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2014/1/30 -NO. (373)

Turkey bombes a convoy for (ISIL) inside borders

Coalition to Moscow

PAGE 2 Alnairab surroundings recaptured


Government delegation accuses the coalition`s PAGE 4


7000 foreign fighters in Syria


Saudi Arabia to commit stop supporting armed groups

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )373(


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Turkey bombes a convoy for (ISIL) inside borders Turkish army declared that “F16” fighter jets targeted a convoy of the “Islamic State of Iraqand the Levant” after its militants opened fire on a military base on the Turkish-Syrian border, in addition to mortar shells attack. Al-Mayadeen reporter pointed out that (ISIL) – bombed later by Turkish army tanks - besieged FSA fighters in the border village of Al-raee. In contrast, opposition sources mentioned that “Ayoub” , a military commander of the “Seljuks brigade”

who takes village of Al-raee as a headquarter, announced that he had asked Turkey to bomb (ISIL convoy’s), stressing that most of

the weapons owned by the brigade come from Turkey due to strong ties between the two parties.

“Battle of God” and Alnairab surroundings recaptured

Opposition sources said that “gathering of Ansar Khelafe” declared the start of “Battle of God”, to liberate the neighborhood of Seif al-Dawla and Almcharqa from the Syrian army, asking civilians to remain in their homes in both neighborhoods after being declared military zones. In a similar context, FSA`s Brigades announced the start of the Battle aims at retrieving the vicinity of Alnairab military airport in Aleppo, while according to other source that militants from Islamic State

while violent clashes took place between the Syrian army and the opposition militants in the neighborhood of Karam Altarab near the airport Alnairab and the area around the village of Aziza . At the same time battles continue between militants of ( ISIL ) and the Islamic Front in the area of Al-raee near Al-bab city started sending troops to be and around the town of Achterdeployed in the north and east an in the countryside of Aleppo countryside of Aleppo as well as , fighters also seized the banner inside the city, after it has seized of “ Kurds front” and battalions control of the western country- combat on the village of Emo , side to support the insurgents near the city of Manbej after viand repel the attack of (ISIL) and olent clashes with militants of “ the Syrian army. Two insurgents ISIL .” The Syrian army targeted were killed after a bomb explo- the headquarters of militants of sion planted by militants of( ISIL the opposition in neighborhoods ) in a car belonging to Tawheed of Qadi Askar, Karam, measer, brigade heading to Alnairab mil- Marja, and South Hawoozin itary airport , as a car bomb ex- Aleppo, also militants were ploded in front of the headquar- killed in Jdaideh , Kwers and ters of the Islamic Front in the Sheikh Najjar, an official army neighborhood of Bustan Qasar , source said.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )373(


Syrian army prepares for the battle of Yabrood

The Lebanese newspaper AlAkhbar reported that the Syrian army is preparing huge troops for close battle in the largest insurgent strongholds in Yabroud in Damascus. This military source mentioned that the army killed eight gunmen near Moza building and around the shrine of Ms. Sakina and the Four Seasons in Darya in Damascus, and a dozen others from Al-nusra front in Rima farms in Yabroud, in addition to a number of militants of the Islamic Front in Adra Labor City

,also killed, “Mazen Baraq” a leader of a group in Doma, and “Amar Qadri” and “Hassan AlKholi,” the leaders of groups in the neighborhood of Bour Saed in Al-Qadam neighborhood. Four civilians were injured due to mortar shells attack at Talvita and Cherubim Monastery in Damascus countryside and the commercial area, “Harika” and Sheikh Raslan neighborhood in Bab sharqui area. On Thursday, the humanitarian aid entered al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus.

Volunteer.. And explosive device in Al-Hasakah “Shariah Board” in the eastern region provided a volunteering opportunity for young people wiling t join in the Islamic police, while a military official source said that the Syrian army foiled an attempt to blow up 20 kg explosive device in the neighborhood of the Talaae in Al-Hasakah, while militants blew up an explosive device in Al-steen Streetin Ghueran neighborhood.In Deir al-Zour, four civilians were killed after a mortar shell landed on a military hospital in the neighborhood of Ghazi Ayyash, while violent

clashes took place between the Syrian army and the militant of Al-Nusra Front in O`mal neighborhood, joined with targeting militants of Al-Nusra Front to headquarters of the Syrian army in the mountain, while sources of opposition talked about air raids on Mohassan in the eastern countryside.

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ISIL executes FSA militants Media sources mentioned that the militants of (ISIL) executed a full group of Free Army militants in the countryside of Idlib. The official military source pointed out that the Syrian army killed militants in Taybat ,Kvrlata, Abu Aldhor and Kvrorma and in the vicinity of Al-arbaeen mountin, Idleb countryside. In Hama, rocketpropelled grenades landed on one of the workshops in the Mhardeh industrial city.

Coalition to Moscow The Coalition of the Syrian opposition expressed intention to visit Russia without specifying the date of the visit, the visit will probably be paid after the termination of the current round of negotiations and before the start of the second round, a source said. on other hand the Delegation of the Syrian government to Geneva confirmed to the Russian side its readiness to discuss the political and humanitarian issues with opposition.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )373(

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Government delegation accuses the opposition`s

Syrian government delegation to Geneva stresses that dialogue will keep on even if it gets to nowhere, expressing that peace talks launched between the two parties is a positive action, while disapproving the conduct of

some of the opposition delegates and denouncing the communication made with U.S ambassador Robert Ford in Geneva as “exerting pressure and external intervention in foreign affairs”

Syria calls for Saudi Arabia to stop supporting armed groups Syria demanded in two identical letters forwarded to the President of the UN Security Council and Secretary-General of the United Nations to effectuate the decisions of the SC concerning the need for international cooperation in combating terrorism and stopping it by all means and forcing Saudi Arabia to refrain from providing any form of support - explicit and implicit - to groups involved with terrorism in Syria, which

endangers the lives of Syrians across the country, by AlNusra Front-affiliated terrorist groups under different names

in Syria, directly and indirectly supported by some countries in the region and beyond, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Safi… progress made in peace talks

Opposition delegate to Geneva said negotiations with Syria`s government delegates overseen by UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi witnessed a positive progress after talking for the first time about the Transitional Governing Body, putting forth several points to be discussed later in terms of the Body`s size, members, roles and responsibilities, mechanisms and relation to other entities.

7000 foreign fighters in Syria U.S Intelligence officials said that more than 7000 foreign extremists are fighting alongside opposition forces in the Syrian civil war, most of them are trained to return home and launch terrorist attacks, a point that has led governments of those countries – U.S and

Britain in particular – to express deep concern. Dianne Feinstein, head of senate intelligence committee – described the situation in Syria as “the most recently-emerged prominent security threat” since the committee’s last meeting on international threats.

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