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2014/1/14 -NO. (357)

Syria rebels.. Fatwa to transfer the work of jihad to Iraq

Unified operations room in Kalamoon


West threatens to stop the support of the opposition militants


ISIS.. Al-Nosrah front is against us


Syria considers that any statement before Geneva is talk with no value


Special decree for motor vehicles


The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )357(

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The Syrian army controls Anakarin Announced the General Command of the Armed Forces in a statement that the Syrian army tightened its control entirely on areas, Anakarin ,Zaraour , Taana and Sbihia and high-fifty-three in the countryside east of Aleppo ,this tightened the security of the area surrounding international Aleppo airport and pave the way to eliminate the opposition militants in the countryside of eastern and northern Aleppo and governs control of the Industrial city and roads leading from Al-Bab to the city of Aleppo also contributes to tighten on the headquarters of the insurgency in some of the outskirts of the city, according to the statement.The military source reported that the Syr-

ian army dismantled mines and improvised explosive devices in those areas, and adjust the rocket launchers and mortars, 120 mm and 52 Grad rockets and missiles, local and defused six car bombs, It also siezed a network of tunnels connected to each other and within several command headquarters of the gunmen , some at a depth of 10 meters in the area of Zarzour , also killed the Turkish “ Montaser Tarak “ and the Libyans ,” Ali Jendi “ , Also the source said

that the Syrian army killed five militants in an ambush in Adhamiya district in Aleppo. In parallel announced the “Islamic State in Iraq and AlSham,” the death of emir in Ezaz Brive Aleppo, “Salem Al-Qahtani”.While still fighting took place between the Mujahideen and militants of, “the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham” (ISIS), especially near the headquarters of the regiment 46 where militants of (ISIS) stationed in and Kafr El Hamra, this militants of “Islamic state” controlled on the village Bsrton in Alatareb Brive Aleppo, while attacked Islamic Front militants the cultural Center and the city council in Jarablos and took control of the Post Office Building.

ISIS.. Al-Nosrah front is against us Accused the “Islamic state” the militants of Al-Nosrah Front in complicity to fight against it, and said in a statement that the Army of the Mujahideen who began the aggression in Aleppo ,Idlib, Hama and others, and that Raqua state sent its militarys to those States to advocate, also accused Al-Nosrah front and Ahrar Al- Sham in exploiting current events in Aleppo and other “to falsely us from behind,” and promised that “Islamic state” to save the people of Taqua , calling them to withdraw their children from these factions that refused but to fight the people of Jihad.It took violent clashed between armed from the”Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham” and militants Brigade “Raqua rebels “ belonging to Al-Nosrah Front near the electricity company and the hospital of modern medicine and the area around the neighborhood Rumaila and perimeter of archaeological fence of Raqua, while dominated Brigade “Raqua rebels “ on “oven Supply “in Rumaila.

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The battle of liberation in Al-Hasakah Announced militants of Al-Nosrah front to attack the city, “Tell Brak” in Al-Hasakah after the attack on the checkpoint, “Khasi” and killed thirty-five soldiers from the Syrian army and fighters of the protection units of the Kurdish people and that on the first day of the battle of liberation, and took control on the second day on the villages “Alaleghanh and Om Rous and Aghas Sameehan and Sameehan west and Alshiha and Alabatkh.

Bombed car in Idlib Twenty-two militants were killed and wounded fifty others in a car bomb explosion during the passage of a convoy of militants of the”Islamic Front” on one of the barriers of, “Ahrar al-Sham” in the town of Ram Hamdan northern Idlib, were on its way to cross Bab Al-Hawa passage.On the other hand, gunmen form Islamic brigades sieged the headquarters of the Islamic militants (ISIS) in Sracb Brive Idlib.The military source said that the Syrian army targeted militants in the town of Serget in Idleb countryside and killed number of gunmen of non-Syrian nationalities.

Syria rebels.. Fatwa to transfer the work of jihad to Iraq Syrian Rebels Front of (ISIS) called to “defuse the misfortunes and turn the state into a group and get out “ fatwa” to transfer the work of jihad to Iraq for the members of the State”, in addition to sitting on the table and determine the duration of the truce and the Committee of the rule of the legitimacy of an independent, look at all the issues under the auspices of the nation’s scholars independents, in response to a statement on the front of the spokesman of “Islamic state”, “Abu Mohammed Adnani” who has vowed to annihilate all the organizations in Syria.

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Ambush for “mothers of the believers” in Shebaa Media sources reported that the battalion of “Mothers of the Believers,” one of the Islamic battalions in Damascus announced in a statement the killing of fifty soldiers from the Syrian army in an ambush near the town of Shebaa on the road to Damascus International Airport.The sources said to the opposition that the Syrian army was targeted by bombs carrying poisonous gases from eastern front of the city of Daria.In contrast, a military source said that the Syrian army was killed gunmen from the Islamic Front in Jobar and Adra unions and Arbin and Maliha and Daria in Damascus countryside.

Islamic State recruits 400 suicide of Iraq Media sources reported that the “Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham” brought about a thousand and seven hundred fighters from Iraq, including four hundred “suicidal” as a support in the fight, “Awakening”.

The failure of the arrival of an aid convoy to the camp of Yarmouk

The Secretary General of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, “Khaled Abdel Majeed” said that the aid convoy loaded with food and medicines have not been able to enter the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, despite the unprecedented facilities of the Syrian government because of the fire from the area of the black stone on the convoy.

Unified operations room in Kalamoon Sources to the opposition said about the formation of the unified operating room in Kalamoon to uphold the word of God , and hit the Syrian army, which is composed of factions and military formations operating on the “land of Kalamoon” under unified command, which emanated Office of Legitimacy and Security Office and the military office and the Finance Office and the Information Office.

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Qatar withdraws from the issue of the Sisters of Maloula

According to the media sources mentioned that Qatari delegates headed to Yabrood in Kalamoon through Arsal (the Lebanese border) to meet the kidnappers of the Sisters of the Monastery of Saint Takla in Maloula, to negotiate the release date for the nuns who are in good health and are being released prior to

the Geneva 2, and that the kidnappers retracted a number of demands and conditions they have set previously and become softer in this regard.On the other hand, security sources revealed in the town of Arsal that the Qatari mediation stopped and the kidnappers closed the channels of communication.

West threatens to stop the support of the opposition militants An official in the Coalition of the Syrian opposition revealed that Britain and the United States threatened that they re- consider providing support in case they did not participate in the Geneva conference, saying that political support from Washington and London to the coalition is important and stopping it will make a difference, questioning whether such a threat carries credibility, the official pointed out that the only alternative remaining in Syria will be the government of President Bashar al-Assad or extremists without moderate opposition.

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Syria considers that any statement before Geneva is talk with no value Syria Considered that any statement or position or announcement before the Geneva conference is nothing but talk has no value and the desperate attempts of some adorned defeats gangs on the ground under the roof of the Geneva conference, according to a source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, who confirmed that Syria has agreed to attend the Geneva conference without preconditions because the dialogue between the Syrians is the solution while trying to put any pre-condition before the Geneva Conference and treated as a fait accompli, it judged the conference to failure before it started.

Muallem to Moscow

Special decree for motor vehicles

Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem will visit Moscow 17 this month, prior to the Geneva Conference.

The Syrian government proceeded to issue a presidential decree, a special motor vehicles registered with the directorates of transport, where President Bashar al-Assad issued a decree prohibiting the owners of motor vehicles registered with the Directorates transport output of their vehicles outside diameter of the border crossing points with a view to selling them only after stopping for traffic and organizing statement to export them and pay all fees financial obligations, also prohibits the survival mechanism of the vehicle outside the country for more than a year from the date its leave.

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