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2013/10/19 -NO. (270)

Killing a Briton and Arabs in the countryside of Idleb Government provides the Petroleum Products


ISIS” dominates on al-« Salam Passageway



The Chemical Mission The Chemical Mission visits new sites visits new sites

1122 versions of book for Students

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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )270(


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Mortars in Damascus Three citizens were killed and three others were injured because of three mortar shells in the square of Bab-Toma in Damascus.A mortar shell was fired on the hospital of Jaramana in the countryside of Damascus without causalities.Another mortar shell was fired in the Public Street near to al-Audi Bank caus- armed groups in al-Qaboun, ing material damages.The Zamalka and Harasta and Syrian Army clashed with killed many of them, where-

as the sources of opposition talked about confrontations happened between the Free Army and the Syrian Army surrounding the department of Air Defense in al-Miliha and Zamalka, also the sources indicated that a booby – Trapped car affiliated to the Free Army blow up at a military checkpoint of Tamiko Building in al-Miliha and the Free Army dominated on it.

RPG in Homs Two citizens were wounded because of falling missile shells near Albeer hospital in Alwaeer district in Homs, besides targeting the nitrogen fertilizers plant with RPGs in Kattena region in the countryside of Homs.

While the Syrian Arab army faced gunmen attacked the people of Alsekhnaa in Palmyra rural, and it killed members of an armed group tried to infiltrate from Lebanon and it destructed boats were used by gunmen in Al-

Continuation of confrontations in Aleppo

The sources of opposition mentioned that the free Army could blow up a building in which the forces of Regime gathered in the neighborhood of Suleiman.The Free Army targeted by mortars, rockets and homemade guns the battalion of Air Defense near to Khanasser and the headquarters of Syrian Army in al-Sakhour and Khalidia Neighborhoods.

Confrontations happen between the Free Army and Islamic battalions against the forces of regime in the mountain of Maarat al-Arteeq in the countryside of Aleppo.The channel of alMayadeen mentioned that “ISIS” announced its domination on the passageway of al-Salam which has borders with Turkey, while Turkey asked Syria to help to eliminate on “ISIS”.Media sources announced the killing of 13 members of “ISIS” in confrontations against the units of Kurdish People Protection in Evreen.

rastan lake from Kiseen village, while the army arrested other gunmen in AlGhoutah district in Homs. Also, the army eliminated gunmen in Kafarlaha,Kesseen ,Alholah and Aldar Alkaberra in the countryside of Homs.

Continuing the operations in Daraa In Daraa and its countryside, many gunmen were killed; including the “Saudi Nwaf Taleeb Alhoiji” and the Jordanian “Rashed Fawaz Bashabshh” during targeting the gatherings and the hideouts of gunmen by the Syrian Arab army in Alhegra old center, Nawa, Tafess,Busra Al-Sham and Alzarawra,and it eliminated an armed gang in Waeer Allujat ,after its trying to cut the way of Swidaa -Damascus near Barak village.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )270(


Attack on military posts in Hama In the countryside of Hama, units of Syrian Army clashed with armed groups which tried to attack on military posts in Mihardah Region, causing the killing of many gunmen and seizure of weapons and ammunition for them.The sources of opposition said that the Free Army could dominate on three buildings of the checkpoint of Al-Jadidda Town in

the countryside and dominated on the checkpoint of alJesser and targeted the forces of Regime in the village of Rasam al-Aaly.

In Alraqqa

The sources of opposition announced killing the Staff Brigadier “Sameer Yusef”, who is the head of the military security detachment in Riqqa. Also, fierce clashes happened between the “Free Army” and the regime forces that are in the 17th battalion at the north of Riqqa.

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Government provides the Petroleum Products …….Diesel is available The Minister of Oil stressed that the rate of distribution of Diesel reached 30% to 40% in some provinces; the ministry does its best to provide the diesel to meet the needs of citizens in all provinces. The Minister of Oil stressed the government still support all the Petroleum Products, clarifying that in spite of the increasing of the price of Diesel recently, the government still supports it by 50 SYP for each Liter now.

Killing a Briton and Arabs in the countryside of Idleb

The killing of the Kuwaiti gunman “Mohamed Alrashed’, the Iraqi “Ali AlAli” and anonymous Briton gunman, during destroying

two cars by the army in Alhamediah region and Wadi Aldeef near Marat Alnouman in the countryside of Idleb .In addition to that, the army eliminated many gunmen in the towns and villages of Alkastan and Sarakeb, and it thwarted attempts of gunmen tried to sneak to the bricks factory in the countryside of Idleb.

Checkpoints of al-Nusra in Deir Ezzor Fierce confrontations occurred between the Syrian Army and the front of Al-Nusra in the two regions of al-Sikhna and al-Taiba in Deir Ezzor, causing the destroying of three checkpoints of Jabhat al-Nusra by the army, arresting of 23 members of “al-Nusra” and killing of dozens of gunmen from Jordan and Libya.

1122 versions of book for free for the thirdSecondary The manager of Education in Idleb stressed that the directorate starts to give 1122 books for free for the students of Third-Secondary Education and that according to the plan of the Ministry to give 14000 books for free in all provinces with the cooperation of UNICEF.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )270(

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The international Mission visit new Locations The experts of the international Mission for chemical weapons in Syria visited new locations and they dismantled amounts of chemical weapons and got rid of equipment that were used for manufacturing it, as stipulated by the Chemical Weapons Convention which Syria has joined. The head of the (OPCW) Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons “Ahmed Ozotsho” praised the Syrian cooperation with the mission. So far, the team has inspected over

half of the 20 sites in Syria. While his special adviser “Malik Alahi” explained the organization confidence of its ability to adhere to the deadline for getting rid of these weapons before the end of the next June.

Al-Jaafari: Inhuman phenomenon came to us be- Sabra refuses the Parcause of the Takfiri People ticipation in “Geneva2”

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari , stressed that Syria is one of the pioneering countries in the Arab and Islamic worlds in ensuring all requirements for enabling women and improving their situation. “The crisis in Syria has exuded odd and inhuman phenomena which contradict with the Syrian people’s values and the international charters,” al-Jaafari said in a speech at the UN Security Council’s session on the “Women, Rule of Law and Transitional Justice” on Friday.”One of the dangerous fatwa against women in Syria was the “jihad by marriage” which was issued by some idiots who were supported, financed and backed by some gulf countries, mainly Qatar and the Saudi Arabia,” Al-Jaafari said.

The former chairman of the Syrian national council George Sabra announced that the council rejected the participation in the conference of the “Geneva2” due to the current situation on the Syrian land. He referred that the precondition to participate in “Geneva2” is the resignation of the president Al-Assad and the people of his regime. Sabra said that we will not participate in any conference cannot stop killing the Syrian people and does not save the sovereignty and the unity of Syria. And we cannot participate while a part of our lands is occupied by the terrorist party “Hezb Alah” and some Iraqi Militias.

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