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2014/2/25 -NO. (399)

Security belt at southern Syria “ISIL” whips female students

Deir Ezzor Military Security Department blasted

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Ghalioun ….. time for missiles


coalition …… will not move to Cairo


The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )399(


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Deir Ezzor Military Levant people’s joint operation room Security Department Al-Mujahideen Army, Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic Front blasted formed “ joint operation room for Levant people” in order to consolidate all fighters to ward off Syrian army attacks in Aleppo and its countryside, calling all battalions and brigades for General Alarm .

A blast took place in Deir Ezzor at Military Security Department , claiming several Syrian Army soldiers` lives, according to opposition.On the other hand, Syrian Army killed fighters in many areas including Saudis, military source stressed.In Hasaka, deadly clashes continued between “ISIL” fighters and alNusra ones.

Ancient Aleppo front under opposition control Islamic Dawn Sham movement killed more than 50 soldiers of Syrian Army, dominated on Ancient Aleppo front and Aziza one, it also took over several posts at alNairab Airport front with the participation of al-Nusra, opposition sources stressed On

the other hand, “Syrian Army bombed Sheikh Khader neighborhood and industrial city”, according to opposition .Meanwhile many fierce confrontations took place in Aleppo countryside between “ISIL” and “the Islamic front” in Achteran town.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )399(

Explosive devices Hama…..


Syrian Army defused 75 explosive devices in Hama countryside at Hama-Mork road and killed fighters in Mork town, according to a military source.


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Clashes in Yabroud ……. Deals in Yarmouk

While Syrian Army was advancing in Erbeen and Zamalka, fierce clashes erupted between opposition fighters and Syrian Army in these areas, according to a military source.”Syrian Army controls on Jarrabee valley in Fletta village in Qalamoun and killing several fighters in Yabroud and Kafr Batna”, unofficial sources stressed. Palestinian forces in Yarmouk Refugee Camp agreed to form unarmed committees for in-

spection patrols to protect the camp and enter breads and fuel daily.

“ISIL” whips female students “ISIL” fighters whipped three female students and a teacher, for not wearing veils, before being released “, unofficial sources reported.

Tribe sheiks…. Won`t form an army Arab tribe sheikhs in Hasaka denied the formation of “Tribe Army”, stressing that “ISIL” fighters formed a new battalion named by “Tribe revolutionaries” and refusing Arab and Kurdish cleavage.

Euphrates University cancels exams Ar-Raqqah Euphrates University cancelled first semester exams due to “ISIL” domination as students can apply for their second semester exams in other provinces except Aleppo.

Security belt at southern Syria America intends to create security belt at southern Syria to prevent Syrian Army attacks against Jordan and to support the moderate opposition, intelligence reports stressed.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )399(

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Coalition …… won`t move to Cairo “ National Syrian Coalition representative to Turkey -Khaled Khoja stressed that Turkish government did not demanded the Coalition headquarter to be moved to Cairo. However, some coalition members would be willing to do so for personal interests. Khoja said that representatives of Turkey’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that Coalition members are mostly welcomed in Turkey, based on Turkey`s firm attitude to support Syrian`s struggle against dictatorship.

Allegations against Ghalioun ….. time for missiles “We must provide opposition not be handed to extremists” Bashir by qualitative weapons and missiles to ward off Syrian warplanes raids , stressing that these weapons should

FSA Chief of Staff -AbdulIlah al-Bashir have received military training inside the Zionist Entity, in addition to medical treatment in Tel Aviv last year, according to sources.

Syrian opposition Transitional National Council ‘s first chairman of -Burhan Ghalioun said.

Daily newsletter no399 e 25 2 2014  
Daily newsletter no399 e 25 2 2014