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Women Take Control Worldwide – New Studies Published By Pennsylvania and Stanford Now studies recently published in the Journal of Politics and Public Control by the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford indicate that radical forces are appearing in opposition to social manipulation by dictators and other legitimate, publically elected authoritarian regimes around the world. Groups have been discovered as small as two or three housewives with new born children that are mysteriously coordinating their efforts to overthrow dictators and governments.

Women The New World Order This is seen most clearly in the recent Arab Spring which as yet defies all analysis by the Rand Corporation. In addition, the NSA with its global tracking and data storage of all email and phone calls made on earth confirms this micro decentralization of power into the hands of the people. A recent conference held in secret by the Trilateral Commission, Hollywood Moguls, and the chairmen of both the Republican and Democratic parties concludes that some new force has appeared on earth. They have even brought in leading writers such as Tom Clancy and Stephen King to help plot a method of analysis that might at least enable a better means for surveying these variables.

Governments Conclude Some New Force Has Appeared On Earth! As of late it appears that some new mutation primarily of women is occurring in which a super human level of intuition enables these rogue individuals to communicate with each other off the grid. Furthermore, it seems they are using a hyper off-the-scale level of empathy and advanced powers of lucid dreaming to enter the dreams of the most powerful CEOs on earth and force them to make changes in their corporate policies favoring the public and the environment over short term financial gain. Several Secretaries of the Navy are under close observation due to the stress they have reported arising from incomprehensible feelings they have about no longer wishing to kill whales and dolphins. This has also been seen in the hesitation of U.S. generals to take an oath that they will support killing U.S. civilians as part of their job descriptions. powerful women,powerful women in history,powerful women quotes,powerful women international,loving women

U.S. Population Possess Psychic Powers And just last week a conversation was overheard on skype in which one of the observed ringleaders stated to a possible new recruit: “Fear not. The New World Order is no match for women who have your power.� Consequently, in the secret military budge of the U.S. one hundred and twenty billion dollars has been allotted to research and countermand these frightening trends. As early as the 1980s it was already well known that at least one per cent of the U.S. population possess psychic powers that have never before been observed in recorded history. The best hope for maintaining a strong and healthy form of government control over people lies in 1.

Picture Joan Of Arc

Continued News Blackouts and Effective Manipulation Continued news blackouts and effective manipulation of the social media and 2. Forging a successful means for co-opting these apparent mutants to join the established order and motivating them to see that it is their patriotic duty to serve their government and to reaffirm the importance of international institutions that preserve world order. Hopefully government responses and early warning systems will better enable us to maintain control over deviant individuals calling for social justice and democracy.

Women Take Control Worldwide – New Studies Published by Pennsylvania and Stanford  

As of late it appears that some new mutation primarily of women is occurring in which a super human level of intuition enables these rogue i...

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