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2013/10/30 -NO. (281)

The battle “Adhklo Aleehim Al-Bab” in western Guta

Massacre in Homs and Kurds battle was ended

PAGE 3 the terrorists leaders

»were killed in Deir al-Zour »Lewa Tuheed handed its weapons



Jarba in Cairo and the opposition demanding exemption Brahimi


Al-assad receives Brahimi

A general amnesty for crimes


The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )281(


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The battle “Adhklo Aleehim Al-Bab” in western Guta

Sources of the opposition side that the alliance of flag which represented by brigades and battalions “Sahabaa” and “Jabhat Nusra” and the Islamic movement “Ahrar Sham” and the battalion “Forsan Al-Sonah” and unification of the capital brigade and a brigade “Ezz” all of them are announced the start of battle “ Adhklo Aleehim Al-Bab” where they attacking violently on the numbers of military unites in 7th brigade in the eastern Guta in Damascus countryside, in addition to control of the part of the regiment 137 and the destruction the most infrastructure and rocket launchers inside it, the sources said also that the militants’ opposition attacked the hill of (Kabusaa) in (Khan Shihk), as Brigade “Muawiyah Ben

Abi Soufyan” and a brigade of “Saeef Al-Demashqi” and a brigade “Usood Gota” in integration within the Army “Malhamah Al-Kubra in Damacuse” and its countryside, at the time, the leader of “Jabhat Tahrer Souria” “Abu Issa Sheikh” said that the consolidation between his faction and “Ahrar Sham” and the “Lewa Touheed” and “Jaeish Al-Islam” will be soon. On the other hand; Syrian army began a lashed out at the headquarters of the gunmen in the towns of (Ghazala) and (Sbenah) near “Sayeda Zeinab” area, and clashes are continuing between the other units of the army and the militant’s opposition in (Barzeh), (Qaboun), (Jobar), (Orbin), (Duma) and Farms (Seaaria) and the Yarmouk refu-

gee camp and which killed during these clashes a gunman “Abdel-Fattah Safsaf”, “Diab Kilani” and “Ramez Abdel Rahman,” In Darya killed by the army “Ahmad Kamoon” and injured “Abu Teseer Zeada” a leader of a military cancel in (Darya) near “Abdul Rahman” Mosque, and the sources of official media said that about five hundred citizens were able to leave (Moadamyh) by the supporting of the Syrian Red Crescent. To that six civilians were wounded, including children, after the fall of mortar shells at the (Homsi), (Rawda) and (Nahda) neighborhoods and in Jaramana and caused a material damage in the place. N.b: The battle “Adhklo Aleehim Al-Bab” is a term from Holy Koran.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )281(


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Battles in the Nobil and Zahra, and reporter of Arabya Tv was killed in Aleppo

In the countryside of Aleppo a battles between army units and the militants’ opposition are done around the towns of (Nobil and Zahra) in (Khan Asaal) , (Haritan), (Kafr El- Hamra) and (Mansoura), while military source said the army killed

eighteen gunman in the vicinity of a prison Aleppo central among them, “Mazen Asoad”, “Jihad Kurd” , “Ahmad Ali “and “Tariq Rahal” the sources spoke to the opposition for the unidentified murder to kill “Mohammed Saeed” a reporter

of Arabyah and Orient Tv and a member of the Syrian Revolution General, while another sources said that the militants of (Daash) are killed, as sources said that the militants opposition stood up to try to provide Syrian army from mills in front of the military airport (Neirab) to the neighborhood of (Karam Kaser), as the gunmen targeted by mortar a forces of the Syrian army that stationed at the airport and the area around the Umayyad Mosque and the (Sabeh Bahrat), and they were able to snipe three members of the army, and violent clashes on the front of the southern and eastern of (Sferaa).

Kurds battle was ended and “Lewa Tuheed” handed its weapons According to an official source in al-Hasakah said that the competent authorities destroyed yesterday a thirty-five harragas manually used by militants in refining the oil stolen and five tankers to transport crude oil, and the two citizens were killed in the city by the explosion of barrels of fuel oil refined by burners handmade, the source added that the army carried out two operations against the headquarters of gunmen on the road to (Abeed- Hasakah) and near the village (Khreta) on the road (Hasakah- Tel Nemer). In the same related protection units of the Kurdish people had announced in a statement that the end of the third and final phase

of a campaign of “loyalty” to the martyrs of soil (Sabyah) and (Jal Aqaa) that dominated through the villages of (Derek), (Safa) , (Yusifiyah) and (Jgneh) addition to the company Dajla oil, while battles continuing between units

of protect the people and militants of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant in (Ras Al Ain) in the countryside (Hasakah), and the “Lewa Tauhed” had handed their weapons after besieged them by Kurdish in rural (Jawadah).

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )281(


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Massacre in Homs, Terrorists Kuwaitis and Egyptians killed in Hama, and an ambush in the countryside of Idlib

In Homs countryside fifteen civilians were killed including a children in the massacre committed by the militants in the village Al-Shouh in Talkalkh. A military source in Hama said that the army forces killed twenty militants most of them from Kuwait and Egypt

during the attempt to assault on an army checkpoint at the entrance to the town of (Mork) in the northern countryside, also the army is targeting a two cars loaded with weapons in (Alarashwna) and (Rasem Kherba) in the (Salamyah) countryside. In Idleb country-

side a military source said the army was killed in an ambush fully armed group members on (Kvrroma), and foiled the attempt to blow up an explosive device on the road (Almsthomh-Areha) and faced an infiltration of militants to (Abu Aldhor) Airport.

The terrorists leaders were killed in Deir al-Zour A leader of battalion commander Omar ibn al-Khattab “Abdul Salam Tabash” was killed in Street (Hassan Taha) in Deir al-Zour without knowing any details of his death, also was killed the founder and commander of the brigade (Alfathoon of the land of Sham) and Amir

“Jabha Nusra) in the neighborhood (Rashedayh), while militants of (Daash) and “Jabhat Nusra”and the army free were burned the houses’ citizen that belonging to clan (Busraya) in village (Achammaitih) after they kidnapping on yesterday Sheikh of clan “Muhanna Faisal Fayad”.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )281(

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An explosion at Israeli Observatory A media sources has talked about an explosion in the Israeli Observatory on Mount Shihk and it is make high cloud of smoke over the mountain without knowing the reasons of the explosion.

Al-assad receives Brahimi President Bashar al-Assad consider during his meeting with UN Secretary General’s Special Representative “Lakhdar Brahimi” on Wednesday affirmed that the Syrian people are the only side entitled to draw Syria’s future and that any solution or agreement in this regard must have the approval of the Syrians and reflect their desires away from any foreign interference. And “walid al-Moallem” the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants met yesterday afternoon

“Lakhdar Brahimi”, the Special Representative of the SecretaryGeneral of the United Nations, and he arrested on that Syria will be participate in this conference because it is the right of the Syri-

an people to determine their own political future and choose their leadership and reject any foreign intervention and the dialogue in Geneva will between the Syrians and will be led by Syria only.

Jarba in Cairo and the opposition demanding exemption Brahimi An official source in the Syrian opposition has revealed that coalition chairman “Ahmad Jarba” will participate in the meetings of Arab foreign ministers at the Arab League and will call for obtaining the opposition on the cover of Arab support for the opposition to participate in the “Geneva 2”, the source said: The Arab foreign ministers will discuss it next Sunday after the Arab and UN envoy “Lakhdar Brahimi” ended his tour of the political parties that involved

in the Syrian crisis. In the other hand; the National Council opposition called exemption “Lakhdar Brahimi” from his mission after his insistence on engaging Iran in the “Geneva 2” during his visit to Tehran, in the

recommendation made by the Council of the coalition, which will meet with the foreign ministers of the Arabs in Cairo, while considered a member of the coalition “Kamal al-Labwani” that the exemption “Brahimi” from his office is necessary because it is part of the repressive regime, describing non-neutral because he did not visit the (Yalda) and (Moadamyha) that its people are die of starvation, and he does not visit Gota which hit by chemical weapons.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )281(

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Syria rejects the global economic siege

Syria renewed its rejection of coercive measures imposed by the U.S. and European Union countries on the Syrian people because it represents a flagrant

violation of the principles of international law and a tool for dominance of the western countries and peoples, stressing in a speech by Dr. Bashar Jaafari

the delegate Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations on the necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba.

A general amnesty for crimes President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday issued legislative decree No. 70 for 2013, granting a general amnesty for crimes committed before October 29th,2013. Also presidential decree on Tuesday removed Dr.”Kadri Jamil” from his post as Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs.

Extension of the progress of the trade-offs parallel education The Ministry of Higher Education has announced to extend the acceptance of requests for progress tradeoffs parallel education and non-resident Syrians, Arabs and foreigners for the 2013-2014 school year until the end of the official working hours on next Thursday.

No281 newslettr daily e 30 10 2013  
No281 newslettr daily e 30 10 2013