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2014/4/20 -NO. (453)

Military operation room to liberalize Dier Ezzur airport FSA, ISIL clashes in Shaddadi

Assad visits Maaloula PAGE 2


PAGE 3 Aleppo: outage until further notice


Al-Zawhri accuses alBaghdadi of espionage


Interim government establishes Directorate of Antiquities

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )453(


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Assad visits Maaloula

President Bashar al-Assad in Maaloula. He viewed inspected today Monastery the destruction and devasof Mar Sarkis and Bacchus tation it suffered. Al-Assad

FSA, ISIL clashes in Shaddadi

wished a happy Easter for all Syrians as peace would be restored.

Military operation room to liberalize DierEzzur airport

The Revolutionary military council of Dier Ezzur and its countryside established a joint command room to liberate Dier Ezzur military airport. The Command room will include all FSA factions located just outside the airport, as well as many military commanders. Fierce clashes took place during the past two days at the walls of Dier Ezzur airport. Clashes between FSA and ISIL took place at the surrounding of al-Shaddadi city in alHasaqa, media sources reported. Abdullah alHashemi, spokesman of “al-Haqq Army” in al-Hasaqa, said that the army of Dier Ezzur and al-Hasaqa’s Tribes, FSA Battalions, alNusra Front, and the Islamic Front have surrounded al-Shaddadi city to the East and the South east. Clashes also took place in the gas plant and the Chinese field “al-Kamm” 1 km east Shaddadi.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )453(

Clashes in Aleppo

“The General Body of the Syrian Revolution” pointed that the Syrian army clashed with fighters inside Hanano barracks, in Aleppo, during the fieriest and most qualified battles, as activists described. Moreover, FSA fighters have controlled on “Fajdan” town at the southern countryside of Aleppo, where some soldiers of the Syrian army were killed


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Aleppo: outage until further notice Electricity directorate at the liberated areas in Aleppo has issued a statement in coordination with military and Sharia factions states to cut off electricity at all Syrian government-held areas in Aleppo. The statement pointed to the possibility to extend this measure to cut off electricity also at the capital Damascus, and the coastal areas if the conditions of the statement hasn’t implemented. The conditions include: ceasing air shelling by warplanes, helicopter, explosive barrels, and Thermo baric rockets on civilians in Aleppo and its countryside, breaking siege imposed on Old city of Homs, Darayya, and the East-

Regiment /81/ under fire

ern Ghouta, stopping targeting power and water stations, and prepare Transfer Station of al-Hajj Bridge through securing line /66/ of the station, and maintain it after the regime has shelled it.

Opposition storms in Jeb al-Jandali

FSA Controlled on al-Jandali area located near the progovernment area al-Zahraa, after al-Nusra Front has denoted a booby-trapped car killed about 40 Syrian army members.

The Syrian warplanes bombed al- Mleha for the eighth day, “The Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus” said. Furthermore, “The General Body

of the Revolution “ pointed that that FSA fired mortarsat headquarters of the Syrian army near Regiment/81/, in al-Mleha in Damascus countryside.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )453(

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Moustafa in Field tour in Aleppo Minister of Defense at the Syrian Interim Government, Asaad Moustafa, accompanied by Major General Muhammad Nour Khallouf, Deputy Defense Minister, and Colonel Abdulsalam Hamidi, the Military council commander have went in a field tour in Aleppo at many locations in Front Lines between FSA and the Syrian Army in Aleppo. They met opposition fighters there to view the situation of battles and needs required. The officials then visited one of the field hospitals to inspect the injuries.

Finally the minister held a meeting with the members of the Military council and the operation room, they insisted

Al-Zawhri accuses al-Baghdadi of espionage

Al-Qaeda chief accused ISIL of working in favor for the Syrian regime. Ayman al-Zawhri, al-Qaeda commander, said in a record broadcasted by jihadist sites that “we don’t rule out that there is a penetration by the Syrian regime, but the fighters kill each other and achieve what the regime wasn’t able to do”. He also clarified the dif-

ference of methods between al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, as al-Qaeda focuses on America and its Zionist and (Crusaders) and their agents, thus leaving the side battles, and avoid operations that unjustly cause bloodshed in markets, mosques, and residential neighborhoods, and between the combatant groups as he put it.

on the need to unify efforts of all the revolutionary forces in Aleppo, and to mobilize capabilities and possibilities.

Syrian conflict reliance on Social Networks

A report made by the International Center for Radicalism and Political Violence revealed that the Syrian conflict is the most that uses the Social Networks as it became a main source of field news. The report revealed how foreign fighters document their participation in the Syrian conflict via Social Networks where 60% of foreign fighters in Syria joined to ISIL, 18% to al-Nusra Front, while nationality of 29% of fighters weren’t identified.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )453(

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Coordinating body: next election illegitimate

Majed Habo, Secretary of the Coordinating Body at Diaspora said that the Body attitude states clearly that any unilateral actions of all parties of the conflict are marked by lack of national legitimacy and inconsistency with any political solution, and are considered a clear obstruct for the peaceful political settlement. All attempts made to (Change the constitution,

Parliament elections, a government in exile, a presidential election) would contradict the commitment made by all the political forces of the Syrian regime and the opposition by accepting the six points for Geneva communiqué, to declare constitutional announcement to form according to it a full powerGovernment to manage the stage.

Abdul Azeem… Opposi- Interim government establishes Directorate of Antion won’t participate in tiquities elections The general coordinator of the National Coordination Body for the forces of democratic change in Syria, Hassan Abdul Azeem said that the presidential elections, which the regime insists to conduct, will certainly be controversial, because the opposition will not participate in even the nomination, noting that even if this election is conducted, it will not contribute in solving the crisis.

The Ministry of Culture of the Interim Syrian government established the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, during a press conference held by the Minister of Culture, Tagreed al-Hajli at the government’s headquarters in Gaziantep, Turkey, where

the minister pointed out that the Directorate is one of the most important departments to be activated now amid the systematic devastation by regime of the history of Syria, and the looting and destruction of museums and nonlegitimate theft of antiquities

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