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2014/4/27 -NO. (460)

N e w p re s i d e n t i a l c a n d i d a t e s “Desert storms” starts in Qalamoun PAGE 3

Toama… “Meetings in Saudi Arabia positive”


Luaay Hussein … Elections illegitimate…

FSA claims control on Aleppo Justice Palace PAGE 2


Al-Shaqfa… “Syrian Presidential elections absurd”

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )460(

Page NO .2


New presidential candidates Head of the Syrian Parliament, Muhammad Jihad Allaham announced that the parliament received from the supreme Constitutional Court nominating requests for presidential elections by Ahmad Maalla, Sawsan Omar Haddad, Mouhammad Feras Rajjouh and Abdul Slalam Youssef Salama.

FSA claims control on Aleppo Justice Palace Reports are conflicting about seizing on the Justice Palace near Air Force Intelligence branch in al-Zahraa association neighborhood in Aleppo. While the government sources say that the Syrian Army recaptured the Justice Palace building, the opposition announced it has controlled it after fierce battles with the Syrian Army for many days. Opposition fighters discovered a mass grave inside includ-

ing corpses of many people after they have controlled on the building, activists said. On the other hand, Syrian warplanes shelled

the surroundings of the Air Foce Intelligence branch by vacuum bombs after armed opposition has controlled on the Justice Palace, and bombed also Hanano residential blocks and al-Haidaria neighborhoods. Meanwhile the Syrian Army advanced at Sheikh Saeed and al-Aameryya in Aleppo. It also controlled on alMatahen between Sheikh Zeyyad and al-Taana on the Sheikh Najjar road.

“Desert storms” starts in Qalamoun A statement of “al-Rahman Legion” said that it carried out the first phase of the “Desert Storms” in Qalamoun -Damascus countryside in cooperation with brigades and battalions of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo, which resulted in blocking Damascus-Bagdad Highway, controlling on al-Jarwa detachment, dropping a

“Sukhoi” warplane near alDmier airport, attacking alDmier airport by Grad missiles, and controlling on a warehouse in the region. In the second phase of the battle, a battalion of al-Islam Army joined the two formations and controlled on “Strela” Battalion; Russianmanufactured anti-aircraft missiles.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )460(


“Nawa” held by opposition

The FSA controlled on a Syrian army- battalion in Tal Khazna near Nawa town in Daraa after the army`s withdrawal. Activists said that they shot down a warplane in the town. In the same context, the FSA controlled on al-Masra and Tal al-Jabya in Nawa after fierce clashes, thus RafidNawa road became under

their control, coincided with continuous battles between both parties at the southern parts of Tal al-Jabya.

(ISIL)- (YPG) battles at al-Qahtanyya countryside

Clashes between ISIL and the Democratic Union party fighters (YPG) took place near “Lazaqa” village at

al-Qahtanyya countryside. Three (YPG) fighters were killed and others injured before they withdrew to “Muhammad Thyab” village. Meanwhile (ISIL) controlled on “Abu Faraa” village, deployed fighter there, and brought reinforcement from “Tal Hmis” town.

Toama… “Meetings in Saudi Arabia positive” Head of the Syrian interim government, Ahmad Toama stressed on the importance of the outcomes of the meetings the coalition delegation held with the Saudi crown prince, Salman Abul Aziz, and the Foreign Minister Saaud alFaisal. Toama pointed out that all meetings were positive at all political standards, especially at the level of supporting the Syrian revolution. He also noted that any talk of holding a new round of “Geneva 3” and new negotiations must be

based on improving the situation on the ground and change the balance of power. Toama also considered that the talk now about the presidential election is merely a ridiculous and immoral work, stressing that the Syrians haven’t ever counted on or dealt seriously with such plays.

Page NO .3

Al-Shaqfa… “Syrian Presidential elections absurd”

Mohammed Riadal-Shaqfa, supreme guide of the Muslim Brother hood in Syria, said that the international community carelessly watches the situation inside Syria, wishing the conflict to continue for more devastation of infrastructure and the Syrian Community in favor for the Israeli project.Shaqfa considered the Syrian presidential elections as absurd and worthless, but will increase the determination of the Syrian people for change, noting that uniting the factions of the Syrian opposition is a prelude of victory.

Luaay Hussein … Elections illegitimate…

Syrian senior opponent, Louay Hussein said the Baath Party in Syria is a nominal, one of its roles is to nominate its secretary general Bashar al-Assad for the elections, and I think that Assad does not want to marginalize the Baath Party, so he would be its candidate. Hussein stressed that these elections are illegal.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )460(

Page NO .4


Opposition in Austria prepare for mass demonstrations Badran Farwati, a member of the Syrian Opposition Coordination in Austria, said that the Opposition in Austria prepares for a mass demonstration in front of the Syrian Embassy in Vienna in a protest against the alleged presidential elections in Syrian next June 3. Farwati said that a symbolic embassy for the Syrian opposition was established in Austria entitled ‘the Syrian People Embassy” near the regime’s embassy. He pointed out that the opposition in Austria is communicating with the Syrian communities in European countries to carry out similar demonstrations.

Jordan prevents Abu Hatab to enter…

Opposition sources were informed that the Jordanian authorities detained and prevented a coalition member, Jawad Abu-Hatab, last Friday from entering Jordan, at

Queen Alia international airport. Abu Hatab was asked to leave the country on the first plane to Istanbul, Turkey. Abu-Hatab has returned to Istanbul after 24 hours of de-

tention.It’s noteworthy that he has been in Jordan for a long period and run one of the most important hospitals that provide free treatment for Syrians.

Daily newsletter e no460 27 4 2014