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2014/3/24 -NO. (426)

Hilal al-Assad killed! Justice Palace blown up


Sin Airport’s security officer captured


Idelb launches “Green Syria”

FSA dominates on Kasab!


Ahmad Tamaa meets US envoy


The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )426(


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FSA dominates on Kasab! “FSA controlled on Kasab’s border crossing “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights` Rami Abdul Rahman claimed. Fighters violently attacked Police Command Centre of Baghdad Street and “Ugarit” Square by Grad missiles; when most of Latakia streets and markets have been closed, media sources stressed. On the other hand, two rocket-propelled grenades hit Sheikh

Dahir Square surroundings at Hanano Market entrance

and 8 March Street, killing 8 civilians.

Hilal al-Assad killed!

Latakia National Defense Force Head -Hilal al-Assad has been killed along with seven of his fighters during clashes between Islam-

ic Battalions and al-Nusra Front in the border town of Kasab, media sources stressed. On contrast, opposition sources claimed

that Hilal al-Assad has been killed along with some leaders at the vicinity of 8March Square which was attacked by opposition fighters.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )426(


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Turkey shots down Syria warplane Mortars hit Damascus, Turkish armed forces have space, then from now on, our Homs, Daraa

3 civilians were killed and 3 others injured in the wake of mortars attack on al-Kiswa and al-Kabas neighborhoods in Damascus, as well as 3 mortar shells hit Damascus Ministry of Higher Education surroundings; killed a female student, injuring 25 female and male ones. In Homs, a mortar shell was fired on Karam al-Shamy neighborhood, left a girl dead and 3 civilians injured, in addition to rocket-propelled grenades attack on al-Hamraa and al-Khudar neighborhoods, killing 3 civilians. A citizen was killed and others injured by mortar shells against southern neighborhood of Bosra city.

dropped Syria military jet; the incident took place in the northern border region near an area where Syrian Army and opposition are fighting for control of Kasab’s border crossing, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed. “If you violate my air-

slap will be hard,” Turkish Prime Minister RecepTayyipErdoğan said. On the other hand, Syria government described the act as “blatant aggression “. “The pilot ejected and was rescued “, Syria state TV quoted a military source as saying.

FSA controls on Qsad checkpoint

Sin Airport’s security officer captured FSA dominates on Swamea alGhilal and Qsad military checkpoints at Daraa eastern, where Syrian Army forces flock. “It had become easy to control on besieged Air Force Intelligence HQ”, FSA source claimed.

FSA arrests colonel-Muhammad Jmeaa, colonel pilot-Hussam al-Din al-Khaja and security officer of Sin Military Airport during their way on opposition-led Abu al-Shamaat, passing through Dmir Military Airport, an opposition source claimed.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )426(


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Opposition not control on Aleppo Police Command FSA tightens grip on some posts near Aleppo Citadel especially Justice Palace surroundings, according to activists, On the other hand, media sources stressed that FSA does not control on “Police Command”, but they be-

came very close. Military Security emptied al-Shohadaa neighborhood from cars and cut all supply roads to al-Wihda school, setting up a military checkpoint, according to Aleppo Top News correspondent.

“Tawhid Jihad Brigade formed!

Raqqa Islamic Service Authority formed Several battalions joined together and formed “Tawhid and Jihad Brigade at Artoz Damascus countryside” . ISIL Hasakah Emir –Abu Osama al-Iraqi was killed by fighters, ISIL declared.

Idelb launches “ Syria in Green “ ISIL has established “Raqqa Islamic Service Authority” in order to manage Muslims’ affairs at the city, acting as a civil foundation to carry out municipality duties such services related to water, electricity and maintenance, ISIL claimed.

Claims to probe Syria`s genocides

Syrian Idleb people at Kvrenbl city launch a project entitled “ Syria in Green “ to support liberated regions by backing projects of food, health and

education in coordination with City Local Council to manage their regions by themselves . It well mentions that Saraqeb will be the next one.

Syria Organization for Human Rights called “Syria’s friends” to form a penal court related to “criminals of Syria genocides” responding to a decision taken by General Assembly of Arab Summit to be held soon in order to take serious measures to stop genocides inn Syria.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )426(

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Ahmad Tamaa meets US envoy Syria Interim Opposition Government Head - Ahmed Tamaa met Sunday with Special Envoy to Syria Rubinstein and some of opposition minister at government headquarter in Gaziantep. Both sides discussed government’s future mechanisms and work plans to rebuild organizations of liberated areas.

Aleppo Court Body expands!

“Aleppo Court Body “changes its name with the presence of Hama, Latakia, Idleb and Damascus

countryside bodies’ representatives to join into the new body , intending to form a larger one,

considering it as a small government to include all Syria liberated areas, opposition claimed.

Daily newsletter no426 e 24 3 2014