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2013/11/20 -NO. (302)

Calls for jihad.. Bombings in Nabek and Deir Attiya Coalition of brigades and battalions in Homs

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Jaafari.. Saudi Arabia has no right to talk about human rights

Army controls Khirbat al-Ghadir in Daraa.. An ambush in Idlib



Decisions to regulate access to Syria

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )302(

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Calls for jihad.. Bombings in Nabek and Deir Attiya

After it announced the General Command of the Army and the armed forces full control of the city of Qaraa Damascus countryside and enabling to cut off the road between militants in Qalamun, Southern Homs and Badia, , A commander said that the military operation lasted twentyfour hours, have been found in the city “legitimacy of the court” was used as the headquarters for the trial of kidnapped in addition to the prison and inside tools and equipment for torture, And a field hospital with large quantities of medicines and medical

equipment, were also seized cars equipped with machine guns and gunmen killed from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia nationalities. This private sources reported that the opposition fighters were able to blow up a barrier “Julep” near the military security building in Kalamoon, Damascus countryside led to the killing of ten people, The region is witnessing violent clashes led to the closure of the international highway near the barrier, informal sources mentioned said that the Saudi “Faraj Mnahi somailee Sbieee” neckname with “Abo Zobeer Hefrawi” is the one who made the bombing. This was the militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham, the Fronte victory, the Green Battalion, free army battalions and brigades have called on all Islamic battalions and brigades for jihad and go

to the military units. Also a car bomb exploded near the hospital of Deir Atieah, while the opposition sources said that the gunmen took control of the hospital and attacked a police station and the city museum; Also it has been talked about the bombing of guns and military aviation on Rima farms and Saqui in Yabrood, In contrast Brigades “signs of victory” in the Army of Islam continue and consistency in battle of Kalamoon until victory, as announced by the banner of “martyrs of Islam” for the formation of the battalion “martyr Abdul Qadir Saleh” in Darya. Fighting continues between the Syrian army units’ andopposition gunmen in Kaboun, Jobar, Darya, Yalda and Zabadane. This was a mortar shell landed on the perimeter of Umayyad Square in Damascus, without causing any injuries.

Gunmen control on Sheikh Yusuf hill Declared Sham free movement militants the control over a small hill and Sheikh Yusuf hill in the vicinity of Transportation building in the countryside of Aleppo, according to opposition sources, While militants targeted the opposition Social Security building with homemade rockets led to the burning of the whole building, also announced (Daash) killing five Tunisians of its elements by targeting its headquarters by the Syrian army.”This Shariah declared in

Aleppo open the crossing Garage booking for humanitarian cases as of Saturday 23 of this month from ten in the morning until twelve at noon. While military source said that units of the Syrian army targeted the headquarters of the armed groups including vehicles and weapons in “Maree” and “Tel Ghanaia” in the vicinity of Anakarin and the perimeter of Aleppo central prison and Canadi hospital and “Handarat” , “Allirmon” and “Zorba” , “Abtin” , “Bani Zeid”

and Sheikh Najjar. The General Command of the Free Army has denied reports for the abduction of Riad Al-Assaad, former commander of the army, after the media talked about his abduction ten days ago.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )302(

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“Coalition of brigades and battalions in Homs” Announced several battalions and brigades in Homs unite under the banner of “Homs Coalition brigades and battalions” to continue the fight and the struggle against the Syrian army, And cooperation with all revolutionary forces military and civilian working on the ground, These battalions and brigades are: the protection of civilians in all configurations in Homs, AlFarouq with all configurations

in Homs, Union rebels Homs stationed “battalion green,” the banner of Homs old all formations in Homs, battalions of popular resistance in

all its formations in Homs, a battalion of special tasks, battalion Homs acne, a battalion of Bab Sbaa, and Saifullah Maslool battalion.

Army controls Khirbat al-Ghadir in Daraa.. An ambush in Idlib

In Daraa, a military source reported that the Syrian army controlled Khirbat al-Ghadir Bustan in Hieran,western Daraa countryside. And in the countryside of Idlib, a military source said that the Syrian army killed in an ambush an armed group while planting a number of mines and impro-

vised explosive devices near Mahlj on Idlib-Sarmeen road, Was also killed eight militants from the front victory in Bunj, including “Asaad Mohamed El Sayed” the leader of one of the groups and “Asaad Abdel Hamid ,Barra Gamalo” and Abdul Rahim Salat, As for the opposition talked about gun-

men targeting Syrian army forces in Fanar region, and forty Mountain. To that opposition militants blew up a building in which the Syrian army stationed in the Rusafa district, and targeted gatherings in Senaa neighborhood, clashes happened in Rashediah neighborhood.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )302(

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Sabra demands of international guarantees Asked the President of the Syrian National Council George Sabra international guarantees for the implementation of the outcome of Geneva conference by issuing resolutions of the Security Council under Chapter VII, also hopped in an interview with the channel “Al Jazeera Net” that the conference will lead to the formation of a transitional government with full powers in accordance with a specific timetable leaves no opportunity for the Syrian government to continue its operations, He stressed the need to imple-

ment confidence measures prior to the conference via break the siege of besieged cities, and the opening of safe paths for humanitarian relief, , Pointing out that the opposition supports the political solutions that meet the

aspirations of the Syrian people, and ensure the transfer of power, but also those that aim to hold a reconciliation between the people and the government or rehabilitation and decorated it , then it’s un welcomed.

Al-Assad confirms the importance of the parties President Bashar Al-Assad stressed that the retreat in the active role of the Arab parties in their communities paved the way for ideas and strange movements to enter, stressing during a meeting with members

of the Secretariat of the General Conference of the Arab parties on the importance of activating the role of political parties and public systems in the next phase and the need to adopt and consider the people’s ideas.

Jaafari.. Saudi Arabia has no right to talk about human rights Dr. Bashar Jaafari delegate Syria to the United Nations consider that to present the Saudi Arabia delegation on behalf of a group of allies, the draft resolution criticizing the human rights situation in Syria is a paradox in itself because the Saudi regime is the last who has the right to talk about human rights because of the record Black, who has done in this domain, Adding that the better for the Saudi delegation was to informed attendants the

dire situation of human rights in Saudi Arabia itself, In a statement to the social, humanitarian and cultural rights committee in the General Assembly before the vote on the draft resolution “Saudi human rights situation in the Syrian Arab Republic”, “He also stressed that the Saudi , the Turkish and Qatar regime bears full responsibility for the continuation of terrorist acts that target civilians and military personnel and infrastructure in Syria.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )302(

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Zubi .. Geneva decisions will be submitted to a referendum

The Syrian Information Minister “Omran Zoub” said that, the Syrian government is ready for dialogue with the political opposition in all spectra, pointing out that the political opposition doesn’t include the armed

groups that demanded a devastating blow to the state , the army and the Syrian institutions. He pointed out that the statement of Geneva, spoke about the importance of stopping the violence and the responsibility

of the Syrian government and the opposition in the face of terrorism and the details and other topics come by mutual consent without the dictates of any party and this is governed by the Syrian Constitution, and any consensus will be in Geneva will be submitted to a referendum that will decide the form of the government, Zubi also demanded the Jordanian government to assume responsibility for border control according to the rules of international law to maintain the security of Jordan, which is part of Syria’s security.

New plants in Al-Hasakah The Industry Directorate in AlHasakah granted initial approvals to build a plant for Block and another for pastry and baking devoted to patients with diabetes and heat oven to paint cars.

Decisions to regulate access to Syria The Syrian government approved the draft law governing the entry of the foreign and Arabs to the Syrian territory and their stay in it, and that came after the increase in cross-border passenger traffic and the increasing number of residency seekers of various types, private sources reported that the draft of the new law restricts entry of Arabs, noting that Syria was allowing all Arabs to enter its territory without a visa, and it is worthy to mention that some Arab countries placed restrictions on the entry of the Syrians

after the crisis, it means that Syria starts to treat these countries similarly. The government also approved a law to exempt institutions and public sector companies from customs duties and other taxes duties on imports of basic foodstuffs and for a period of six months, and approved the results of the negotiations between the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of one hand and the Russian company of “Soyuz Naftagaz” on the other hand in order to exploration and prospecting for oil and gas in Syrian territorial waters.

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