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2013/11/19 -NO. (301)

The army controls over al-Dwairnya.. killing brigade commander of al-Tawhied “Revenge of the martyr Abd Al-Qader Saleh” begins in Qunitra


Al-Nusra throw bodies of the Syrian army for dogs

The formation PAGE 4 of “Islamic Union of al-Sham’s soldiers” .. The opposition insurgents admit responsibility for the shells on Hermel


Coordination Body attends Geneva with an independent delegation


A Syrian University in each province


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The formation of “Islamic Union of al-Sham’s soldiers” .. The opposition insurgents admit responsibility for the shells on Hermel A military source announced that the Syrian army seized control over Qarah in Damascus. An official source stated that the Syrian army killed a number of insurgents at the surroundings of Dier Sherobin in Sednaya, and targeted headquarters of insurgents of al-Nusra Front in Sahl and Jarajir towns in Qarah, and targeted headquarters of sharia authority in Doma, and killed insurgents of Shabab al-Islam brigade in Hrasta, and killed a sniper in Adra al-Balad in Yelda. Confrontations are ongoing in Asali neighborhood, Tadamoun, Hajar al-Aswad, Sayeda Zeinab, and Barzah in Damascus countryside. Brigades of “al-Habeb al-Mustafa, Amjad al-Islam, al-Sahaba battalions, Shabab al-Huda battalions, and the capital’s shield” announced formation the “Islamic Union of al-Sham’s soldiers” to fight in the country, according to the local coordination committees. Opposition sources stated that insurgents targeted Syrian army forces on the outskirts of Barzah, Jobar and Mlaiha and on Damascus International Airport, and Sayeda Zeinab by mortars, cannons and local rockets. Unofficial media reported that “Raaid Hammadi “ commander of “Bilal al-Habashi battalion” in the mountains of Qalamoun admitted responsibility of rock-

et attacks on “Hermel” as an response to Hezbollah’s participation in al-Qusir battles in Homs, as he said. Moreover mortar shells fell behind Zaid bin al-Khattab school

in the Abbasin Square, and near the Red Crescent Hospital in Baghdad Street, and at “Bahsa”,and “Hamidieh” in Damascus led to the injury of nine civilians.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )301(

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The army controls over al-Dwairnya.. killing brigade commander of al-Tawhied A military source in Aleppo countryside reported that the army controlled over alDwairnya and dismantled explosive devices, and seized on large quantity of weapons and ammunition. While clashes took place at the surroundings of Aleppo central prison, al-Kendi hospital, brigade /80/,and at the villages and neighborhoods of Salah Eddien, al-Zabiedah, al-Mansura, Kafar Daal, Kafar Hamra, Khan al-Asal, Bustan al-Qaser, and Helan. Opposition sources reported that Marea in Aleppo countryside were bombed by barrels. Opposition insurgents targeted a place where the Syrian army were stationed in brigade /80/, Aleppo International Airport, Al-Ammouri checkpoint in Salah Eddien neighborhood, and building of scientific research by cannons and local rockets. They

also thwarted an attempt of the Syrian army to advance in al-Sakhour neighborhood in Aleppo. “Abd al-Qader Saleh”, brigade commander of al-Tawhied, was killed after being transferred to a hospital in Turkey, after a raid by the Syrian army targeted a meeting of the leaders of alTawied brigade in the School of Infantry in Aleppo, which led to the killing of “Yoseph Abbas” a leader of the brigade. As opposition sources reported that the brigade commander had conducted negotiations with “Zahran

Alloush”, the commander of the Army of Islam, “Ahmed Issa”, and brigade commander of Soqour al-Sham, and “Hassan Abboud” leader of Ahrar al-Sham, to establish a unified military faction comprises the four groups with other brigades and battalions. In a related context, a source of al-Tawhied brigade denied appointment of “Mohammed al-Hamadien” a brigade commander of alTawhied after “Abd al-Qader Saleh”. While clashes took place between militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and units to protect the Kurdish people in the surroundings of the villages of Qastal Jendo and Marrien in the countryside of Afrin, in Aleppo countryside. Eight citizens were killed and other were injured due to the fall of mortar shells at al-Bab road in Aleppo countryside.

Al-Nusra throw bodies of the Syrian army for dogs A Saudi “Musa al-Harbi “ a fighter at al-Nusra Front in Aleppo said that to throw the bodies for the dogs is a type of policy pursued by al-Nusra Front to cause fear and terror in the hearts of their enemies. That came after the Foundation “al-Manara al-Baidaa” “ Official Media arm of al-Nusra Front “ published an image of the body of a Syrian soldier in Tal al-Tayarah in Aleppo, while a dog was eating the body. Al-Harbi commented on the picture that the Al-Nusra Front feeds the dogs of Aleppo bodies of Shabeeha not to say that a dog in a Muslim country is hungry.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )301(


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“Revenge of the martyr Abd Al-Qader Saleh” be- “Revenge of the martyr gins in Qunitra Abd Al-Qader Saleh” continues in Idleb

Opposition insurgents targeted headquarters of the Syrian army in Qunitra within the company “Abu Diab” and “Cobra” company, during the battle of “Revenge of the martyr Abd Al-Qader Saleh “, and targeted two tanks type /55/ of the military convoy at al-Raqad bridge. It also targeted a gun /23/ by the “Red Arrow” missile, mortars and anti-aviation. The gunmen demanded the military council and supporters to send ammunition to eliminate on the rest of the Brigade /61/,and to open humanitarian ways to the city of Nawa and al-Gedor, as quoted by local coordination committees.

Arabs gunmen are killed in Lattakia countryside.. The military commander in Daraa is killed In Lattakia countryside, a military source reported killing of “Abu Musaab Ansari” a group commander, while trying to infiltrate from AlQuom village to Kharbat Baz. The army also killed 23 gunmen in villages of Tartyah, Salma, and Zwek. “Ahmad Fahd Nouaama” commander of the military council in Daraa, was killed while heading to Daraa countryside.

The battle “Revenge of the martyr Abd Al-Qader Saleh” continues in Idleb countryside,, where gunmen targeted gatherings of the Syrian army at al-Arbaain mountain in Areha, by mortars and tanks’ shells, they also targeted a car equipped with a machinegun was heading from Mastuma camp to Areha, and an ambulance of the Syrian army on Areha- Mastuma Road, which was transporting wounded from alArbaain mountain. A military

source stated that the army killed gunmen of Al-Nusra Front and “ISIS” including a Saudi, Jordanian, Egyptian, Iraqis, Libyans, Moroccan, Tunisian, and a Turkish. The army also thwarted an attempt to attack a military point at the surroundings of al-Arbaain mountain, in Idleb countryside. It also thwarted an attempt to detonate 11 explosive devices weigh 20-25 K.G on IdlebMastuma Road. 5 gunmen were killed during a clash between groups affiliated to the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham in Saraqeb.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )301(

Coordination Body attends Geneva with an independent delegation

The national coordination body announced in a statement willingness to participate in Geneva conference with an independent delegation, due to the rejection of some opposition parties to form a unified delegation to participate in the conference, and to agree on a negotiated program adopts a political solution.


Syria condemns Beirut bombing Syrian government condemned the bombing that targeted embassy of Iran in Beirut, on Tuesday morning, which resulted in the killing of 23 citizens, and the injury of 146 others.

General Conference of the parties in Damascus

Providing agricultural surplus for The work of the marketing

emergency session of the General Conference of the Arab parties, began yesterday, at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus,to discuss the political status in Syria in light of the war waged by

The Ministry of Agriculture discusses the possibility of providing agricultural surplus, in order to market it to support the agricultural sector. The ministry is working in collaboration with the National Program for Quality in promoting and developing the quality of agricultural produce to meet local needs, and consistent with the international requirements to raise the level of competitiveness of the productive sectors, especially the agricultural sector, and working to provide quality service to the farmers, and producers of agricultural, both plant and animal products.

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the Arab, regional and international forces on Syria, with the participation of a number of parties from Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Bahrain, including the Lebanese party Hezbollah, The Arab Socialist Union Party, the Socialist Baath Party and the popular front for the Liberation of Palestine.

A Syrian University in each province The Ministry of Higher Education announced planning to establish colleges and institutes in various areas of Syria, and to establish a university in each province and to provide it with faculty and administrative cadres, and

to develop the geographical distribution of private universities to include the central and coastal regions.

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