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Annotated Bibliography

Akthar, Nasreen. "A response to 'the Kashmir conflict'." International Journal on World Peace 27.1 (2010): 45+. Gale Biography In Context. Web. 29 Feb. 2012. This article explains about the history of Kashmir in an attempt to understand the Kashmir conflict itself. It doesn’t view the problem as merely a dispute over a territory between India and Pakistan, but rather sees that the root of this conflict lies in the history of Kashmir. This article is going to help me in my research as I will be first explaining the history behind this conflict in my paper. Arpita Anant (2009): Identity and Conflict: Perspectives from the Kashmir Valley, Strategic Analysis, 33:5, 760-773 This article tries to illustrate that identity is important in the Kashmir conflict, and bases its argument on interviews with people from Kashmir. It also argues that the government needs to address those issues of identity in order to help bring peace to Kashmir. This article will help me try to make the voices of the people of Kashmir heard. Cohen, Stephen Philip. India, Pakistan and Kashmir. Journal of strategic studies 25.4 01 Dec 2002: 32-60. Taylor & Francis. 02 Mar 2012. This article also talks about the history of the conflict and the dangers that it might bring in the future. It discusses the strengths of India and how it is a major Asian power being taken back by the 50 year conflict with Pakistan. It goes into depth in the relationship

between India and Pakistan and discusses the hardships that encounter India in its fight for Kashmir. Farrell, Brian. The role of international law in the Kashmir conflict. Penn State international law review 21.2 01 Jan 2003: 293. Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University. 02 Mar 2012. This article discusses the genisis of the Kashmir conflict and examins the history of British India. It then offers a solution to this conflict under International Law. This article will help me in my paper in a way that it would bring concrete facts and laws that would determine a solution for this problems rather than mere theories and predictions. Ganguly, S. Kashmir, caught in the middle. Bulletin of the atomic scientists 59.4 01 Jul 2003: 25-28. Atomic Scientists of Chicago. 04 Mar 2012. This article focuses on Kashmir problems rather than on India or Pakistan and discussed further the concerns of the Kashmir’s. It even mentions an American role in that conflict. It’s very helpful because the focus of my paper is the Kashmiri people themselves not the Indians of the Pakistanis. Hewitt, Vernon. Kashmir: The unanswered question. History today 47.9 01 Sep 1997: 60. s.n. 04 Mar 2012. This article also focuses on the history behind the Kashmir Conflict and states mere facts rather than opinions. It is unbiased and very straightforward. It will help my paper become more objective.

Indurthy, Rathnam. The Kashmir conflict: why it defies solution. International journal on world peace 27.1 29 Feb 2 This article goes on to explain how the Kashmir conflict is the major cause of tension between India and Pakistan. It describes the conflict and how it started with the British partition and how it is very difficult to come with a solution. The author lists eleven possible solutions to the conflict but then goes on to explain that non of them are acceptable to both sides. He concludes that the continuation of the status quo is more likely than peace. Mohan, Anand. The historical roots of the Kashmir conflict. Studies in conflict and terrorism 15.4 31 Oct 1992: 283. Crane Russak. 02 Mar 2012. This article discusses the history of the Kashmir conflict itself and tries to bring to light certain details that have been ignored by other writers. This article is going to help me in my paper because it has the historical view that I need in making my paper objective and without bias.


article will help me try to make the voices of the people of Kashmir heard. This article explains about the history of Kashmir in an attempt...