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2014/2/10 -NO. (384)

Massacre in Hama Saudi mufti for ISIL in Syria


Austrians fight alongside Syrian opposition fighters


Syrian Coalition... Coordination Body isn’t at Opposition delegation to Geneva

Jarba denies expand Opposition delegation PAGE 5


A Saudi commander impedes releasing Maaloula Nuns

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Massacre in Hama Al-Nusra fighters confirmed the news of controlling over “Ma’an” village in Hama countryside, while field sources reported that at least 60 people mostly women and children were killed. The sources added that the fighters came from “Mork” and raised the flag of Al-Nusra while they chanted “Allah Akbar” (god is the greatest) in the village and call for the imposition of Islamic law on the rest of the people of the village.

Al-Nusra declares war against (ISIL)

Al-Nusra front declared war against ISIL organization at all parts of Deir Ezzor countryside, coincided with a fierce attack on ISIL headquarters launched by the Islamic Front and armed Tribesmen, on the 7-km road in DeirezZor, where the armed fighters of al-Nusra and the Islamic

Front were able to control on the mills, factories and grain silos that have been controlled by ISIL. Al-Nusra also announced fully control on alBukamal city on Syrian-Iraqi boarders. It also accused the Islamic State (ISIL)in DeirezZor of robbing some vital installations that were under

the control of (The Shariah Body) in the Eastern Region, thus blocking supply roads for Islam soldiers who are taking positions inside the city, and separate them from their strategic depth at Deirez-Zor, Coneko gas plant is one of these installations, a statement by al-Nusra said.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )384(


Withdrawals from Aleppo

Opposition factions in Aleppo announced withdrawal from Aleppo Central prison due to fierce artillery,meanwhile clashes with the Syrian army continued at the surroundings of the prison. Clashes also raged between the prison Protection Units and opposition armed fighters, media sources said. Abdullah Mhesni, a Saudi sheikh has been in Syria for 6 months and fights alongside alNusra, has called on Kuwaitis, Saudis and Qataris fighting in Syria to join ISIL and al-Nusra to participate in liberating Aleppo central prison. At the southern countryside, opposition armed fighters announced killing a number of the Syrian army troops and damaging two tanks and 23-cannon in Azeza village, they also fired more than

20 mortar shells on their gatherings at al-Medan neighborhood in response to barrel bomb attacks. FSA declared controlling on Bashkoi village at the northern countryside of Aleppo after fierce clashes with ISIL which called on its allies to withdraw from Kafar Hamra town, and declared al-Andalous as a military zone. The Syrian army fully controlled on Karm al-Tarrab neighborhood and part of alMaasraneya neighborhood in Aleppo city, killing many of the opposition armed fighters some affiliates to the Islamic Front and al-Nusra. Armed fighters ambushed the media team while covering army operations in alMaasraneya neighborhood, resulted in injuring the cameraman of SANA George Orvalian, and al-Ekhbareya Channel reporter Benjamin Darwish and the cameraman George Delabo, and Syrian State TV reporter Shadi Helwa, and the cameraman Ahmed Suleiman, official media sources said.

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A new battle in Jobar

Opposition armed fighters declared the start of the battle”(Asheda’a ala alKuffar” (Fierce On Infidels) aimed to hit Syrian army’s headquarters at the Southern Highway at Jobar side. The operation has been started by a suicide operation by al-Nusra armed fighter targeted one of the Syrian army headquarters and bombed it completely. All battalions of the Islamic Union for the Levant’s soldiers, the Islamic Front and al-Nusra Front have participated in the battle, the sources added.

Daraa... a Military zone

The formation of the revolutionary Islamic Salvation Front in Homs Opposition sources announced the formation of a “revolutionary Islamic Salvation Front” in Homs to include Homs and its countryside , commencing “the revolutionary work” represented by many brigades and battalions, most notably: Ahbab Rasoul Allah and Omar bin al-Khattab.

FSA declared that Kherbat Gazala-Daraa Road is a military operation zone. Meanwhile Brigade commander of Tawhid al-Ganoub Brigade, Khaled Abazeed (Abu Omar), declared resignation.

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Preparation for a truce in Yarmouk camp FSA non-Palestinian battalions and al-Nusra expressed willingness to leave their locations inside the camp to be handed over to the Palestinian battalions as a result of a meeting held yesterday between representatives of the Palestinian battalions of the FSA and the government forces

in addition to the Palestinian General Command at Rama Street at the outskirts of Yarmouk camp. All parties agreed to revive the initiative aims to neutralize the camp previously agreed on 28.11.2013. A number of the battalions and al-Nusra members started yesterday evacuating its headquarters.

Saudi mufti for ISIL in Syria The Saudi, who was charged for killing 7 Asians in Saudi Arabia because of his careless driving, is assigned a Mufti for ISIL to affect the

Saudis who fight alongside the Organization in Syria and to ensure continuation in fighting, informed sources said.

Syrian Army operations in Homs Syrian army attacked by Air Force and artillery many headquarters of opposition armed fighters in Zara town in Tal Kalakh countryside west of Homs, resulted in destroying a mortar cannon and 4 vehicles, and killing many

armed fighters of Lebanese and Syrian nationality. The Syrian army also attacked headquarters of the opposition fighters in al-Rastan north of Homs, resulted in killing and injuring many of them and damaging their equipment.

Austrians fight alongside Syrian opposition fighters The Austrian newspaper Der Standard quoted informed sources in the counter-terrorism office in Vienna as saying that about 80 Austrian of Chechen, Bosnian, Turkish and Arab origins left Austria to northern Syria

across Turkey to fight alongside opposition armed fighters, the sources added that “more than dozen fighters were killed in Syria during fighting in northern Syria, according to sources close to those organizations�.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )384(

Jarba denies expand Opposition delegation

Ahmad Jarba, President of the opposition Coalition denied that the coalition’s delegation in Cairo has any intention to meet “National Coordination Body”, representative of the opposition inside Syria, to expand the opposition delegation at the second round of Geneva II, but he pointed out that they will make all possible efforts to include all active political powers among opposition delegation.

Syrian Coalition.. Coordination Body isn’t at Opposition delegation to Geneva


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A Saudi commander impedes releasing Maaloula Nuns

Maaloula nuns are abducted by al-Nusra-affiliate Kuwaiti t in Yabroud, which stipulated three conditions to release them, it has been mentioned that a Saudi Commander tries to impede this agreement, media sources said. The Sau-

di commander considers that the existence of the nuns inside Yabroud prevents shelling it, he confirms that the nuns will not be released unless the three conditions are implemented, which are not to negotiate with Qatar, the release of 500 detainees of alNusra at the Syrian and Lebanese prisons, and the Syrian “regime” to pledge not to attack Yabroud after releasing the nuns.

The formation of the revolutionary Islamic Salvation Front in Homs

Opposition sources announced the formation of a “revolutionary Islamic Salvation Front” in Homs to include Homs and its countryside , commencing “the revolutionary work” represented by many brigades and battalions, most notably: Ahbab Rasoul Allah and Omar bin al-Khattab.

Coalition Source... complicated situations after Jarba’s visit to Moscow

The coordination Body will not join the Opposition delegation to Geneva because its conditions were incapaciSources at the coalition delegation confirmed that there are no tating, political source at the changes at the formation of the Coalition, and that coalition doesn’t Syrian opposition Coalition expect violations at this round, and the situation has complicated said on yesterday. after Jarba’s visit to Moscow.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )384(

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Flehan... “Regime negotiates its departure” Member of the Syrian opposition delegation to Geneva, Rima Flehan said that “Al-Assad’s regime” doesn’t have a political solution and doesn’t want to have such a solution because it is sticking to the security and military solution and continuation of violence. “We are here in the second round of Geneva talks to confirm that the opposition is serious in

reaching a political solution backed by the Syrian people and the international community leading to oust the “regime”, Flehan added “We do not say that there will be direct results of the Geneva negotiations but for the first time the regimes comes to negotiate its departure whatever it says, it is now here after it agreed on Geneva I, Flehan said.

Fund to grant loans to industrial enterprises

the Ministry of Industry has proposed the formation of a technical legal committee including representatives of the (Ministry of Industry - Ministry of Finance - State Planning Commission - the Federa-

tion of Syrian Chambers of Industry ) to reformulate the bill of the mechanism to grant loans to small and medium industrial enterprises to serve the industrial policy,official Syrian sources said. It is notewor-

thy that many proposals by the Federation of Chambers of industry and Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside relates to the same proposal. These loans range between (one million to ten million)SP.

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