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Alaa S. Abdel Rahman

REHT 201-23 Professor Michael Gibson Spring 2012

Cover Letter My paper tells the story of my search; it starts from when I didn’t know what to write about till the very end when I knew all about the Kashmir Conflict. I wanted my portfolio to follow the same theme and to have the same organization as my paper. I organized it in the same way I wrote my paper; for instance, I put my final draft first so that people can see the end result. But then, after the final draft I put everything in the order that they were done by. Journal entries went first, and then the annotated bibliography and then the drafts. At the end I put the conversation I had with the Indian intern which was the last phase of my search; I wanted to conclude with a reflection I wrote on what he had to say about the conflict to show how my views have changed .throughout my search

We have all written research papers before, but the I-search paper is different. What I like about professor’s Gibson classes in general is that it forces you not to procrastinate and leave things till the last minute. He makes us go through the process of writing slowly so we can do our best in everything we are supposed to do. This I-search class did that too, but in a way that documented out every step in what we have achieved in the course. I personally enjoyed the experience and I hope that it will go on for other students to enjoy it as well. You don’t only learn about the topic of your research, but you also learn about the process in itself and how every small thing in your process is .important and will help with the greater outcome

Cover Letter  

Alaa S. Abdel Rahman Professor Michael Gibson Spring 2012 class did that too, but in a way that documented out every step in what we have ac...

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