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2014/2/19 -NO. (393)

and threatens to blow up Aleppo citadel “Last Chance call”


ISIL..Accusations & Executions

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says no alternative to military solution

Opposition on standby to attack Damascus PAGE 2


Reconciliation photos infuriate both parties

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )393(

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Opposition on standby to attack Damascus Opposition militants in Daraa are preparing to carry out an attack on Damascus, with supported by militants trained in Jordan, before the start of t’he third round of the Geneva negotiations, according to FAP “Damascus battle starts from Daraa as it is the main entrance

into the capital, we are sure of winning the battle due to the huge support we`ve recently received from our friends” operation commander “Abdullah Kharrazi”. Meanwhile, Syrian army stressed said,”the Syrian army is ready for any sudden attack.”

… and Controls Chemical Battalion.. Al-Nusra front and Jund al-Sham took control of the Syrian Army’s “Chemical battalion” northwest of Al-swaida Governorate after fierce clashes led to the deaths of 21 soldiers from the Syrian Army.

… and threatens to blow up Aleppo citadel..

Islamic Front militants threatened to blow up Aleppo Citadel by digging and mining underground tunnels, according to unofficial media sources. Meanwhile clashes continue

between ISIL’s militants and the Islamic Front in northern Azazon on one hand, and (ISIL) and Kurdish People Protection Units YPG, in Azaz and nearby areas, where doz-

en of Kurdish fighters were reportedly killed and wounded. In a similar context, the Syrian army advanced towards the industrial city and controlled the surrounding hills.

… and sets in Battle of Idleb FSA militants initiated a military operation to control Khan Sheikhoun town in Idlib countryside.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )393(


“Last Chance call”

Syrian army dropped leaflets in Yabrood under the title, “Last Chance Call” demanding the opposition militants to seize the opportunity to surrender and avoid certain death, according to opposition sources.

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Iraqi ISIL’s Vehicles convey to al-Hasakah

A convoy of vehicles and fighters have arrived to Al-Hasakah coming from Iraq, where they met with two other convoys from Aleppo and Ar-Raqqa, according to opposition sources.

Brigades’ commanders killed in Yabrood

Violent clashes took place between Syrian army and opposition fighters in Jobar, Doma,

Harasta, Arbin and Maliha, Damascus countryside. Ongoing battles between the two sides in Yabrood and its surroundings led to the deaths of fifty armed men, according to official media source. The Syrian Army controlled Yarzeh hill in Quneitra countryside, according to official army source.

ISIL..Accusations & Executions

60 militants killed in Homs

Syrian army killed sixty insurgents and targeted a warehouse containing rockets, ammunition and anti-aircraft guns in addition to cars equipped with heavy weapons in Dar bayda in Homs countryside, according to opposition source.

ISIL carries out more executions against civilians in Raqqa and neighboring areas, where ISIL’s militants executed five

civilians on several charges, including cooperation cooperation regime or for FSA, as well as blasphemy.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )393(

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Sham army says no alternative to military solution Several opposition factions joint together forming “Sham Army”. The newly-established “Army” says it does not follow any faction or stream, domestic of foreign, rejects all steps aiming at dividing the country. “Sham Army” refuses any kind of negotiations with the Syrian government and sees no alternative to military action.

Reconciliation photos infuriate both parties

Photos, combining opposition militants and National Defense Forces after a ceasefire in Babila town in Damascus, published on social networks have infuriated both

parties. “I felt I’d have a heart attack, how can they forget that these forces starved our people for more than a year, shelled for months” opposition activist said .While oth-

er pro-government citizen wondered:”What’s happening in this country? It`s turned upside down and suddenly the blood of our brothers and sons had been forgotten”.

Daily newsletter no393 e 19 2 2014  
Daily newsletter no393 e 19 2 2014