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2014/3/10 -NO. (412)

Rockets at Latakia Syria opposition at Arab League

Yarmouk between al-Nusra and ISIL

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ISIL leader threatens America and Israel


Maaloula nuns.. al-Nusra good with us


The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )412(

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Yarmouk between al-Nusra and ISIL Heavy clashes in Yarmouk Refugee Camp between Palestinian factions and opposition fighters have erupted again, as well as food aids intromission stopped , sources stressed. The sources added that al-Nusra assassinated some of Palestinian factions’ members and arrested many persons , whereas “ISIL” stormed the camp ,arrested about 30 persons and executed 21 others.

Poisonous gases in Jobar

Five civilians in Jobar were suffocated by poisonous gases that used by Syrian Army, activists claimed.

Rockets at Latakia 6 rockets were launched at some of Latakia neighborhoods , injuring 16 civilians . It worth mentioning that the attack coincided with chemical weapons transmission, “chemical weapons are safe”, source stressed .

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )412(

Prisoner-exchange between opposition including father Paulo Adjutant General of “ArRaqqah revolutionaries brigade” declared that they will launch prisoners-exchange with ISIL ,provided that the last should release all civilian and military kidnapped persons and hand over corpses to their families if they found. Father “Paulo “ is one of the kidnapped ,source stressed.

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Rima orchards recaptured Opposition fighters failed to reclaim “Rima orchards” and retreated to their original headquarters at orchards. In another context, “Truth Sword Brigade” joined Syria revolutionaries front at al-Zawia mountain.

ISIL Emir killed “ISIL” announced that its military Emir “Abu Makrama al-Ansary” was killed, in addition to his assistant “Abo Wahib” in Syria

Aleppo massive grave

Syrian Observatory illegal Revolutionary Command Council of Damascus and its countryside stressed that Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is illegal foundation and has worked for Syria government interest , asking “ Syria revolution forces” to delegitimize it.

Civil Defense Members revealed a massive grave committed by ISIL in Aleppo countryside, sources stressed.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )412(

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Female students forbidden from learning “ISIL” stormed scientific institutions and dismissed female students, that after” ISIL” ordered managers not to teach female students.

Syria opposition at Arab League

Coalition condemns Zara massacre Opponent coalition condemned Zara massacre which took place in Homs countryside and charged Syrian Army and Hezbollah with, blaming international community .

Arab League supplemented procedure to hand over Syria opposition , Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi stressed. On the other hand, Syrian Opposition Coalition Leader-Ahmad Jarba called Arab

Foreign Ministries to suppress the so called “Bashar al-Assad aggression against Syrians” , demanding to list Hezbollah, “ Abu Fadal alAbbas brigade “ and “ISIL” on terrorism organizations.

FSA fragmented Interim government ‘s Defense Minister-Asaad Mustafa admitted that some of opposition fighters take advantage of “revolution”, the reason which pursued

some leaderships to abandon it. He said that Command Staffs reached “ Zero stage” at fields, justifying chief-of-staff, Salim Idris replacing.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )412(

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Supreme Council of Local Administration Supreme Council of Local administration have formed in Turkish Gaziantep. The council announced for establishment between National Coalition, interim government

and Syrians and putting basic ground of civil leadership instead of military leadership, whereas Local Administration Ministry of Ahmad Taama opposed the council formation.

ISIL leader threatens America and Israel

“ISIL” leader threatened United States and Israel by suicidal persons and direct confrontations.

Maaloula nuns ….. al-Nusra good with us Maaloula nuns were released according to prisoners-exchange, where Syria State deal to release more

than 150 prisoners. Mother superion-Pelagia Sayaf said that al-Nusra fighters treated them very well.

Daily newsletter no412 e 10 3 2014  
Daily newsletter no412 e 10 3 2014