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2013/11/27 -NO. (309)

The opposition begins battles to restore Syria. Daash .. No limits for Hasake.

An Executions in Gota .. And beheadings in Deir Attiya. PAGE 4


Daash declares war .on the Islamic Front

PAGE 4 A reward for every person .hand over spy


Coordinating body to Geneva and “Free army .“ will not attend


The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )309(

The opposition begins battles to restore Syria.

Opposition’s gunmen are beginning fighting in several different areas for the Liberation of military areas and cutting off supplies from the Syrian army, which the battles are in Sednaya in Damascus and Quneitra and Deraa and Aleppo.


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Battle of Deir cherubim in Sidnaya. In the Kalamoon, militants of “Sufe Islam,” are announcing the Battle of Deir cherubim in Sidnaya is getting start according to opposition websites, while the media talked that Syrian army units faced the attack by gunmen on Deir.

Brigade of “ Islamic Medina “ in Daraa.

Battle of “Fajer Tawheed” in Kenitra. Sources of opposition are quoted for “group-

ing of battalions that operating in the area Algedor in Daraa,” their mentioning the formation of a brigade, “Islamic Medina” to hit and target headquarters and security and military institutions of the Syrian army, by Brigades: Battalion “Mujahideen of Medina” and “battalion Martyrs Haraa” and “Osama Bin Zaid” battalion and battalion of “Martyrs Algedor”. In contrast, a military source said that the unity of the Syrian army foiled an infiltration attempt from the town of Angel to Alsnmin and to the national forest in the town of Tsell.

The Office media of the brigades and battalions “Sahabaa” in Damascus and its countryside is announce for the each of the brigades that operating on the territory of Quneitra, and “Saladin” brigade and “Abu Dujana” brigade and “Eagles religion” for the start of the battle “Fajer Tawheed” in Kenitra for the Liberation the military zones, while sources said to the opposition that the insurgents declared the start of a battle, “Fajer Tawheed” in the central sector of the attack on Khawaled secret and confidential Khamisa and targeting secret Zubaydh and fire within it.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )309(


Battle “Fateh” in the countryside of Aleppo.

Sources of the opposition said that the militants opposition declared the start of the first phase of Battle “Fateh” for control of the areas in the countryside south of Aleppo and cut through supply the military, as clashes continue between the units of the Syrian army and the militant opposition in the “Bustan Kaseer”, Sheikh Maqsood, Sheikh Said, Seef Al-Dawla, Salahuddin, Ezaa, Ashrafieh, old Aleppo, Suleiman al-Halabi,

Anakarin and Kwers doorAnd rocket landed on a building of Municipal Palace without any injury.In the countryside of Idlib, opposition sources said the militants for attack (Daash) at the headquarters of the legitimacy of “Jabhat Nusra” in Bench.

A car bomb in the Sumerian. 14 civilians were killed and42other were wounded, including children, students in a car bomb explosion in front of the bus garage starting in Sumerian.

A Battles in the East Gouta. The sources said to the opposition the clashes were continued between units of the Syrian army and the militant of “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (Daash) and “Jabhar Nusra” and the other battalions in the vicinity of 22 Brigade near Duma in East Gouta. and the private sources said enabling the Syrian army to re-control of the hospital Kalamoon in Nabek , reported on the progress of the Syrian army in Deir Attiya and control over 90% percent of it, while controlling opposition’s gunmen only on two streets and a vio-

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An Executions in Gota .. And beheadings in Deir Attiya.

According to the Local Coordination Committees, that militants of “Jabhat Nusra” are executed five soldiers by slaughtered in East Gouta in Damascus, also the Coordination Committees talked about that before withdrawal of opposition’s militants from the hospital of Deir Attiya are killed a ten civilians, five doctors and four nurses and a drivers through the slaughter and beheading.

Clashes in Raaqa.

lent clashes taking place in the town between the two partiesAn unofficial media sources confirmed start of implementation of the agreement which provides for the withdrawal of armed groups from the Yarmouk refugee camp, and peopel will return within ten days and while the elements of engineering able dismantling IEDs and remove obstacles that may hinder their return.

An unofficial media sources spoke about injury commander of military operations, “Abu Abbas” shot by a sniper in his thigh in the vicinity of the band 17 in the Raaqa, and killing a militants from the “battalion Huzaifa bin Yaman” and the movement of free-Sham Islamic, while clashes took place between the militants of (Daash) and “Jabhat Nnear” near the governor’s Mansion in downtown of Raaqa which was the headquarters of the brigade “Saladin”.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )309(


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Daash .. No limits for Hasake. The militants of “the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Daash) are Removed the berms border between the Iraqi provinces Mosul and Syrian provinces Al-Hasakah in a number of common areas between the two states which are subsidiaries for the state, and the announcement came after the announcement of (Daash) a change the name of al- Syrian provinces AlHasakah to “wlayat Baraka” and changing the name of the town of Deir Attiya in Kalamoon to “Dar ataa”.

Daash declares war on the Islamic Front. Militants of “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (Daash) had declared in a statement the staring of their war on “Islamic Front”, and a statement:”Emir the state of Wlayt North, Abu Obedaa Adaam, has issued a fatwa to shed the blood of the elements of the state belonging to all fad Islamic Front to become the blood of these is equal to the blood of the enemies of the followers of the regime and American mercenaries”.They also warned all of the “Lewa Taheed” , “Army of Islam” and that the free army free that the “Sufe Osod Daola” will reaching their necks wherever they land on the Islamic state.

A reward for every person hand over spy.

A legitimate Council of “ Alnasir Mehdi” in Aleppo, declared in a statement for a prize of a thousand dollars for each of the arrested or indicates “spy armed or Shbih of the regime”, and the award of two hundred dollars for each of the capture of unarmed spy,Shbih.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )309(


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Coordinating body to Geneva and “Free army “ General Assembly .. Israwill not attend. el has to withdraw from conference, pointing out that the Golan’s Heights. the body will not do it that,

Munther Khaddam, the official spokesman for “coordinating body” said that the body in spite of the arrest of the system for a number of its leaders, they will participate in the Geneva conference, and he added that in the Conference is will decide the fate of Syria and its future and it is an greet political error great to interrupt the

as Khaddam pointed out that preparations for the Geneva list, and the delegation will leave the body, which consists of sixteen members to attend a negotiating session in Switzerland that organized by the United Nations. Army Chief of Staff Major General of free army, Salim Idris, The FSA will not participate in the Geneva conference, stressing that they will continue fighting against the Syrian army during the talks, stressing that all that matters at this time is to get the weapons needed by the fighters.

Syria welcomes the announced date set for Geneva 2 conference.

Syria welcomes the announced date, 22nd January 2014, for the intended Geneva 2 conference, an official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said.The source highlighted Syria’s reiteration that it will participate in the conference

with an official delegation representing the Syrian state that will be provided with the directions of President Bashar al-Assad and will be carrying the Syrian people’s demands, first and foremost eliminating terrorism.

The General Assembly of the United Nations has adopted a passed a resolution demanding that Israel withdraw from all the occupied Syrian Golan to the line of June 1967 in implementation of Security Council resolutions related to certain that the continued occupation of the Golan and its de facto annexation constitute a stumbling block to achieving just and comprehensive peace in the region.Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said that the Israeli occupation entity seeks to find conditions of explosion in the region because, as its leaders admit, it can’t continue without a war, so it sponsors terrorism in the region.He added that Israel has lately marketed for a kind of wine produced in its settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan; it markets it in a number of UN member states which vote against Israel polices, and perhaps these countries don’t know that the wine comes from the Israeli settlements in Golan.He called upon the UN member states to vote for the proposed resolution entitled “ The Syrian Golan” to promote the international law and the UN Charter.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )309(

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Syrian cooperation succeeds the mission of international inspectors.

Walid al-Moallem, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants during a meeting with, Sigrid Kaag, the Special Coordinator of the joint mission of the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical

Weapons said that the Syria’s commitment to its obligations and to cooperate with the organization is taking into account the non-politicization of the process and meet the requirements of the process of implementation of the

commitments in accordance with the time frame allows the completion of this process, as required, Kaag, as confirmed that Syrian cooperation led to the success of the mission of the inspectors and the crew of the organization.

A project of Electronic Transactions Bill. The Cabinet approved a bill on electronic paperwork which will help encourage and facilitate commercial trade via electronic methods and expand in foreign markets by creating a suitable environment for e-commerce.

No309 newslettr daily e 27 11 2013  
No309 newslettr daily e 27 11 2013