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DATE OF BIRTH 25.12.1988 ADDRESS 11C Aljameen, Dammam SAUDI ARABIA PHONE +966 505896989

EDUCATION Master in Architecture, Woodbury University Burbank, CA , United State, 2016.

Bachelors in Architecture, University of Dammam (King Faisal University), 2011.

GPA ( 4.15 out 5 )

-Saudi Electricity Company in Dammam.

(Summer Training) 2009

-Ministry of Health in Dammam.

( Summer Training) 2010

Position: Architect. Responsibilities: design the power supply offices and in the warehouses company buildings. Position: asst. Architect. Responsibilities: helped in the schematic design medical tower and learned about the post occupancy evaluation.

WORK EXPERIENCE -Tamooz Company for Contracting and Project Management in Dammam, 2011.

Position: Architect. Responsibilities: design apartment building which get built in Dammam 2011.

-Lucturer in University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia from March, 12th 2011. which is now known as (Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University)

- 1st Prize competition in Bahrain, Designing the old Gateway of Bahrain in Jan 10th, 2010. - Attend the conference of the Aga Khan for Architecture in 2010. - Organize the “Day of Architecture” event at the University of Dammam, including the design of logos,brochures, and poster for this events, 2011. - Volunteer work designing a schools for Charity Association in Dammam, 2011. AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS- Supervising an Urban Design project getting the 2nd Prize “Sultan Ben Salman Award for Urban Heritage,” 2012. VOLUNTEER - Volunteer in community serves to paint houses in the Eugene, OR, USA in Jun 15th , 2013. - Attend and representing the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia in the Healthcare Design Conference in San Diego,USA, 2014. - Participate at Alkhobar Arch-Gallery with “Elevation Unhinged” hologram project , 2016 - Running and Organizing (U-Fab) Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University fabrication unit lab, 2017. - Collaborate with Al Ajwad company to design a roundabout in Dammam, 2017.


Technical Skills

Software Skills









Design Skills

Curriculum Vitae



Architecture school Hollywood, LA 2014

Solar Planel Fabricated conaby 2015

California City Exprmental project 2015

Thesis Project Elevation Unhinged 2016

Al Rahka Roundabout 2017



WUHO Gallery and School of Architecture Explore living organization, conceptual design through the cumulative exploration of modules and units. Programming, contextual and environmental prompts, circulation and urban networks, and systems. Designing gallery and architectural school in Hollywood Street with all the obstacles of that street. Massing concept derive from the site condition. The pattern was both an asthetic and functional element. Aesthetically, it SURYLGHV DQ HQJDJLQJ ZUDSSHU WKDW YDULHV IURP WUDQVSDUHQW PDW LQÀOO materials that give connectivity between indoor and outdoor spaces in order to create a different atmosphere where users can relief stress. Functionally, the pattern is the primary structure of the building.


3 Solid

Concrete Panels

Private Area

Transition Area


Glass Panels


The center represents the transition point between distributed progrem in both ends of the building.

Semi-Transparent More control in the amount of light entering the space

Public Area


• Lightweight • Flexibility • Durability and corrosion resistance

Study Openings

Continuos Pattern

Reguler Grid (openings)

Shading Effects

Solid to Void Ratio

Transparency Control


Pattern Process

Basic Square

Central Rotation

1/3 Rotation



Design decisions

Apply the pattern as aeshetic + functional element Functional = By transforming the pattern into the main structure of the building.

Aesthetic = The pattern will be seen as an envelope wrapping the mass. Applying transparent material to some parts which gives connectivity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Drainage system

Envelope Diagram

Structure Model

Glass and solar panel

water tanks that collect rain drops and transfer it to the main tank underground

Envelope Slope Roof


Structure System Diagram

Skin Layers Structure



Glass Panels

Wall section

California City Exprmental project 2015 This studio were operated like a Design Laboratory, where we imagine, tinker, make and explore - and eventually create a collection and spaces, as well as construct visionary drawings. We looked at the territories just beyond Los Angeles, at the ex-urban dwelling outposts , and speculate on the unexpected ways solar generating surfaces can actually become spatial, occupiable and programmed shared spaces amongst and within these fragmentary outposts of normative suburbia transforming them through a blossoming of experiential and poetic architectures. After visiting and exploring the housing of California City, My focus was at the most space that got characteristic in the residence houses, which was the shed. Starting to explore and experiment the shed and how to use the solar panels. I called my project the “Shed Escape�. Characteristically, the shed is a place of escape, tinkering, with hoppy. This project looks at the special Consequences of the shed escape from the house. The volume of space created in between the house and the shed. Because of user needed of domestic space and shaded canopy. This changes the home functions and extends the dining space into the shaded canopy, which has solar collector in between the structure that extend.

Fabrication Solar Panel conaby experment This studio aims to enriche he ideas in experimental ways, LQWHQVLÀHG LQWR LQFUHDVLQJ J IRFXV WKURXJK D SURFHVV RI model-making interlinked d with exploratory drawing techniques. In 3 phases, in which we develop our own projects within the realm of the Laboratory's endeavor. 7KHQLQWKLVÀQDOSKDVHZHZRUNHGWRJHWKHUWRFRQVWUXFW HZRUNHGWRJHWKHUWRFRQVWUXFW a single spatial fragment of the Solar Canopy Structure, yet within that each of uss were testing his own design of SKRWRYROWDLF WKLQÀOP SDQHO DQHO V\VWHP WKURXJK SDWWHUQ color, layering and tectonics tonics - using the process of screen-printing on glass. Drawing the 3d modeling of the canopy then using the making aking complex in the school to fabricate the canopy. By y exporting the drawing to the CNC machine to cut the e ribs with the right calculation DQGZHOGWKHMRLQVPDQXDOO\WRÀ[LWWRJHWKHUWRFUHDWH QVPDQX XDOO\ X DOO\WRÀ[LWWRJHWKHUWRFUHDWH WR À[ LW WRJHWKHU WR FUHDWH the canopy.

Credit to Berenika Boberska

Credit to Berenika Boberska

Los Angeles feild work 2015 This studio was in the summer focused in mapping Walter bucket architect building in correlation to /RV$QJHOHV&RXQW\7KHÀUVWZHHNVRIWKHVHPHVWHU have been dedicated to become knowledgeable about the city of Los Angeles and the work of WBA within the context of the sprawling. Through the intervention the project focuses at dense set of research at a closer scale of WBA buildings and their output within the larger cultural context of the growth and development of Los Angeles. Building a giant site model and map each building in the model as team. Study the relationship to the FLW\ IDEULF ZLWK WKH LQÁXHQFH RI WKH VXUURXQGLQJ from the mid 60’s. Visiting the sites and criticizes each project after deep research and suggests some ideas and concepts to develop the projects.

Examples of Walter Bucket Building With history informations

Elevation unhinged Thesis project

Traditionally a Elevation operates as two dimensional elements that indexes the building and establish a boundary. Challenging this convention, this thesis utilizes the unfolded elevation drawing as a means of thickening, excavating, cutting, and delineating form. In advance, exploring wrapping the building with a pattern that emphasizes the depth created as a result of the operation, through differentiation in scale. Shifting in scale then starts to bleed from one surface to another gradually or dramatically depending on the measurement of depth.








Second Floor



Sixth Floor



Seventh Floor

Sitting Area Class Room Auditorium Meeting Room Stage Library Lobby Reserch Center Parking


Pattern Daigram

Physical models different iterations

Al Rahka Rou undabout 2017 Designing AlRakah roundabout we call it “The Boundaryâ€?. Collaboration with Al Ajwad Engineering consulting we design an iconic sculpture UHĂ HFW PRWLRQ DV ZHOO DV KDYLQJ WKH GHVHUW ODQGVFDSH IRUP VDQG dome). After studying the context and the location the roundabout act DV IRFDO SRLQW EHWZHHQ 'DPPDP DQG .KREDU ZKLFK UHĂ HFW LQ WKH design as well.


We create an Art experience, not just a structure.

Motion 7KHPRWLRQLVUHĂ HFWLQJWKHVHSDUDWLRQSRLQW between Khobar, and Dammam. The roundabcut is acting as afocal point between the two cities

Vision THe vision is the transparent between the client, and the patient. The internal care is the highest pure aim which is always behind the seen.

Night Shots

Al Rahka Roundabout

Abdulkader alswaidan portfolio  

Architecture portfolio

Abdulkader alswaidan portfolio  

Architecture portfolio