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2014/4/5 -NO. (438)

Al-Zawahiri laments Alsouri …calling to legitimate arbitration Opposition…we do not commit a massacre against Armenians

PAGE 3 A military opera-

tion of opposition in Shabaa…all the eyes on Alsarka


Yarmouk Brigade increases its Jihadist work

ISIL Crowds to storm Aleppo PAGE 2


Opposition controls Babolyeen Town

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )438(

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Al-Zawahiri laments Alsouri …calling to legitimate arbitration The leader of al-Qaeda organization Ayman al-Zawahiri considers the conflict between the Jihadist factions in Levant as a blind strife, so that all the Muslims should face it and refuse the involving in shedding the blood of Almojahedeen “fighters” .They should stop sending bombed cars to bomb the strongholds of Jihadists.In a record in order to lament the leader of the Islamic movement “Ahrar al-Sham” “Abi Khalid Alsouri”, Al-Zawahiri renewed his calling for a legitimate arbitration to

stop the battles between the Jihadists.Al-Zawhiri described the killer of Abo Khalid as a mislead person, asserting that the destiny of the Islamic State of Iraq and

Levant after the killing of Abo Khalid Al-Souri will be the decline and the vanishing ,adding that ever one killed a Syrian person, he will be absolutely known.

Opposition…we do not commit a massacre against Armenians Syrian National council denied the occurrence of any massacre against the Armenians in Kasab in Latakia countryside, considering the news about committing the opposition fighters of this massacre as false allegations aim to defame the historical relationship between the Syr-

ian nation and the Armenians.The council said that all the Syrian and Interna-

tional political, informational and military authorities asserted that no citizen of the Syrian Armenians was injured and all their churches and cultural establishments are not damaged, but the evacuation of citizens was due to the military confrontations with the Syrian Arab Army.

ISIL Crowds to storm Aleppo

ISIL fighters crowded their forces as a preparation to launch an attack on Aleppo Northern countryside. More than 500 fighters gathered in Alsheik Keiv village and Tal Gigan for a military operation in Aleppo countryside, according to the opposition sources.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )438(


Page NO .3

A military operation of opposition in Shabaa… Al-Nusra targets the all the eyes on Alsarka observatory “45” Many factions in the eastern Ghouta started a military operation in Shabaa region near the orchards of Al-Maliha town, while the opposition sources, in a video record, denied the Syrian Arab Army dominance on Al-Maliha and its main square in Damascus countryside. It talked also about clashes between the Syrian Arab Army and opposition gunmen in the region coincided with fierce bombing led to killing the leader of Fagar Al-Islam “Abo Fahad Bakria” .At the same context, clashes took place in the surroundings of legion “81” ,consequently 160 soldiers from this legion had been killed ,while its commander was

captivated.Opposition fighters infiltrated to Syrian Arab Army-affiliate military checkpoints and dominated the yeast factory and sieged many Syrian Arab Army- buildings.Syrian Arab Army continued bombing of Jobar,Adraa ,Douma and Jaseeren in the eastern Ghouta, as Alsarka town is targeted by Syrian Arab Army after securing Falita, Raas al-Maraa and Raas Al-Ein.

Yarmouk Brigade increases its Jihadist work

Yarmouk martyrs brigade talked in a record about expanding its Jihadist work frame through storming Da-

raa city to liberate it from Syrian Army and this step could be considered as a launching of liberating Daraa battle.

In Latakia countryside, clashes between the opposition fighters and Syrian Arab Army continued within Alanfaal battle, the battles were concentrated in the surroundings of the observatory “45”, after a suicidal operation committed by Jabhat Al-Nusra fighters, targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s locations.Opposition gunmen thwarted the attempts of Syrian Arab Army to storm the axis of Tshalma Mountain.On the other hand, the artillery of the Syrian Arab Army targeted Kastal Mouaaf, Kasab town surroundings and the range of the observatory “45”.The leadership of the Turkish army Staff explained in a statement that its artillery bombed Syrian territories after shooting fires by the Syrian side, where six missiles landed at Hatai province.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )438(

Opposition controls Babolyeen Town


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Jabhat al-Nusra…Aljaboor clan’s blood is permissible Jabhat al-Nusra issued a statement to say indirectly that Aljaboor clan’s blood is permissible because they issued a statement supporting the gunmen of “ISISL”. It should be noted that the clan consists of 100000 people nearly.

Opposition gunmen took over Babolyeen town and Alslihia village in Idlib countryside, killing eighteen soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army during fierce clashes .Other clashes took place in Mourk and Maraat Al-Nouman .

A Battle to Liberate Alshilot and Aljadida checkpoints Many fighting battalions announced the starting the battle for liberating Alshilot and Aljadida checkpoints in Hama western countryside, the battle includes the Islamic state,Alaksa soldiers and Alhak “Right” front.

Daily newsletter no438 e 5 4 2014  
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