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SOS Children’s Villages Malawi SOS Children’s Villages Malawi

Volume 15, November 2010

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Overall, the year 2010 has been full of challenges for SOS Children’s Villages Malawi. The number of children loosing parental care and being at risk of loosing parental care is on the increase while the number of friends willing to support such children has been declining. The challenge, therefore, is to give quality services with limited resources. As an organisation, we have now grown to encompass 18 facilities in the 3 locations of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu. There are also proposals to establish one more village in the Shire River Valley, resources permitting. The whole idea is to compliment government efforts by reducing vulnerability to orphaned and disadvantaged children in Malawi.

Best House Award—International Day—June 2010 Most pleasing however, has been the growing worldwide recognition of SOS Children’s Villages Malawi work, as witnessed by the number of visitors to our facilities, participation in network meetings and external support from individual well-wishers and the corporate world. SOS Children’s Villages continues to firmly believe

in the importance of offer ing a broad spectrum of appropriate out-of-home child care programmes tailored to the home of child care programmes and to the individual child, finding solutions that serve the best interests of the child and that involve children in all decision making processes in accordance with their evolving capacities.

SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE LILONGWE In August, children who did exceptionally well at school went to the lake as a reward. They met children from other schools there too. “We had fun and we promise to continue working very hard so that we can come back to the lake,” says Mayor. 10 youths who completed secondary school entered various colleges and universities - a 91% admission rate. The search for colleges continues as 6 more youths have just completed secondary school and are currently taking computer lessons while they await acceptance. Isaac did very well in his IGCSE examinations and passed with distinction. John started in April – we wish them the best of luck at SOS International College, Ghana in their International Baccalaureate exams. In September, youths helped the Lilongwe City Assembly with gardening.

This activity implanted a sense of social responsibility in our youths. The officials were very grateful and our youth learnt a lot at the garden like the propagation and caring for crops and flowers. “It was such fun learning a lot of agricultural and floricultural skills,” comments Grace. Spots was fun this year too, especially football, netball and basketball. Adija’s superior netballing skills attracted the attention of the Central Region Netball Committee who invited her to join the Central Region group of netball players from which players for the future Malawi National Netball Team will be selected. Noel was invited to an international Exchange Programme and Sheila and Grace went to Dowa to camp where they discussed various issues affecting their lives. Some of our children participated in a big walk dubbed ‘Street Kids Awareness’ which sensitised people on the need to help street Children enjoying the Lake ! children.

Mr. Smart Namagonya National Director Another group of our children was invited to perform traditional dances at our National Assembly in appreciation of the passing of the Child Protection and Justice Bill. Many thanks to everyone for all your generous support and care!

SOS Children’s Villages Malawi

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SOS VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE We continue at full capacity of 140 students with 83 students enrolled for this new academic year. In March and June our Agriculture class of 23 all passed their examinations, all 15 Hotel & Catering candidates passed all 22 Textile & Design passed their TEVET level 1 certificate, In the Information Technology class all 10 candidates passed their Technician Diploma, all 24 Electrical Installation passed but for 2 in their Trade Test grade 3, Carpentry & Joinery all 6

National grade 3 and Bricklaying 4 out of 6 passed their trade test grade 3. The VTC Ag. students have produced 150 x 50 kg bags of maize which will be sold to our SOS Villages. Thanks to the commitment of our trainees who have proved that they can feed all the villages given the right support. Bravo agriculture class! Growing vegetables

THE MEDICAL CENTRES 2010 was a very exciting year for our Medical Centers. In January our Special Needs children received a computer to help them to learn how to improve their communication. The measles vaccination campaign saw all the children in the Village vaccinated. In October all healthy workers, 5 year olds and pregnant ladies will receive the Swine/Bird Flu vaccination. Chi was fitted with hearing aids. Oh the happiness on his face was a wonder to behold when he found out he could hear properly. Ronda

was equally happy with the reconstructive surgery operation she had in Uganda. Now she can eat an apple, brush her teeth and her speech has improved enormously. Many thanks go to Corsu and a wonderful benefactor who made this possible. Evey had a stray dog attack her. What a shock! But with quick intervention by her brave SOS Mum she is now just fine. Many thanks go to all our sponsors who made these things possible for the unprivileged children of Malawi! In the Rehab Center


Schools out!

The new school year started in September and finishes in July, 2011. In each of our 3 Villages at our primary schools progress has been hectic and rewarding where there was tree planting by the children and most of the trees are growing well. In June, on SOS International Day, we danced and displayed our skills learnt at school. This included teaching and learning materials made from locally available resources. During Expressive Arts

lessons children played fish-fish and high jump which enables our students to have and maintain team spirit sporting activities. Our Resource Rooms are being used more and more especially by children with hearing, sigh and speech impairments. Our Special Education classes have grown and some students have been integrated into the main stream. In Lilongwe we have been pleased with 59 out of 85 students selected to Secondary Schools. We have expanded club membership to include agriculture, hygiene, water & sanitation which involve both classroom and extra curricula activities. Children celebrated the final exam results with good academic performers receiving prizes which were presented in front of parents and guardians. It was a fun day for all. Schools continue their counseling and guidance activities which have resulted in very good

behaviour and discipline amongst the students. We have done well in sports too, winning 2 trophies and many awards in soccer. The children continue to enjoy competing against other schools in netball and soccer. We have sister schools in the UK so our children greatly enjoy hearing news from afar which has given them an insight into foreign lands. Since the introduction of Tikwere Radio Programme for Standards 1-3, students have become more outgoing and moral has been boosted. Our Secondary School in Lilongwe held entrance exams for the new Form 1s in August and now we are full to capacity, but unfortunately we have had to turn down many applications. We are very proud of ourselves as 121 students sat for their final exams of which 9 were SOS Home-based care candidates and 20 were external candidates. Results will be out in December. 115 candidates sat for Junior Certificate exams with 9 failures given a 94% pass rate. Keep up the good work!

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Our Tiny Tots!!!! All of our 3 SOS kindergartens are full with parents will wanting to enrol their wee ones. The new academic calendar has thrown us off keel somewhat but we are gradually regaining our balance. Many of the older students have graduated to Std. 1 and what a boost this is to those still to complete kindergarten. When Victoria left KG for Standard one she said “I am very happy to go to standard one because it is only for big boys and girls and I know I will be coming to school by myself because I am now a big girl,”

Dedicated gardeners

sounding like a teenager. Our child centred education makes if possible for our tiny tots to learn many concepts and sills through play which include sizing, floating and sinking, colours, shapes, classifying, sorting, pasting, collaging, painting and many other activities. Our Special Educations classes have grown and some learners have been integrated into the main stream. We have done well in sports too winning two trophies and many awards in soccer.

SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE MZUZU those underprivileged families near our SOS Village, but without you this would not be possible. On their behalf we thank you most sincerely!

We have had a prolonged rainy season so the Village has been green throughout 2010 with trees and shrubs that cover a lot of the free areas. In May two of our girls brought a

lot of pride to our Village by gaining one in the USA. They are all enjoying positions one and two in the Na- their foreign stay and their studies too. tional Junior Table Tennis Trophy. In August we were so fortunate in that a generous sponsor gave us Playing ball at home soccer uniforms which has motivated the children to be active in sport and have been organizing games with their neighbourhood peers. Besides developing their talents in soccer, the games have enabled the village to improve inter-community relations. A number of children have started secondary schools. Currently we have 60 children in day and boarding secondary schools. There are 5 children studying in Ghana and

FAMILY STRENGTHENING PROGRAMMES FSP is an outreach programme, striving to keep children within a caring family environment and works directly with families, communities and organisations to effectively protect and care for children who live in areas surrounding our SOS Villages. During the year. We have distributed mosquito nets as well as soya blend to chronically ill caregivers and children - a recommendation from Ministry of Health. We have supported schools with dust bins and buckets to wash in and provided school fees to the underprivileged with materials for exam time. Joyfully one of our youth graduated from university this year and 2 children were accepted to university through our support.

We also offer career guidance as well as provide training in HIV/AIDS awareness. Training of teachers and Community Based Organisations (CBO) to become Life skills trainers was also conducted. Families have been trained in tailoring, tinsmith, carpentry and bakery skills to ensure they have the capacity to protect and care for their loved ones. Many folks from the community have been trained in Gender and Development through a Government agency where participants looked at the role of women in leadership positions. Hopefully, this will increase the number of women in key decision making positions. We have also worked

with groups to promote a savings culture, enabling them to increase their capital which translates into improved income levels and livelihoods for families. We continue to support Some of our beneficiaries

SOS Children’s Villages Malawi

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Playing at home

Much excitement gripped our Village when new children arrived in September giving us now 128 children. Mothers were beaming with joy as they hugged their new children. A holiday program with and our kindergarten was organized for the holidays for all our children where children were did art and played soccer and netball. The older children learnt First Aid too. A special outing for some children in appreciation for their outstanding performance in school was held. All our children graduated to the next class in the new academic year. Birthday parties have been a lot of fun! Stevey turned 6 years and jumped into his first year of school with a bang. Sunga, Jules and Jim joined all their birthdays and had one big bash. There was dancing, ululation and handclapping and lots of laughter! Everyone went and sang ‘Happy birthday to you!!!!’

CHILD IN PROFILE—LAZ DIYA Laz’s Mum died at home and his family is not cohesive and are living in dire poverty. Laz was then cared for by his aged grandmother who gave Laz alcohol to stop him from crying. No relatives came to support or assist dear little Laz’s granny who had virtually no means of income to support Laz and his brothers and sisters. Laz joined us when he was just 3 1/2 months old and in poor health with malnutrition evident. So his new SOS Mum put him on a wholesome and nutritious diet so that now he is growing into a vibrant and alert little fellow who loves all his new SOS brothers and sisters in our SOS Lilongwe Village.

We sincerely thank all our sponsors and supporters who have helped SOS Malawi throughout 2010 in making it a successful year so that our children have felt secure and loved. Without your support and care it would be impossible for us to give our children all they need. HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON AND ALL THE VERY BEST FOR 2011 !! If you would like to help Laz (or any other SOS Child) please contact us at: Rusty Klinger SOS Children’s Villages P.O. Box 2359 Lilongwe, Malawi Phone: +265 (01) 756-667 Fax: +265 (01) 751-298

Mr. Christophe Cuny Sponsorship Office SOS Kinderdorf International Brigittenauer Lände 50 1200 Vienna, Austria

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