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2014/2/9 -NO. (383)

Photos of torture in Syrian prisons Stinger portable missiles to Aleppo

Farouk al-Shara head of the government delegation


Homs aids delivered for the third day


A leader from ISIL Killed


Executing and siege


The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )383(

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Photos of torture in Syrian prisons

New photos of prisoners died under torture in Syrian prisons appeared recently according toOpposition websites.

Explosive device In Qamishli

Gulf militants killed in Latakia countryside

A citizen was killed and three others were injured yesterday by an Explosive device planted under a car in a residential neighborhood in al, Qamishli city, al-Hasakah. The accident left serious damage in the nearby cars and buildings. Syrian army forces targeted armed group, some of from Qatari, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia nationalities, destroyed their weapons depot, ammunition, and vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns in the villages of Ein Eshra and Rawda in northern Latakia countryside

,the dead, “Abu MarwanalShami” from AhrarAl-sham brigades and the Saudi “Saher Shahwani” and Qatari “Hishamal-Dulaimi ,”from ISIL.FSA’s Tanks destroyed the Syrian army forces vehicle and targeted places Doreen mountain in Salma, Latakia countryside.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )383(


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Homs aids delivered for self up at ISIL’s headquarters the third day

ISIL Leader and suicide bomber died

Commander “Abu Dujana Allybi” was killed in Deir Ezzor in clashes with Al-Nusra front, media sources reported. Free- Sham’s suicide bomber dressed like women blew him-

in the vicinity of lazurd hotel in ar-raqqah, killing thirteen, injuring five others. Syrian army targeted ISIL’s headquarters in ar-raqqah, killing twenty one, injuring sixteen others, Syrian army units targeted militants gatherings in Ma’ale, Kafrhaya, Qmenas, Majas - Alhodh and the area around Al-Arbaeen Mountain, in Idlib countryside killing and injuring most of them, according to media sources

Stinger portable missiles to Aleppo shipments of anti-aircraft Stinger missiles arrived to Aleppo and delivered to some battalions with a range of up to 5 km missile ,and this is the high that the Syrian Army aircraft flying at,opposition media sources reported. Activists counted 21 explosive barrels on several areas under the Rebels’ control in Alep-

po.Furthermore, Syrian army took control on Tarab area northwest of Aleppo airport.

Executions and siege

Activists in Hama said that the Syrian army forces executed more than 20 people, including six members of one family in the town of “Soran”

in the north countryside. Activists broadcasted online images of the executed civilians. In parallel, opposition media sources reported that military helicopters bombed Kffersita town in Hama countryside by explosive barrels for the third day in a row. Al-Nusra also targeted a checkpoint of the Syrian army in the town of Jalamain a “suicide” bombed.

Syrian Red Crescent could distribute part of the aid in old Homs despite ongoing violence, the team joint United Nations staff and Syrian Arab Red Crescent left peacefully on Saturday after they were exposed shooting while delivering aids ,adding that one of the drivers was injured while two trucks remained inside the old city. Two mortars fell near the United Nations delegation for the Syrian army forces violated the truce in shelling Hamidiya neighborhood and delay the aid’s entry for about 3 thousands still trapped.

ISIL publishes photo of arms mediator between Washington and FSA

ISIL published a photo for one of the militants of FSA, who claimed to be the arms mediator between Washington and FSA.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )383(


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Mujahideen Army and the Islamic Union in a joint statement Opposition websites published a joint statement for Mujahideen army and “Islamic Union “ about the second round of the Geneva Conference2 where the statement considered that the regime’s bombing of the civilians with explosive barrels and forcibly displaced them during Geneva2 is a challenge to the international community and that the “Mujahideen” is fighting Double war against the “regime” and other terrorist groups. Most of the military and political powers warned against participating in Geneva without adopting a clear strategy and specific conditions. The statement called on political, military and civilians to further close ranks against the “big challenges that beset the revolution.”

Farouk al-Shara head of the government delegation The Syrian National Coalition’s president Ahmad Jarba demanded that Farouk al-Shara should lead the government delegation in Geneva on Monday, added that Shara has the coalition’s credibility, these comes after a meeting with Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy, Jarba also welcomed opposition delegation’s expansion.

Daily newsletter no383 e 9 2 2014  
Daily newsletter no383 e 9 2 2014