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2013/10/21 -NO. (272)

Geneva 2 conference is in November General Command refutes Hamas’s accusations


Jordanian Salafi party in Syria


Overcoming obstacles for the economic projects


The Chemical Mission Pursuing armed groups in visits new sites Damascus countryside


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37 people are killed in a suicide bombing in Hama A suicide bomber blew himself up by a truck bomb loaded with 1,5 ton of explosives at the eastern entrance of Hama towards Al-Salamya, resulted in killing 37 civilians including two children and

Mortar shells in Jaramana

Six mortar shells landed on Jaramana’s neighborhoods yesterday, resulted in the injury of 12 civilians and material damages.

Pursuing armed groups in Damascus countryside

Units of the Syrian army destroyed gatherings of insurgents in the neighborhoods “AlQaboun, Zamalka and Doma” and in many

villages and farms in Damascus countryside resulted in confiscating weapons and ammunition, and elimination on armed groups. Fierce clashes broke out between units of the Syrian army and armed groups in Al-Mleha and the Eastern Ghouta and in Al-Qasmya town resulted in killing many insurgents. Units of the Syrian army controlled on the area near Asia factory and on the surrounding farms. Meanwhile opposition sources noted that fierce clashes broke out between the SYRIAN ARMY AND THE Free army in “Maaddamyat Al-Sham” and near AlNour cheakpoint in Al-Mleha. The Free army thwarted an attempt by the forces of the Syrian army t braek in Al-Tayba town in the western countryside of Damascus, inflicted them many injuries.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )272(

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Many casualties in Aleppo countryside The Syrian army targeted armed groups attempted to attack again Aleppo central prison, and destroyed gatherings of insurgents in Al-Sfera, Al-Maasranya and in north of Al-Nayrab, destroyed rocket launchers and mortar cannons in Tal dana, Jdieda, Rasem Al-Abboud and Kwiris. Unofficial sources noted that Daash expelled a group affiliated to “Ahrar Syria brigade” out of Al-Marja neighborhood. Opposition sources reported that the free army targeted by mortar shells gatherings of the Syrian army in Salah Addien neighborhood in Aleppo.

Thwarting an attempt to detonate a car bomb in Homs An official source said that the competent authorities dismantled five explosive devices with different weights were loaded in a car near the State Company for Phosphate in Homs. while units of the Syrian army targeted gather-

ings of insurgents in many villages, and destroyed a car equipped with a machine gun and loaded with weapons and ammunition in the village of America, and killed three insurgents in the surroundings of water purification plant in

Al-Mesherfa. Syrian army units also thwarted attempts by armed groups to attack some military places in the villages of Qmira in the countryside of Talkalkh and AlNajma in the countryside of Al-Rastan .

Thwarting infiltration attempts in Idleb countryside Units of the Syrian army destroyed gatherings of insurgents in many villages in Idleb countryside, and in the south of “Abi AlThohour” Airport and in “Marayan” village in Areha, killed many of them. Army forces also thwarted an attempt of an armed group to infiltrate into “Al-Zaalana” village and killed most of them. Another unit of the Syrian army clashed with insurgents attempted to infiltrate from “Maarat Al-Nouaman” to “Al-Hamedya” village, killed most of them. Army forces also destroyed gatherings of the armed groups in many villages and towns on Idleb-Slieken road. They also destroyed a car equipped with a heavy machinegun in Maarat Al-Nouaman, killed the insurgents who were inside.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )272(

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Many insurgents are killed in Daraa

In Daraa, the Syrian army targeted many insurgents and destroyed their cars and weapons in the north of Tafas. Many insurgent were killed or injured during a clash among two armed

groups, one of them is affiliated to Al-Nusra front. Units of the Syrian army confiscated Lau rockets and Israeli communication devices in Daraa countryside.While media sources reported the

killing of Yasser Aboud, the commander of the operations room of the Free army by warplanes bombing was carried out by the Syrian army on one of the sites in Tafas in Daraa countryside.

Targeting insurgents in Al-Qunietra In Al- Qunietra, a military source said that units of the Syrian army killed 10 insurgents in Al-Samdanya Al-Sharkiea village and confiscated their weapons ammunition and equipment . Another unit thwarted an attempt of an armed group to attack a military point in “Jaba�, and killed its members. While opposition sources said that the Free army was able to control on a checkpoint of the Syrian army in the village of Al-Hier-

an. It also targeted the observatory of the second brigade near Hieran, and managed to kill seven soldiers who were

there, the Free army was able also to damage a tank in the leadership of battalion 23, Brigade 61.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )272(

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Geneva 2 conference in November

UN envoy to Syria , Lakhdar Brahimi, said in a joint press conference with the Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi

that “there is an international agreement to try to hold an international conference on Syria in Geneva during next November�. Brahimi noted that he will visit a number of countries in the region including Qatar and Turkey to know their views and position on this conference, and what contributions they want to carry out in order to end the crisis in Syria. Then he will come back to Geneva to meet Russian and American officials and official of the five permanent members of the Security Council then to announce a deadline for the conference.

Accusations that the General Command bombed Al- Yarmouk refugee camp are false and misleading Hossam Arafat, an official of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command in the Palestinian territories, described the statements made by Dr. Moussa Abu Marzouk, an official in Hamas movement, in which he accused the Popular Front for the Liberation of PalestineGeneral Command and the Secretary General, Ahmed Jibril and his son Khaled Jibril, that they besiege Al-Yarmouk refugee camp and bombed it, as false and misleading accusations. Arafat added that

these statements come in the context of the conspiracy targets Syria, which Hamas movement plays a functional role by adopting and supporting the armed groups, who are fighting the regime and the

Syrian army. it also comes in the context of the continuous attempts to distort the front and its positions, and to cover up the role played by Hamas in Al-Yarmouk refugee camp specifically.

They meet in London to unite their followers

The countries which claim friendship to Syria and have supported terrorist groups which

led by France, Britain and the United States, meet on Tuesday in London in a new attempt to unite their followers, the Syrian opposition, before the Geneva2 Conference on Syria after it had become clear to these countries that there is no solution to the crisis in Syria except the political solution.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )272(

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Members of the “Salafi Jihadi party in Jordan” are fighting in Syria “Salafi Jihaid party in Jordan” admitted that the number of its Jordanian members who are fighting alongside the armed groups in Syria is about thousand members. “UPI” quoted Muhammad Al-Shalabi, a leader at the party, as saying “The number of Jordanians who are fighting in Syria is about thousand members” noting that they are fighting alongside the groups and brigades which are affiliated to Al-Qaeda, some of them are called “brigades of Al-Nusra front”, “the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” and “Ahrar Al-Sham”.

Erdogan’s government is in a political dilemma

France Press agency quoted a western diplomat as saying that Turks have supported some terrorist groups in Syria and bet on the fast fall

of the Syrian State, but they know now that those, whom they have armed, might cause them many problems. The Turkish government of Jus-

tice and Development party is now in a political and security dilemma as a result of its support of the armed groups in Syria.

Overcoming obstacles for the economic projects in Syria

Commission to follow-up and develop Syrian-Iranian business began work in the Iranian

capital Tehran, headed by Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Taysier Al-Zouabi and Nour Salhi Deputy Minister of Roads and Housing of Iran with the presence of members of the two delegations. Both sides discussed ways to strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries, and practical mechanisms for the use of the line of credit facilities of one billion dollars, to finance necessary projects and supplies to meet the needs of the Syrian market.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )272(


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A Training course for the advanced courses of Nursery school According to the framework of the ministry of education for developing the educational curricula and the skills of its staff, a training course about the advanced nursery school curricula started in the regional center for developing the early children and it will continue till the 24th of the current month.

A Syrian Film in the UNISCO competition for Heritage

The short Syrian Film “The Journey of the Syrian Skill in the UNISCO competition for Heritage, the universal UNISCO organization made the competition for

the nomination of the international cultural sites for the year2013, and this at the end of the year. The film highlights the old Syrian culture in our country and our sen-

timents through a simple transparent tale during 24 hours and this depends on the aesthetic visual image which summarizes lot of the words.

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No272 newslettr daily e 21 10 2013