 20th Century. Today the O'Brien legend has not diminished, even 40 years after his death. In Tallassee, it seems to strengthen over time. “Hot” O'Brien was born March 16, 1906, in rural Tallapoosa County outside of Dadeville, the county seat. He was the last of eight-of-11 children who survived into adulthood. His mother died when “Hot” was three and an aunt became the family's matriarch. Among his close-knit siblings, especially his four brothers, he came to love sports and thrived on challenges and competition, eventually excelling an football, basketball and baseball before high-school graduation. At Birmingham Southern College, O'Brien was a standout basketball player, named team captain in his Freshman and Senior years. At 5' 8” and about 150 pounds, tops, he was a football blocking back in the old Notre Dame Box and Single Wing formations, the hardnosed schemes fostered by coaches of the Knute Rockne school. He lettered three years in football, basketball and baseball, and it was in basketball that O'Brien earned his inveterate nickname. During a failing Southern game, his coach sent O'Brien into the fray with the admonition to “Get hot, O'Brien.” And O'Brien did, pulling Southern's chestnuts out of the fire with a barege of points as the spectators shouted “Get hot, O'Brien” after each basket. Forever more he was simply “Hot.” In 1930, O'Brien had his first coaching job at Falkville High north of Birmingham, posting a 5-4 record. The next year he coached basketball at New Site in north Tallapoosa County. In 1932 he returned to his hometown to coach the Tallapoosa-County-High Tigers in all sports and to a 3-4-2 first-season football tally. After four years and a 21-10 record at Dadeville, a fortuitous door opened for O'Brien. Tallassee Schools Superintendent, B. B. Nelson, looking to replace coach A. E. Choate, offered “Hot” $150 a month, plus an assistant coach, and a summer job to supplement salary, to coach all sports at Tallassee High School. “Hot accepted. He brought along his wife, Clara Lee Tillery O'Brien; an enviable knack for handling youngsters, and an innate penchant for winning. After O'Brien's initial 1936 season (7-2), his teams' numbers began to draw attention. In 1937-9, Tallassee's Tigers' went 24-3; then, after a ho-hum 6-2-1 in '40, the flood gates opened and opposing coaches knew that the feisty little Irishman and his teams were for real.

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From the last 6 games of '41 through the eighth game of '47, O'Brien's football teams never lost; they played only one game in which they scored fewer than two touchdowns---the 0-0 tie with Wetumpka in '44, played in torrential rain. The 57 wins without a loss and only one tie surpassed the national record of 52 wins and two ties held by Massillon High School in Ohio, a record Tallassee High would hold for 20 years. To keep that win streak alive, “Hot” and his Tigers had to go through the Sidney Lanier Poets of Montgomery in Cramton Bowl. On Nov. 15, 1946, O'Brien took 25 of his Tigers to challenge Jim Ryba's twice-bigger squad picked from a student body twice-larger than Tallassee High's. “Hot's” line averaged 165 pounds and included a freshman guard and tackle, plus a speedy and determined backfield that played offense and defense. “Hot's” boys shut out the Poets 12-0 to keep the win streak alive. That game, played before 19,000 fans--the largest crowd to see a high-school game in Cramton Bowl to that point---would be a “Hot” O'Brien and Tallassee High football hallmark for decades to come. The

Talla-Hi News wrote of the game: “As long as there is a Tallassee and a student body, it will be remembered.” And it will, after 70 years this Nov. 15. In his 19-year coaching career at Tallassee High, “Hot” O'Brien's teams won 128 games, lost 39 and tied 7, for a winning percentage of .736. Ten of his 39 losses came in 57-58, when he returned to coaching after a five-year hiatus. Had he retired permanently after the 1952 season, his record would read: 120-29-7, for a 17year winning percentage of .770. Of his 14 years coaching basketball, “Hot' won five consecutive 4th District tournaments and took his team to state nine times, but got past the first round only once. Records of his baseball years or track teams are spotty. His summers entailed recreation programs for boys 8-16, evening adult programs at the high-school gym, which was also kept open daily for anyone wanting to play ad lib. O'Brien scouted his talent from his community: on the school's playgrounds, in sandlot games, summer recreation programs, his knowing eye spotted future potentials. He then set about developing those youngsters, and scheming to beat his next opponent. His scouting reports---in an era when game films were unheard of--were high priority. If he couldn't scout, he sent a reliable stand-in. During high-school days at Dadeville he drew plays in the dirt for his team to run. Throughout his coaching career, he kept putting new twists into old plays. The winning TD in the Lanier game came from a play he saw Tennessee beat Alabama with in 1941---a

simple reverse play which he re-worked with two additional fakes and some sophisticated blocking. “Hot” injected quick-kicks into his playbook. If the offense wasn't clicking, a tailback would, from regular formation, quickly punt the ball while team mates rushed to down it deep in enemy territory. To gain extra yardage, he devised a pass play to a player who was closely trailed by a teammate. If the pass catcher was clear, the trailing player became a blocker; if the catcher was in trouble, he laterally to the trailing player for more yardage. “Hot” was always alert to the game and his players. Always.... Tallassee's Tigers' best offensive year: 373 points in 1945. From 1942 through 1947 his offenses never scored fewer than 232 points per season, and his defenses never relinquished more than 66. His '38 squad yielded only 8 points over nine games, and his 1942 defense only six points in eight games. Early on “Hot” had one assistant, his line coach; later he had the luxury of three helpers. Over 23 coaching years where statistics are available, O'Brien's teams amassed 4,262 points versus opponents' 1,397. Over 24 years, he won 154 games, lost 53 and tied 11, for a winning percentage of .706. After 1932, his first season at Dadeville, “Hot” never had a losing season for 17 years. In 19 years at Tallassee he had only three, and two of those were 4-5. His worst year was 46 in 1950. But numbers alone, no matter how spectacular, do not make “Hot” O'Brien legendary. His citizenship, his moral code, his inveterate Christianity, his self effacement, his charity, his firm belief in the goodness of his fellow man, his sense of good sportsmanship and fair play, these and other exemplary aspects of the man made him memorable on and off of the field. “Hot” served as deacon of his Baptist church and in other capacities; he taught for years a young men's Sunday school class that proved so popular it had to meet in the local movie theater for lack of church space. He always put his church, school, players and community first. In 1946, a nonTallasseean wrote of “Hot” O'Brien: I do think...this J. E. “Hot” O'Brien is one of the greatest high-school coaches I've had the pleasure of meeting. He wants to win, but doesn't put winning ahead of sportsmanship.... His only thought is toward the constant development of the youth of his community. Hot is the type of person you'd turn your boy's training over to...and feel secure (knowing) he was getting the best training available. After his coaching retirement in 1959, “Hot” O'Brien stayed in the THS system as teacher, D. O. Administrator, and principal for three years. He left THS permanently in 1968. On August, 16, 1969, designated as “Hot” O'Brien Appreciation Day, the THS football stadium was named, J. E. “HOT” O'BRIEN STADIUM. At that evening's banquet honoring the coach, “Hot” told his audience, I hope that as I leave here tonight I may have the privilege of calling all of you “my boys.” On a Tuesday evening, January 18, 1977, John Edward “Hot” O'Brien died, having generously and reverently lived out his Biblical threescore years and ten. “Hot” O'Brien---and his brother, Mickey—-were members of the 1991 inaugural class inducted into the Alabama High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame. In 2008 his alma mater, Birmingham Southern College, placed “Hot” into its Hall of Fame. Halls of Fame may honor “Hot” O'Brien, but the little cotton-mill town of Tallassee, Alabama, the place and whose people he put on the map, will always see him as legendary. (NOTE: W. C. Bryant is the author of Hot and His Boys, the life-career of J. E. “Hot” O'Brien).

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Greetings for the Holiday Season! 1 Twin Creek Drive, Tallassee, alabama, 36078

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Tallassee City Council Seated left to right; Suzanne McElroy, Executive Assistant;

Richard Dorley, Chairman; Ann Christian, Secretary; Standing left to right; Ronald Cullars; Steve Beasley, Treasurer; Darryl Pendergrass; Timm Timmerman; Don Heacock,Vice Chairman

No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men. Thomas Carlyle

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Seated (L to R): Bill Godwin, Mayor Bobby Payne, City Clerk Barbara Garnett, Mayor Pro-Temp Charles Blalock Standing (L to R): Darrell Wilson, Heather Johnson, Terrell Brown, David Stough, Robert Rygiel

Welcome to Tallassee! Tallassee is a thriving and exciting city, combining the old with

MissiOn sTaTEMEnT: as a team, the primary goal of Tallassee Fire Department is to prevent fires and protect lives and property. This is done through continuous training by the highly motivated fire fighters that work together in order to bring a situation full of chaos back to order.

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the new. We are proud of our heritage. For those who are considering a place to live, work, raise a family, retire, start a new business or and industry - Tallassee is an excellent choice. Location, recreation, education, and leisure activities along with the essentials such as safe neighborhoods, excellent city school system, outstanding healthcare and thriving industry with a highly productive workforce, all work together to make Tallassee a city for all ages. Tallassee, a lovely city nestled among the trees overlooking the Tallapoosa River, is convenient to Lake Martin, Montgomery and Auburn. It is centrally located just minutes from 1-85. The climate is comfortable with pleasant summers and mild winters. Tallassee Quarterly 3

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Rashal Brown licensed Massage Therapist “Hands on ~Stress gone.”

The Therapeutic Body for 2016.

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License # 3877-AL 8 years Experience

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Specializes in Deep Tissue Massage Therapeutic Massage Hot Stones Massage Replenishing Facial Hand Therapy ~ Sugar Foot Scrub

Community Medical Arts Center 875 Friendship Road Tallassee, AL Medical Arts Center (334) 283-3111 Personal Cell (334) 4152871

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Lifelong resident of Tallassee. Tallassee High School Graduate. Married 46 years to Tommy Dillard. Two children, Trent (Tammy) Dillard of Dothan and Jennifer (Bill) Tyler of Fairhope, and four grandchildren, Tanner, Taylor, Tera Beth and Trevor Dillard. Retired after 20 years from Alabama Power in the Tallassee office. She loves people and her home town.

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334-283-6838 Our mission is to transform the health of the community naturally by providing specific scientific chiropractic care to ensure that every man, woman and child may express life at his or her optimum potential

Dr. Carolyn Herring looks forward to serving you. She specializes in pediatric care. spring 2016

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Serving the Tallassee area for over 30 years! Owners: Charles & Margaret Webster Tallassee Quarterly 5


“Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater!” When I was in the first grade I came down with the measles. I remember missing nearly two weeks of school and how sad I was because I was missing Mrs. Engle’s class. To this day I still fondly remember Mrs. Engle and her class. This also makes me realize how important classroom and school ‘climate’ are to our children. I’m not exactly sure what we studied in first grade; I’m sure it was beginning reading and math skills. I do remember how she made me feel. Mrs. Engle had a ‘mothering’ quality about her that gave me and my classmates great comfort. I see some of the same qualities in our school leaders and teachers in Tallassee. I’ve seen it first hand in the teachers of my children. Like Mrs. Suggs helping my son with homework after school, or Mrs. Jackson sharing scheduling and scholarship information. Mrs. Earnest or Mr. Horton at Southside Middle School telling me how my daughter is doing in their classes. I’ve stood in the pick-up line for car riders outside of Tallassee Elementary School with Dr. Reyes and see the connection that he has with both students and parents as he calls out their names. I see Mr. Coker and Mr. Dean talk with students about what it was like graduating from Tallassee High School and the pride and love that they have to this day for Tallassee. It is important that we can see what the school climate is like in our schools, but it is more important that our children can feel this climate.

Wade Shipman Superintendent of Education

We need to continue to provide a nurturing environment for our children. In today’s education setting, schools and classrooms are constantly being bombarded with the need to teach standards and to have accountability through testing. While these things are important to do, we need not forget the importance of creating the right setting for learning. Like Mrs. Engle’s class, children need to feel love, support, and comfort to have the best climate in which to learn. It is much like the phrase ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.’ While there are many things to do every day as our teachers teach, creating the right climate for our children to learn is one of the most important. Thank you to our administrators and teachers that create a positive climate for our children. I especially want to thank Mrs. Engle for doing this a long time ago! TaLLassEE CiTy sCHOOLs MissiOn: The mission of the Tallassee City School District is to provide a quality education, providing the basis for students to become life-long learners as well as moral, ethical, and compassionate people. A partnership of staff, students, parents, and the community will prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of the communities in which they live.

“Bye-Bye Birdie” Tallassee High school’s Music Department presented its production of Bye-Bye Birdie in 2015. Over 60 THs students took part on stage; another couple of dozen played in the band or worked backstage. The group gave three public performances, for combined audiences of over 600, plus performances for the city’s elementary and middle school students. 6 Tallassee Quarterly

Talent s in abound e! Tallasse

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Tallassee High school Matt Coker High school Principal

Begin With the End in Mind “Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat. “I don’t much care where… “ said Alice. “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat. -From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland The administration, faculty, and staff of the Tallassee City School System are in a position to define the legacy that we all desire for our students. Highly effective people and organizations clearly see the outcome they want in every area of life before they act. The questions we need to ask ourselves as members of this community are: What will be the legacy of our students? What is the desired outcome? How will we know when we have reached that destination?

2016 Tallassee High School Softball Schedule

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We challenge ourselves and our students to give their very best each day. We caution against comparisons to others and encourage our students to focus on the process that allows us to succeed in academics, arts, sports and all other programs in Tallassee schools. The Administration, teachers and students of Tallassee City Schools have a clear vision of how our system should look. Tallassee City Schools will be a system that promotes a positive attitude, pride in our schools and community, and high academic achievement and rigor. The faculty, staff, students, and administration will exhibit integrity, respect, and determination in everything we do at school and in the community. We have a clear vision of not only where we want to be but also what it will take to reach our goals. We have complete confidence that the people of Tallassee will work hard and stay the course in order to achieve at the highest levels. If anyone asks me where the Tallassee City School System is headed, I know what my response will be!

We are Tallassee! Tradition, Honor, Family, success 2016Varsity Varsity Baseball Schedules 2016 THS Baseball Schedule

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southside Middle school

Mr. Bruce Dean Principal southside Middle school 334-283-2151 ext: 1001 Organization Defined as- effectiveness of arrangement. One would definitely consider this word when thinking about secretaries. What is the job description of a secretary? In a traditional sense, one would think of pounding out memos for the boss, getting coffee, taking care of the mundane tasks of copies, copies, copies. This may have been the life of a secretary in the work pool of yesteryear, but it is not the life of our school secretaries today. They serve as a vital part of the administrative team of any school. At any given moment, they could be counselor to a child or teacher, nurse to another, and while all at the same time meeting their other obligations. They attend conferences to stay abreast of new, innovative ways to input data. Our secretaries are always available to help in any way, even if it would not be considered part of the traditional job description. These are the faces you see when you enter the facility. They greet you with a smile as they do whatever they can to assist. Our schools are a better (more organized!) place because of our secretaries. Tallassee City Schools are blessed to have four secretaries (administrative assistants) who consistently go above and beyond their job description. All of these ladies do an outstanding job!

Brock nolin, Ph. D. assistant Principal southside Middle school 334-283-2151

Q and A with Marilyn Speake: What do you enjoy about your job?

Board of Education Mrs. Marilyn Speake

-There are many reasons why I enjoy being the Administrative Assistant for TCS but most enjoyable is the "variety in the job." I enjoy the diversity of tasks a day brings, along with the challenges. The tasks and challenges allow me to gain knowledge about the different facets of the system and give me the opportunities to help my coworkers and community members. Bottom line: I find satisfaction in my job when making tasks easier for someone else. Not to leave out..... I simply LOVE being a Tallassee Tiger!!

The Tallassee Mat Cats rank among the Best in the state The youth wrestlers in Tallassee are part of a well known group called the Tallassee Mat Cats.

southside Middle school - Ms. averi Miller, Tallassee High school Mrs. Christina Baker, , and Tallassee Elementary school- Mrs. Jennifer Hyde.

Q and A with Christina Baker: What do you enjoy about your job? -I really enjoy working with teenagers! I enjoy seeing them come to the high school as innocent, timid ninth graders and then watch them walk across the football field at graduation as confident and mature young adults. I love the fact that I graduated from THS and now work there.... makes it feel like MY school. Finally, I love that every day is something new. My job is never mono

8 Tallassee Quarterly

The Tallassee Mat Cats have grown tremendously over the past six years and are now one of the most well respected clubs in the state of Alabama. On February 6, 2016, the Mat Cats took 38 wrestlers to Moody High School to participate in the Team Alabama State Tournament. The state tournament is a double elimination event where the stakes are high for each wrestler. Of the 38 wrestlers that participated, 10 are now state champions with 5 second place, 8 third place, and 8 fourth place finishes. The Tallassee Mat Cats took home 2nd place overall, 2nd place 6u, 10u, 12u and 1st place in 8u. The Tallassee Mat Cats are a great team to be a part of and if you are interest in becoming a Tallassee Mat Cat you can contact the Tallassee Recreation Department or find them on Facebook. Continued to the right...

spring 2016

Education Spring is just on the horizon and activities abound at Tallassee Elementary School.

Tallassee Elementary school

The work on our nEW PLayGrOunD is nearing an end and will be ready for students the third week in February. It has been great to see so many volunteers assisting in this endeavor for our students.

Jose reyes, Jr. Tallassee Elementary school Principal

Our sPrinG FunDraisEr is well under way and students are actively raising money to assist in our efforts to improve school security. Our culminating activity will be an assembly with students, as school administrators will participate in our “Kiss the Pig” event. This has certainly created a buzz around the school. The month of February brings with it many activities and events for both teachers and students to be involved in. During the month, members of the TES family will participate in our annual Valentine’s Parties, Multicultural Program, and 80’s Theme Day. In keeping with the theme of love found in February, TES has embarked on a new campaign entitled “ranDOM aCTs OF KinDnEss” which daily recognizes TES students who go out of their way to do something kind for others. Students recognized have their name called out during the morning announcements as well as their name posted on our raOK WaLL in the main hall. TES will also host the local, annuaL BOy sCOuT PinEWOOD DErBy on the 27th of the month and those interested in participating can contact local scout leader, Darryl Pendergrass.

Dr. sEuss Day rings in the month of MarCH on the 3rd, as TES will host a PaJaMa Day and GuEsT rEaDErs during the day’s activities. TES welcomes all Mothers to our campus on the 8th and 9th for our annuaL MuFFins FOr MOMs. We encourage our shanikka Beacher Moms to come out and enjoy some time with students during breakfast from 7:00 to 7:30 in the school cafeteria. We will close out assistant Principal the month with sPrinG BrEaK THE WEEK OF THE 28TH. In aPriL, our Kindergarten students will begin to make the first arrangements for the culmination of their year as we take Cap and Gown pictures with Bill Miller on the 8th. Our second grade students will travel to see the Montgomery Biscuits game on the 13th and aCT asPirE testing will be held for 3rd and 4th graders on the 12th-14th. Our 4th grade will get their quarterly visit from our local 4H representatives on the 19th with another exciting hands on activity and we look forward to our annual Farm Day sponsored by Mr. Free and the high school FFa on the 28th. Kindergarten registration for the 2016-17 school year will be held during the month on the 26th and 27th in the main office from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It has been a great year at TES and we look towards finishing strong. If you are looking for a place that cares for students and challenges them to be their best, look no farther than TES. Come and see us!

Tallassee Mat Cats

Training Champions.Growing Wrestling. State Champions:

Barker Davis Dylan Price Mason nelson Devin Bragg Land Bell Walker Wells Bishop singleton raymond Coker Ethan stevenson Mason Bell Second Place: Chase Chumley alli smith Brody Goodwin spring 2016

Preston Tidwell Will Lackey Third Place: Jace nabors Grayson Cole Tyce Maynard Thomas Patterson stephen Bridgman Carson Thomas Camdyn Holmes austin Gray Fourth Place: Bryant Jones Brodie Jones avery Brantley Payton Beard shawn Colvin Ethan Jones Jude rogers aidan Cockrell Tallassee Quarterly 9

The senior (11-12 year old) football team of the Tallassee youth Football League By John smith TYFL celebrated its undefeated, championship 2015 season with a dinner banquet at Southside Middle School on January 12, 2016. The featured speaker was Kevin Lacey, a Wetumpka native and current starting quarterback for the Tuskegee University Golden Tigers. Lacey provided an inspirational and practical message to the young athletes about the virtues of hard work, respect for parents and others in authority, staying in school and making good grades. Approximately 100 parents, guardians, family members, sponsors and fans, along with players, cheerleaders and coaches, enjoyed a meal of chicken fingers, green beans, macaroni, and several types of cakes and cookies organized by Senior team mom Laura smith. Each player received a commemorative ring provided by the TYFL recognizing their 8-0 season and championship of the East Alabama Youth Football League (EAYFL). Along with Tallassee, other members of the EAYFL are Reeltown, Eclectic, Dadeville, Tuskegee, Loachapoka and New Site (Horseshoe Bend.) Each cheerleader received a trophy recognizing their runner-up finish in the EAYFL Senior cheerleader competition.

sTEVEn May (TyFL head coach)

special recognition was given to Zavion Carr for the offensive play of the year, to the entire senior defense for their second half performance in the championship game against Dadeville for defensive play of the year, to Jalyn Daniels for the big hit of the year, and to Mason Bell, the team’s leading tackler. recognized as permanent captains were Will smith, Zavion Carr, samuel Mitchell and Trace Meek. The remaining senior players were Marciano smith, Jordan May, Quintin Thomas, JT Wilson, nickalus Farrow, russell Phillips, Logan Barger, Jordan rhodes, sergio Diego, aiden Davis, alex Harrison, Preston Tidwell, Thomas Battles, Josh Boatwright, Jake Perdue, Devin stiff, Camden Payne, Hunter Hammock, Keyandre Brown, Dawson Harrison, Jowon McCurty, Brian Johnston, Jacob Webster and Micah Cole. The seniors were coached by steven May (head coach), Hubert Boatwright, Kerry Cole and John smith. senior cheerleaders were Emma Bridgman, Paige Bruner, Emily Cox, Ja’netta Griffin, alexis Jones, Hailey Kring and nicole Patterson. Jennifer Denning served as cheer coordinator.

Kevin Lacey, a Wetumpka native and current starting quarterback for the Tuskegee university Golden Tigers.

10 Tallassee Quarterly

spring 2016

Tallassee Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet


The Annual Banquet was held January 21, 2016 at the Wetumpka Civic Center. Erik Creswell welcomed everyone and the invocation and pledge was led by Ben Taylor. It was a gala evening with approximately 200 in attendance. The outstanding dinner was catered by 1220 Cafe of Tallassee. Executive Director Michone roye thanked everyone for coming and the program began. Barry Parker introduced the speakers Mack and Ria Story. Mac grew up in Tallassee and he and Ria travel throughout the U.S. motivating groups to better understand their potential for self growth and achievements. Recognition of outgoing Board of Directors was given by Erik Creswell. Machone then announced the presentation for award as follows:

Chamber of Commerce

Jeanna Kervin accepting the Frances H. Wagnon Award

Business of the year Award ~ Scott & Ben Hornsby Presented by Kat Raiford

Frances H. Wagnon Award ~ Jeanna Kervin Presented by Liz Britt

President’s Award ~ James Bush Presented by Ron McDaniel

Ron McDaniel introduced the 2016 President, Erik Creswell. The benediction was given by Erik Creswell. A good time was had by all. Growing Tallassee is always the heart of the Chamber.

Executive Director Michone roye is looking forward to leading the Chamber in 2016. Speakers Mack and Ria Story

James Bush accepts the President’s award

Upcoming Tallassee Events: Feb. 19th & 20th - Tallassee Follies - THs auditorium - $5 Feb. 20th - annual Heart Walk- 8:00aM Welcome Center, $25 entrance fee, sponsored by the Tallassee rec Department april 18th - renew the river - Contact Joel Johnston at 334-283-1054.

June 10th & 11th - TALLASSEE NOW!

Hornsby & Son Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year 2015!

BBQ sales at stadium. Cook Off to be at Bell Park.

June 3rd - Tallassee relay for Life J. E. "Hot" O’Brien stadium, 3:00 pm - 11 pm April 18-23

Body Shop L.L.C. 101-B Caldwell Street • Tallassee, Alabama 36078

Ben Hornsby Scott Hornsby 334-283-3463 334-283-8024 Fax email:

spring 2016

Tallassee Quarterly 11

Tallassee Music Boosters Presents

19th Annual

s u o l u b Fa s e i l l o F Admission $5.00 (6 and under FREE)

Friday & Saturday February 19th & 20th

Tallassee High School Auditorium Beginning At 7:00 p.m.

Tallassee Music Boosters will present their annual Fabulous Follies on February 19th & 20th in the Tallassee High School auditorium. This will be the 19TH yEar for the lip-synch-and-dancing foolishness that serves as a super fund-raiser for the Boosters. Pat Merrett has once again organized a zany group of locals ranging in age from three years to seventy-something…from pre-schoolers to the Superintendent of Education, teachers, band and choir students who benefit from the profits, their directors, students’ parents and grandparents and siblings, and willing and generous townspeople interested in supporting the music programs in the high school and middle school. Because that’s where all the money Pat Merrett goes.

Tallassee Mount TCIooNNSI TRuCS uNDe R Vernon Theatre Downtown-Barnett Blvd. Tallassee, aL 36078


Upcoming Dance Recitals Dance Generation -“Light Up the Stage”- April 23rd Tallassee High School Auditorium - 1:00 p.m

The Pointed Toe - "Once Upon A Time" ~ May 7th Tallassee High School Auditorium-10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Studio B - "Anchors' Away!! ~ May 14th Tallassee High School Auditorium. (Time to be announced.)

HELP restore this beautiful historical performing arts theatre. you can become a part of this restoration by sending DONATIONS or MEMORIALS to: Tallassee Mount Vernon Theatre inc. P. O. Box 781202, Tallassee, aL 36078 334-283-2564 All donations are tax deductible!

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43 year of servics e

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The Historic ray Carr House 334-252-0036 Home of the officers in charge of the Tallassee Armory and General Birkett Fry. Segrest Law Firm is proud to support the many activities in Tallassee. Make sure you visit us for TALLASSEE NOW on June 5th & 6th, 2015! Look forward to seeing you there! spring 2016

Tallassee Quarterly 13

Camp 1921 string Band Live Music of the Old south

The Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1921, located in Tallassee, is one of the largest in the nation. Preserving the rich history of southern Appalachian music and cultural history of the Deep South, the Camp 1921 String Band was organized in September of 2007. Currently, the band enjoys an active schedule of appearances throughout the state, playing for period balls, reenactments, and civic events. The state organization of the Sons of Confederate Veterans often invites the Camp 1921 Band to play at the Alabama state capitol for official observances. The band even entered into the field of bluegrass last fall with a slot at the Paint Rock Valley Bluegrass Festival in Fort Payne. With few exceptions the band plays music written in 1865 and before, and the music is mixed with a healthy dose of humor and pathos.

March 8, 2016 The Performances will be 7:00 p.m. at the Tallassee High School Auditorium. Tickets can be purchased at the door. $10 adult / $5 student

Bringing the Arts to Tallassee for more than 50 years ~ 1963-2015 Become a Patron! For information call McCraney-Cottle arts Council at (334) 201-4892 P. O. Box 780551, Tallassee, aL 36078

Missoula Children’s Theatre production of alice in Wonderland was a great success! On January 16, 2016 a whimsically madcap, fun-filled fantasy for the whole family! Follow alice as she wanders through a terrific adventure into the zany world of Wonderland, complete with truly unforgettable characters – White rabbits, Mad Hatters, homicidal Queens and a misguided Jabberwocky! Can alice save them all? Or is this just a dream?

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spring 2016

New Businesses Coming to Tallassee. Tallassee is Growing!

T - Fit

Pre-Grand opening February 27th 11:00 AM - 1:00PM

Now Open!

Bring the whole family!

Main Street Transmission & Automotive

1300 Gilmer Ave. Special guest Ryan Klecko, w/Atlanta Tallassee, Al Braves will be here to greet 334-415-9941 you and sign autographs.

249 Main Street Tallassee, Al 36078 (334) 283-1050 9AM–7PM


owners: Mark Cullars & Shannon Graham Manager: Braxton Graham

* 24/7 access with membership. * Personal trainer available to assist you. * Meeting Family Needs with In-House Child Care Accommodations. * Pick the package that fits your every need. * State- of-art equipment

Population - City Limits: 2013 - 4831 --------Population - Zip Code, 36078: 2013 - 13468 --------Average Household Income, 2013: $33,241 --------Estimated Median House Value, 2013: $80,329 --------Median Resident Age: 41.4 years --------Time from Tallassee to: East Chase, Montgomery - 22 minutes Lake Martin - 15 minutes • auburn - 25 minutes --------Top Employers - 2015 GKn aerospace - 900 ~ neptune Technologies - 516 Hanil usa, inc. - 310 ~ Community Hospital - 300 Tallassee City Bd. of Education - 208 ~ The Learning Tree - 188 aEs industries - 170 ~ yesac - 90 ~ City of Tallassee - 84

Ground Breaking Ceremony was held for the Ivy Creek Healthcare urgent Care Facility Wednesday February 10, 2016. The new facility will open in 2016. Ceo Mike Bruce was excited about the new facility that will be adjacent to Walmart and will provide urgent medical care to Tallassee and surrounding area. urgent Care will be staffed with doctors and nurse practitioners that can handle all minor emergencies. The facility will cut down on emergency room visits and provide medical care when a patient can’t get in to see their primary care physician. ivy Creek Healthcare operates facilities in dadeville, Georgiana, and Wetumpka areas.

spring 2016

Tallassee Quarterly 15

Quality Living in Tallassee

retirees subdivision on beautiful tree covered lots minutes from Lake Martin.

Bill Patterson


Kent, aL - 17.5 acres

Beautiful lake on property. Call 334-799-7723 Custom Built retirement Cottages. Call for tours and details.


Quality Living in Tallassee

409 Central Boulevard 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, central air/heat. $68,000

403 Herd street Central air/heat, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. $68,000

405 Herd street Central air/heat, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. $65,000

Developer - 41 years Experience Tallassee family heritage since 1843!

Custom Built retirement Cottages. Call for tours and details.


J. Alan Taunton, CPA

200 Executive Park Drive P. O. Box 780248 Tallassee, AL 36067

J. Alan Taunton & Company,LLC Certified Public Accountants

334-283-2567 334-283-6900 (F)


Providing Quality Forest services since 1949

Appraisals Analysis Management

15 Twin Creeks Dr Tallassee Al 36078

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Growing a Cit y for It’s People!

334.283.3611 Tallassee, AL

Joe & Tina Scarborough a J Enterprises, L.L.C.

Beach Vacational Rentals Fort Morgan/Gulf Shores, Al (334) 233-2002

3 to 4 bedroom/3 bath homes 1 to 2 bedroom/1 bath homes

2196 notasulga road Tallassee, aL 36078 16 Tallassee Quarterly

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Tallassee and surrounding area Churches - A CoMMuNITY oF

BaPTisT CHurCHEs Bethlehem East 7561 Upper River Road Calvary Baptist Church 293 N Wesson Street Word of Life 501 Sims Avenue Carrville Baptist Church 2436 Notasulga Road East Tallassee Baptist Church 314 Central Boulevard Elam Baptist Church 4686 Notasulga Road First Baptist Church 1279 Friendship Rd

Flatrock Missionary Baptist Church 1024 Flat Rock Road Friendship 4345 Friendship Road Liberty Baptist Church 574 Liberty Road Mount Zion Baptist Church 64 Log Circle Providence Primitive Baptist Church 4850 Chana Creek Road refuge Baptist Church 3098 Red Hill Road river road 239 Lower Tuskegee Road riverside Heights Hispanic Mission 495 Little Road rock springs 375 Rigsby Road rock springs Baptist Church 2810 Rock Springs Drive Tallassee First 1279 Friendship Road Talleweka Baptist Church 1419 Gilmer Avenue

Westside Baptist Church 1825 Gilmer Avenue CaTHOLiC CHurCHEs st Vincent De Paul Parish 620 Gilmer Avenue CHrisTian-OTHEr CHurCHEs apostolic Church Of Jesus Christ 1072 Muskogee Trail East Tallassee Church Of Christ 501 Central Boulevard Light Of Jesus Outreach Ministries 140 Gin Street Macedonia Christian Church 2685 Macedonia Road Mount Olive Congregational Christian Church naccc 492 Kent Road Oak Heights Church Of Christ 74 Manning Circle Tallassee Church Of Christ 209 Gilmer Avenue Wind rain & Fire Ministries international 1201 Gilmer Avenue


EPisCOPaL CHurCHEs Episcopal Church Of The Epiphany 2602 Gilmer Avenue METHODisT CHurCHEs East Tallassee united Methodist Church 101 Central Boulevard First united Methodist Church 1 Jordan Avenue new Zion 3523 Ashurst Bar Road st. Paul Tallassee 101 Herren Hill Road Wall street 71 Zion Street inDEPEnDEnT CHurCHEs abundant Life Church 2634 Lower Tuskegee Road saint Mark all nations Pentecostal Foundation Church 30 Stewart Street Tallassee Church Of God 134 Adams Street Tallassee Holiness Church 194 Honeysuckle Lane

The First Presbyterian Church of Tallassee The First Presbyterian Church of Tallassee, Alabama was founded in 1954. It was started by a small, but dedicated group of individuals. While the men built the church and went door to door in the evenings to meet and encourage people within the community to join the newly formed church, the women would cook and provide moral support. There have certainly been changes since that time, but the dedication to the community has remained strong and intact. The church currently has less than thirty-five members, but they are engaged and active within the Tallassee community. We have faithfully supported A.C.T.S financially and with volunteers since it was started. We have had members of the church serve on the board of directors and one individual was even the chairman of the board. Our church does a Sunday school program at Tallassee Health and Rehabilitation every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 9:45. This program was expanded to include the Domiciliary last year due to an increase in residents and interest in having a Sunday school program in that part of the facility. Several of our members were part of the team that organized and instituted the Jobs for Life program in Tallassee. Our pastor at that time was one of the co-founders of the program. We have had members serve as instructors, mentors and coordinators for this program since it was started two years ago. Our minister has a radio segment he does every week with the sermon for that week played on the radio. Our hearts and service remain dedicated to help and support the Tallassee community even though we are small church.

Open: Monday & Tuesday 9-12 and 1-5

403 James street, Tallassee, al 36068 334-252-0894 Come to LifeChoice for your FREE pregnancy test and FREE counseling.

spring 2016

308 Main st. • Tallassee, aL • Phone (334) 283-6750

Now accepting applications for classes that begin in February. Applications available at The A.C.T.S Building. For more information feel free to contact:

Sam Johnson (270) 210-4423 or email Tallassee Quarterly 17

The Tallassee High school alumni association inducted its second class into the Tallassee High School Hall of Pride on Thursday, January 21, 2016 in the THs auditorium. The THS Alumni Association was formed with three objectives in mind—to allow THS alumni a venue for fellowship, to award a scholarship to a Tallassee High School senior, and to recognize alumni who had performed outstanding work in their field of choice, whether it be in Tallassee or in the community in which they live.

The Class of 2016 includes the late Dr. Byron nelson sr., a former Tallassee City schools superintendent; the late Dr. robert Piper, a chemist; and local historian William (Bill) Goss.

Dr. Byron nelson sr. Dr. Nelson’s family came to Tallassee in 1924, when his father became the pastor at E a s t Ta l l a s s e e Baptist Church. After graduating from THS in 1925 and Howard College in 1928, he returned to Tallassee to teach and was named principal in 1932; he then became superintendent and remained in that position for 35 years. Dr. Nelson received his Ph.D. from George Peabody College, now Vanderbilt University. According to Mr. W. C. Bryant, who wrote in support of Dr. Nelson’s nomination, “those 35 years saw Tallassee schools rise from a small-town system to one of the most recognizable, competitive, stable and academically sound establishments in Alabama.” One of Dr. Nelson’s most noted accomplishments was implementing a plan for integration. “Seeing the inevitability of the force of law, Dr. Nelson quietly set about preparing Tallassee’s schools and the town itself for integration….In short, while other schools in Alabama were caught in damaging protests and conflicts, Dr. B. B. Nelson was making Tallassee’s school system and the town exemplary in courageous leadership,” Mr. Bryant wrote. After retiring from the Tallassee system, Dr. Nelson served as a professor of school administration at Troy University in Montgomery for nine years and as a guest lecturer for 12 years. Dr. Nelson spent 49 years as chairman of the Board of Deacons at Tallassee First Baptist Church, chairing the building committee and teaching Sunday School for 45 years. For over 40 years he was a trustee for the Baptist Children’s Home in Troy, and also served as president of the Rotary Club, chairman of Tallassee United Appeal, and was awarded the Silver Beaver (35 years) in the Boy Scouts of America.

18 Tallassee Quarterly

Dr. James robert Piper Dr. Piper was a member of the Class of 1951, and was called to active duty in the Alabama National Guard in January of 1951. He enrolled in Auburn University (then called API) in the fall of 1952, and earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, followed by a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1960. Dr. Piper spent his entire career at Southern Research institute in Birmingham, and also taught chemistry at UAB and BirminghamSouthern College. He also served on Auburn University’s College of Science and Math Advisory Council for several years. While at SRI, he worked on antiradiation agents, and the Army’s best agent, WR-2721, was synthesized by Dr. Piper. He also worked on antimalarial and anticancer agents, and on studies of antifolates to treat rheumatoid arthritis. One of his greatest accomplishments was working with a team tasked with making the cancer drug Methotrexate less toxic. The drug was approved by the FDA in 2009 and is sold under the name Folotyn. In addition to his professional career, Dr. Piper had a love for the arts and supported the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Dr. Piper’s daughter, Katherine Piper Whitfield, wrote lovingly of her father in support of his nomination. “My father was a special man; brilliant and normal, a small town boy who loved the simple things in life and was eager to know about the bigger world. Introspective and thoughtful, he exemplified integrity, attention to detail, and hard work,” she said. Dr. Piper’s son Howard wrote that Dr. Piper’s “very core, so much of who he was as a person, came from his Tallassee upbringing…He was the finest man I have ever known.”

For more information on the Tallassee High School Alumni Association and the Tallassee High School Hall of Pride, call Tallassee High School Alumni Association president Suzannah Solomon Wilson at 334-283-8172. you can also follow the group on Facebook.

Mr. William E. (Bill) Goss He is a 1948 graduate of Tallassee High School, and has spent the last twenty years working and volunteering in his hometown. In 2001, the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce presented the Frances H. Wagnon award to him. He served as student body president in 1947-48, and earned a bachelor’s degree in 1951 from Troy University, then called Troy Teachers College. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1951 to 1955, and earned an M.Ed. from Auburn University in 1958. For 38 years, he was a high school teacher o f h i s t o r y, E n g l i s h , j o u r n a l i s m , a n d principal/school administrator in public, Department of Defense, and private schools in Alabama, Germany, Turkey, Georgia, and Florida. Since his return to Tallassee in 1995, he has worked as a cashier and tour guide at the Hotel Talisi, served as the Commander of the Tallassee American Legion, and served as the guest editor for the centennial edition of the Tallassee Tribune. He co-authored the book “Images of America: Tallassee” with Karren Pell, and “Gladys McNair’s 1941 Study of Tallassee” with Myra Singleton Johnson. He has written the text for three historic markers in Tallassee, and currently serves as the curator of the Tallassee Falls Museum. He serves as the historian for the Talisi Historical Preservation Society, is a member of the Troy University World War II Era Reunion committee, and is a member of the Tallassee High School Alumni Association. Mr. Goss has a weekly radio show on WTLS and is a frequent contributor to Elmore County Living magazine. Since 2000, he has authored more than 145 local history articles for area newspapers and magazines. WTLS owner Michael Butler calls Mr. Goss “a voice for Tallassee history” and says he is “most impressed with Bill’s passion for the hometown he loves and his constant effort to educate those locally and abroad on Tallassee’s rich heritage.”

THS Alumni Night at 1220 Cafe' Saturday, February 27 at 4 PM 1220 Cafe spring 2016

Come dine at one of Tallassee’s great restaurants! Good food! Good service! Thanks to our advertisers... they make this publication possible!

Good Food! Good Friends! Good Times!

Established in 2007.


6841 Tallapoosa Street, notasulga, Al 334- 257-1998 Daily Lunch Buffet Alabama's Best Steak or Menu Special 2015 Alabama's Best Steak Party Accommodations contest "Fiery 4" finalists! Good ole’ Southern Hospitality Open every day except Monday.

Kim Diane Lydia Linda

Complete Hair Care

1502 Gilmer avenue Tallassee, aL 334.283.6322

RoAD RunnER FooD SToRe

Boutique Talisi

(334) 283-2468

2867 Gilmer Avenue e K a re o k . s r Thu gs evenin

Women's Clothing Store Girl’s Clothing Store Accessories Store 1409 Gilmer Avenue

New Owner Tallassee, Alabama Betty Lucas unique clothing, jewelry and shoes, and one of a kind gift selections. HOuRS: Tue. - Fri. 10 -6 Sat. 10 - 4 Check us out on Facebook

709 Central Blvd., Tallassee, AL

(334) 283-5812

Tallassee, Al 36078

(334) 283-2725 Bus.Hrs. Sun-Wed. 11 am - 9 pm Thurs. - Sat. 11 am - 10 pm

Dottie’s Child Care Center, LLC

Dottie Thompson Owner/Director

1717 Gilmer avenue, Tallassee, alabama Ph: 334-283-2885

Mitchell’s Veterinary Hospital

For Tax & Accounting Needs Contact Diamond, Carmichael, Gary, Patterson & Duke, P.A. Certified Public Accountants 1714 Gilmer avenue • Tallassee, aL 36078

Office: (334) 283-4455 • Fax: (334) 991-4700 Office e-mail: spring 2016

Dr. Michelle J. Mitchell Small animal medicine and surgery.

1615 Gilmer Avenue, Tallassee, Al 334-283-8387/334-283-3931 Boarding & Grooming N by Appointment. of fe ri n g OS w te m T he ra p y . C e ll

Residential and Commercial TV Repair • PC Repair • TVs & Electronics Surveillance Systems • Dish Network Retailer Security Systems and Monitoring

824 Gilmer ave. • Tallassee, aL Phone (334) 283-2420 We had a successful day yesterday at Mitchell Veterinary Hospital doing Stem Cell Surgery!

Brad Parker 1508 Gilmer Ave. Tallassee, AL Phone (334)283-4979 Tallassee Quarterly 19

Families, Young and old Share life in Tallassee! Father/Daughter Dance Mardi Gras in Tallasse Friday, January 29th at Southside Middle School. lots of food, dancing and fun was had by all!

Tallassee Seniors... Jahazel Hooks, Center Manager

Tallassee Senior Center is going strong. Keeping in line with our Mission Statement to provide services to older persons so they can live lives of dignity and independence through information on community services.

The Senior Center located at 445 Main St., Tallassee, Alabama is doing just that. Five days a week the Center provides, fun activities, nutritional meals, educational information, and many other services. If you would like to come and be a part of this upbeat program; contact us at 334-283-2766 or come by and visit our location Monday thru Friday 8AM – 1PM.

Another Successful Year!

P i one e r D ays

American Indians have lived in and around Tallassee for more than 800 years. Yet, we know so little of their history. They had no written records so they told stories about their life, which passed down for generations. They were a proud people with very civilized systems for living together. Some of their customs and much of their food, we utilize today. Without their help, our early settlers would not have survived. We can learn much from studying their legacy; yet few people are interest today. "The Friends of Tuckebatchee", a child of the Tallassee Historical Preservation Society, attempts to educate through a heritage day for students from local schools each fall. Those who attend are taught about most of the important trade and ancient customs. They are told stories for entertainment and even shown how to play stickball; their favorite game. Several hundred students, teachers, and parents attended this event, which is very different from that staged at Ft. Toulouse. This year was our third year and we expect it to grow and improve in the coming years. Please make plans for your child next year for an excellent learning opportunity.

20 Tallassee Quarterly

spring 2016

Tallassee Falls Museum, 201 Barnett Blvd., - Tallassee, al 36078

Tallassee History Abounds... William (Bill) Goss Curator

Tallassee Historical Society Museum Open Hours: Thurs., Fri., Sat. - 10 am-2 pm Sunday - 1-3 pm

The Tallassee Black indians - 1930’s

Black Heritage of Tallassee

robert russa Moton High school Football - 1962

Dovard Taunton Exhibit

Tallassee Mills

army/navy Display Confederate Heritage

Annual “Battles for the Armory” TALL ASSEE STEE PED IN HISTORY.. . 18th Recap ~ Gibson’s View Plantation, Tallassee For more information contact randall Hughey (334-283-6888) or Bill anthony (334-799-9982). Or visit

Camp 1921 Tallassee Armory Guards Sponsors of The Battles for the Armory An Annual Celebration of Southern Heritage

The event commemorated the 1864 Battles of Chehaw Station and Franklin which saved Tallassee’s Confederate Armory from destruction by Union Army raiders. The Battle of Chehaw was fought Saturday, Nov. 10th and the Battle of Franklin was on Sunday. Hundreds of re-enactors participated in those authentically produced battles which included calvary charges, blazing cannons and lots of musket fire. There was various period vendors, called sutlers, as well as carriage rides, a period ball and church service that was held in the barn. For more information on this year’s past reenactment or information pertaining to next year’s battles feel free to contact: randall Hughey (334-283-6888) or Bill anthony (334-799-9982). Or visit

Tallassee Armory The Tallassee Armory was the only Confederate armory not destroyed by Federal forces. Colonel Gorgas (CSA Flag) ordnance chief, had the carbine shop moved into Tallassee Manufacturing Company mill in spring 1864 as war threatened Richmond, Virginia armory. War ended before the plant reached its goal of 6,000 carbines per year. In 1864 Rousseau's raid bypassed it. 1865: forces under General Wilson (uSA Flag) misled by faulty map, marched 10 miles east; threat of Forrest (CSA Flag) barred their return. Alabama Historical Association 1965.

spring 2016

Tallassee Quarterly 21

Grand Marshall 2015 Mr. and Mrs. Dale Segrest

Christmas always an big event in Tallassee!

Tallassee is a great place to live! The Tallassee Christmas Parade is always a time for eVeRYoNe to participate in this great event. This is just one of the numerous events which shows the pride of Tallassee’s citizens. Again...small town America at its’ best.

Tallassee NoW! 22 Tallassee Quarterly

spring 2016

Tallassee Community Deve lopment “Tailgating Event s� total sales Aprox, $140.000 in 2015 in support of Comm unity Projects! 2016 Tailgate schedule March 19 Wall street Community improvement Committee Wilbur Terrell ~ 334-201-5878 Estella Cottrell ~ 334-415-9793 april 16 reeltown Cheerleaders Mona Coan ~ 334-239-5545 C - 334-257-1670 W May 7 Tallassee Community Outreach Keith Tuck ~ 334-430-1456 June 11 TaLLassEE nOW!CDC Dale segreat ~ 334-252-0036 Kim adams ~ 334-206-2501 July 2 Girls softball BraD DaVis ~ 334-850-2267 July 16th ~ Open July 23rd Tallassee Pack, Troop, and Crew 59 Lawanda Fortner ~ 334-414-1720 Liz Burgess ~ 353-1264 - 283-8451 - 415-9288 august 13 His Eyes Ministry Wendy Fomby ~ 334-257-4760 Mary Gallagher ~ 334-991-4125 spring 2016

september 3 Jobs for Life ~ sam Johnson ~ 270-210-4423 september 17 reeltown Fire Department Pete Mastin ~ 334-202-2697 alan Milam ~ 334-558-8480 October 1st ~ Open October 15th ~ Open October 29 reeltown Band Tammy Merrett ~ 334-850-2675 november 19 Community Development Corp. (CDC) Dale segrest ~ 334-252-0036

Come Tailgate with us! We do the work! The best BBQ in Central Alabama! Take exit 29 (Tallassee exit ) off I-85 North. only 15 min. from Montgomery. Hwy 14 W, over bridge 3 miles.

We look forward to serving our community in 2016!

The Community Development Corporation is a 501-3C organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Tallassee and the surrounding areas. We are working to promote, integrate, and enhance all aspects of our greater community: retail, industrial, civic, educational, recreational, religious, governmental...whatever it takes to make Tallassee an even better place in which to live and work!

iches w d n a S

Ribs Briske

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Whole Boston But


Camp Stew Tallassee Quarterly 23

Tallassee's Derrick Ansley Named DB Coach at Bama... One of Tallassee's all-time great athletes made state and national headlines recently when Alabama's head coach Nick Saban hired Derrick Ansley to be the Tide's new defensive backs coach. Ansley, who graduated from Tallassee High School in 2000, agreed to join Alabama's staff after serving as defensive backs coach at Kentucky the past three years (he was promoted to "co defensive coordinator" recently). Ansley had previously been a graduate assistant at Alabama in 2010 and 2011 (when the Tide won a national title and had one of the school's all-time greatest defenses). Before working for Saban as a graduate assistant, Ansley had served as a defensive backs coach at Division III Huntingdon in Montgomery for five years. Ansley was a standout player at Troy University before former Troy assistant Mike Turk hired him for his Huntingdon staff. As a college player, Ansley started 40 straight games for the Trojans and was named All Sunbelt Conference his senior year in 2004 (the first year Troy was in the conference). The safety had 19 career interceptions including nine his junior season and seven his senior season. Among his teammates at Troy was perennial NFL All-Pro DeMarcus Ware, now a member of Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos. In a few short years, Derrick became one of the hot young assistant coaches in America. He also coached briefly at Central Florida and Tennessee. Derrick's former teammates and bosses rave about his coaching ability, his ability to relate well with players and his prowess as a recruiter. Ansley joins Alabama's staff after the Tide's previous DB coach, Mel Tucker, followed Kirby Smart to Georgia where Tucker will serve as defensive coordinator. Derrick was earning $370,000 at Kentucky. He will be joining the coaching staff of a school that has won four of the last seven national titles and has been in the running for even more titles. Congratulations, Derrick. your hometown could not be prouder! - By Bill Rice, Alabama Gazette Publishing Staff Writer

The Guesthouse

The Guest House overlooks beautiful Lake Talisi above Thurlow Dam on the Tallapoosa River.

Steeped in the rich heritage of one of Alabama's oldest Indian settlements, this beautiful structure was built by Mount Vernon Mills in the mid1940s. The long two-story house, with its wood-pegged floors, is wrapped around the crest of a wooded hill overlooking the backwater of Lake Talisi. Originally designed to accommodate visiting mill officials, the eight bedroom Guest House was built by the construction and maintenance employees of the mill. Even the semi-circular logs used for the siding were cut at the company owned sawmill. Located at 800 Knox Street Extension, the Guest House is presently owned by the City of Tallassee. The Guest House contains about 6,606 square feet and sits on two acres of wooded land. The ground level has 3,110 square feet while the second level has 3,496 square feet. The first level is constructed of concrete block and cut granite stone (quarried from the banks of the Tallapoosa River) and the second level is quarter sawn logs that surround the dining and living areas. There are eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms in the building. The heat is gas fired circulating water and there was no air conditioning as of 1998, but individual units have been added. There are stone patios on the river side of the building, screened porches and a barbecue area.

Contact Kammie scarbrough - (334) 283-2900 to book your weddings, parties reunions & special events at the Guest House.

24 Tallassee Quarterly

spring 2016

Tallassee quarterly spring 2016  
Tallassee quarterly spring 2016