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Mortar shells at Damascus... And progress of the Syrian army in East Gota

Two mortar shells fired by gunmen fell in front of Dar Salaam School in Nejmeh Square in Damascus, killing a girl and wounding 11 others, in addition to the material damages in shops and a number of cars.Official military source confirmed that Syrian army has full control on the town of Tlfita and the

hills surrounding in the south of Damascus countryside and managed to kill huge number of “Front Victory “militants. Also Army units continued its progress Against insurgent strongholds in Damascus countryside, to that It other army units killed number of militants from “Front victory” and destroyed a ware-

house of weapons and ammunition and a number of cars belonging to them in Saqui farms in Nabek in Damascus countryside, while opposition sources spoke that the Free Army was able to “liberate” a number of buildings that the Syrian Army forces stationed in near Dawar Houjaira and killed a number of soldiers.

Large-scale military operations in Aleppo

Units of the Syrian army return the security and stability to the village of Abu Green southeast Saferra in Aleppo countryside after spending the last gatherings of the gunmen, also managed to destroy two armored vehicles and other vehicle was confiscated , While the number of dead were / 47 / gunman, opposition sources about targeting the Free Army troops in Hanano barracks in Aleppo by mortar and the occurrence of violent clashes in the neighborhoods of Salah

al-Din and Rashdeen, Ezaaa and in the village of Abu Green, located on the road of defense factories in Saferra area in the south of Aleppo countryside.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )263(

“Front victory” in Latakia Units of Syrian Army managed to target gathering for “Front Victory” militants in Alfrlak’s forests in Latakia countryside, killed huge number of them, injured others and destroyed a car that was loaded with weapons and ammunitions.

“Front Victory” in Hasakah countryside In Hasakah the Syrian army units ruled on last night on 4 of Front Victory militants and wounded others in Aldshichh village in south Hasakah country side, while other units inflicted injuries to a gathering of militants in Madajen in western province.


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Syrian army controls on Homs

The opposition Syrian Observatory said that “the Syrian army controlled the neighborhood of Jobar in the western city of Homs, after fierce battles with opponents fighters lasted weeks,” the source confirmed that these forces are “progressing in Jobar re-

form operations for buildings, homes and orchards surrounding neighborhood of Soltania.”This, units of the Syrian army has seized a number of vehicles and large quantities of weapons and ammunitions, Israelimade and contacts devises in Jobar area in Homs.

Hijacking a bus and fighting insurgents in Idlib

In Harem, Idlib countryside, dead and injures in the ranks of the so-called “Idlib Martyrs Brigade” and “Harem Martyrs Brigade” after the fighting between them following the outbreak of a dispute over the sharing of stolen goods. This sources have been talked of the kidnapping of a bus car-

rying 45 people, all of whom are women and children in Idlib countryside, were coming to Damascus from the towns of Kefraya and Fawa, it is worthy to mention that the armed groups in the countryside of Idlib apply a blockade on the towns of Kefraya and Fawa so that any citizen cannot leaving town.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )263(

Training militants in Afghanistan

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said we have got the information that there is in several countries, including Afghanistan, some of the land is not under the control of the central authorities in Kabul used to train militants fighting in Syria, as well as training for the use of toxic substances and chemical weapons, and it is possible to use these methods and crimes in Syria’s neighboring countries and not only on the Syrian territory, and therefore it is planned to move the Front Victory toxic substances into Iraqi territory to be used in terrorist operations there. “

Prosecution of the Dagestani participants in Syria


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More manipulators in the Syrian Pounds

The competent authorities in all provinces continued implement the instructions of the Ministry of Interior and in full coordination with the Central Bank of Syria officer to monitor exchange centers and the prosecution of black market traders of foreign currency dealers and speculators.The Criminal Security branch in Damascus arrested ATM Hamdi al-Khatib, one of the biggest manipulators at the exchange rate of the Syrian pound on the black market and foreign exchange smugglers out of Syria and caught red-handed to the detriment of Syrian pounds and the Syrian economy in general.

Syrian citizens pays for sanctions Bishop Isaac Barakat Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Damascus said that “Christians in Syria are not a minority but they are Syrians” and “evil sender to us from abroad affects all Syrians without discrimination between them, and the effects of the sanctions imposed on Syria by Western countries lies on the shoulders of every Syrian citizen.

The head of Russian republic of Dagestan Ramadan Abdel Allatifov that his country presented an initiative to prosecute those involved from Dagestani in terrorist acts in Syria, and “that these people are working in favor of terrorism,” noting that the main threat to Dagestan is “extremism, terrorism, and we must unite against them”.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )263(


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Sit-in in front of the U.S. Embassy in South Africa

Under the name of “alliance against imperialist aggression against Syria”, the Youth Communist Party in South Africa in collaboration with the Syrian community in Pretoria, Johannesburg and members of Arab communities from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen sit-in in front of the U.S. embassy in Pretoria, in condemnation of the threats the United States against Syria, participated in most political organizations, trade unions and civil society organizations.

Damascus honors cleaner workers Syrian team won the men’s football team yesterday on “Nejma” Syrian team wins on the Lebanese “Nejma”

with three goals to two goals within the training camp conducted in Lebanon in preparation for the Singapore team meeting next Tuesday to the expense of the third round of the first group qualifying for the finals of Asia in Australia in “2015.”

Recognition of their efforts in the service of their country and show the civilized face of Damascus and perseverance in work despite the circumstances, the province of Damascus honored 300 workers from the cleaners.

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