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:‫الرئيسي‬ .. ‫الجربا في ريف ادلب‬


‫وسط معارك بين الحر وداعش مجزرة في رتيان‬


1 Jarba in countryside of Edleb

2 Among ISIS and Free army battles, Retian massacre. ‫المعارضة تفقد السيطرة على تل لل ضهرة البقعة‬


3 Syrian Army dominates on Dahrat al-Bakaa hills :‫الفرعي‬ ‫ دون تحديد موعد للجولة القادمة‬2 ‫انتهاء الجولة الثانية من جنيف‬


1 The end of the second round of the Syrian negotiations without determining the appointment of the upcoming round

‫ملتقى لسل م سورية في القاهرة‬ 2 Forum for Syria Peace in Cairo


‫انتهاء الجولة الثانية من المفاوضات السورية دون تحديد موعد للجولة القادمة‬ The end second round of Syrian negotiations without setting a date for next round.

The information department of United Nations in Geneva announced that the second round of negotiations between Syrian government and the opposition has formally ended by February 15. " the round has ended", United Nations source said. UN envoy, Lakhdar Ebrahimi, will hold a conference later to review the situation. The meeting, which gathered both sides in one room, had lasted for 3o minutes. It hasn’t been determined a new round of negotiations, according to Syrian opposition source, clarifying that talking about third round will be after Ebrahimi presents the second round results to Secretary-General of United Nations.

Jarba in countryside of Edleb

Opposition sources talked about Ahmad Jabra's visit to kanfasra town in countryside of Edleb in accompanied by Jamal Maarouf, commander of Syria rebels front, to console family and relatives of Yaser Kazmo, one of the leaders of Ahrar Jabalein that linked to Syria rebels front.

Free army and Islamic front fighters controlled Darkoush city in the countryside after the ousting of ISIS wholly from it.

Among ISIS and Free army battles, Retian massacre. Opposition sources announced that ISIS lost its control on Hraitan, Retian, kafar Hamra, Bashkoy and Sibeen , and withdrew from military Meng airport and Ezaz where there were violent clashes in surroundings with battalions Islamic gunmen ,amid reports of recruitment these battalions of military reinforcements to the region. Unofficial media released photographs and said that those were for a massacre committed by ISIS gunmen and free army against civilians during their battles in Retian , while opposition sources mentioned that ISIS gunmen also committed a massacre in the building of the Institute of electricity in Haritan resulting more than 100 people, including 20 civilians from Kafar Hamra and 15 gunmen of ISIS. Twenty gunmen of ISIS have been killed during clashes with Syrian army in Sheikh Saeed neighborhood of Aleppo, according to opposition resources, and talked about killing of more than 150 soldiers from Syrian army and the destruction of three military planes and two depots for missiles and air defense battalions during battles with al-Nusra and Islamic front.

.. ‫ومعركة "زلزا ل حلب" تبدأ‬ “Aleppo Earthquake” war breaks out Opposition fighters waged “Aleppo Earthquake” war in which they bombed Carlton hotel- where Syrian Army units have rallied – by booby-trapped tunnels were near to the old city hotel, resulting in killing of 5 Syrian soldiers. “Syrian Army foiled fighters advance attempts toward the old city after tunnels blast”, source reports.

‫المعارضة تسيطر على قرية البويضة في ريلف حملاة‬

Bowida village controlled by Opposition Opposition fighters control Bowida village in Hama countryside. “Syrian Army killed fighters in Hama countryside”, a military source reported.

‫المعارضة تفقد السيطرة على تل لل ضهرة البقعة‬ Syrian Army dominates on Dahrat al-Bakaa hills “Syrian Army dominated on Dahrat al-Bakaa near to Yabroud in Damascus countryside “, sources reported. Clashes between Syrian Army and fighters in Doma continued, resulting in killing of 17 gunmen. Al-Raya al-Wahida movement in Eastern Ghouta would threatened to block –Damascus-Quneitra high way if Syrian Army throw exploded barrels against Eastern Ghouta villages.

‫حاشا تقت ل أمير داعش في حمص‬

Ahrar Al-Sham movement kills ISIL emir in Homs Opposition sources mentioned that gunmen of Ahrar AlSham group, which is affiliated to the Islamic Front, killed

“Abu Hamza Alhilawi” the emir of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham in Homs”. Also, twenty four gunmen; including Lebanese killed in Alzara village in Talkalah countryside in Homs. ‫ سيارات مفخخة في درعا‬3

Three Bomb cars in Daraa Three bombed cars exploded in Yarouda village in Daraa, the car which exploded near the village’s mosque caused killing more than 33 civil. Also, the clashes between the Syrian Arab army and the opposition fighters continued near Alboukaa checkpoint in Ezraa in Daraa countryside. Units of the Syrian Arab army thwarted an attempt to infiltrate cross Jordanian borders. ‫انتهاء الجولة الثانية من المفاوضات السورية دون تحديد موعد للجولة القادمة‬ The end of the second round of the Syrian negotiations without determining the appointment of the upcoming round

The informational office of the United Nations in Geneva announced that the final session of the second round of talks of the international conference on Syria, Geneva 2, was held with a joint session between Syria’s official delegation and the coalition delegation in the presence of UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi was held Saturday at the UN HQ in Geneva for thirty minutes. The official delegation said that the final session of the second round of talks of Geneva 2 conference ended without reaching an agreement on the agenda despite that Syria’s official delegation agreed on it. The international and Arab envoy Brahimi will hold a press conference later to explain his view about the situation”. A source of opposition announced that they did not determine the date of the new round of negotiations and talking about the date of the third round will be after presenting the second round consequences to the General-Secretary of the United Nations by Brahimi.

Amos..11 items for humanitarian situation in Syria.

Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, demanded implementation of 11 items to achieve a progress on humanitarian level in Syria, and asked Security Council to issue an argent resolution to limit unacceptable violations were committed by conflict parties in Syria, the items assert on an immediate cease-fire for accessing aids to civilians, and to agree on sending humanitarian convoys and medicines to damaged areas, as well as the importance of letting schools and hospitals away from battles and to be demilitarized zones , in addition to the consensus between parties to launch a campaign for vaccinating children in all areas. The items also presented the opening of al-Yaarobea border crossing with Iraq , for workers can enter and aids access. Syrian government shouldn’t have restrictive conditions in order to facilitate the work of non-governmental organizations and the Red Crescent.

‫ مفاوضات جنيف ل م تفش ل‬.. ‫شيرمان‬ Sherman……. Genève negotiations not failed US Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Wendy Sherman declared that Genève negotiations have not failed yet, stressing that Russia has agreed to implement Geneve1 items, including transitional government formation with full authorities, where two parties will participate in it.

‫ملتقى لسل م سورية في القاهرة‬ Forum for Syria Peace in Cairo Joint Command of Free Army called United Nations and Arab League to hold a forum for Syria peace in Cairo sponsored by Egypt and only active parties will participate.

News letter 15 2 2014  
News letter 15 2 2014