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ZOOMING WITH A MICROSCOPE Having already defined the specific program for each center, as well as general facilities of the same, I've realized that it is impossible to delve each one of them due to the limited amount of time that we have. I have therefore decided to focus on one, which will maintain a close relationship with Jaime’s project. The general basis of my project is the research of those aspects of the AL-EX region that make it unique in the world. One of these is the flora of the region. However, the study of the flora and the landscape itself is part of Jaime’s project, so I wanted to go deeper and focus on the study of this flora from another point of view, from the origin of this flora. The most "basic" element that shapes the flora of this region would be the seeds of each species that grow here, many of them unique in the world due to the characteristic climate of the regions of Extremadura and Alentejo. This flora has gradually been deteriorating due to human actions, climate change and the overexploitation of the land. For this reason I have decided to develop a “seed bank” in the region, so it may preserve the seeds of all species that grow in the area and prevent their future extinction. This center would not only have a “seed bank” but also it would share common facilities with the other R & D centers, this center would not only stored seeds but also study their properties and their possible application in other sciences. MICROSCOPE VS PRISMATIC Excerpt from a conversation: [17:33:09] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: so the situation is [17:33:31] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: I don't know if I made myself clear on the presentations that we have done [17:33:43] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: but the Landscape observatory is one center of R+D […] [17:33:56] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: is the one that researches about the Landscape […] [17:34:33] MARINA DURÁN: I'm planning to center in a seed bank [17:35:06] MARINA DURÁN: because I've researching about the landscape and the biodiversity in both areas and there are unique species in here [17:35:52] MARINA DURÁN: so I've planned to create this seed bank in which to study the different species and keep the seeds of all of them [17:36:01] MARINA DURÁN: and study about those seed […]

[17:37:41] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: what elements make different a seed R+D center from a "normal" R+D center? [17:37:53] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: what special spaces does it needs? [17:38:05] MARINA DURÁN: look is no t a seed R+D center [17:38:20] MARINA DURÁN: the thing is that in other to preserve the species in these regions [17:38:52] MARINA DURÁN: there must be some organization in charge of taking care of these species [17:38:57] MARINA DURÁN: but due to the climate change [17:39:14] MARINA DURÁN: and the development of the cities [17:39:43] MARINA DURÁN: some species are disappearing so this seed bank would collect the seeds of these plans and keep them [17:39:50] MARINA DURÁN: but also [17:40:25] MARINA DURÁN: there would be laboratories in it that would research about the properties of those species so to apply them in other fields […] [17:43:01] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: ahm and the Placement was the area of Valencia de Alcantara right? [17:43:18] MARINA DURÁN: I do think it could be in there [17:44:52] MARINA DURÁN: it's as yours next to the frontier of both regions, next to a railroad track that connects Caceres and Marvao, and it can be distinguished between the dehesa, montado and la Sierra de la Estrella and also there is a hotspot of biodiversity in there[…] [17:45:31] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: is just that I don't think that there is that much overlapping [17:45:33] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: because [17:45:44] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: both centers are placed at 108km [17:45:53] MARINA DURÁN: I know [17:45:56] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: 2 hours by car […] [17:46:28] MARINA DURÁN: and if we are connecting the R+D centers by the railway [17:46:47] MARINA DURÁN: it would take longer for the mobile labs to get to each of them [17:46:56] JAIME PAGES SANCHEZ: yes [17:47:00] JAIME PAGES SANCHEZ: for example [17:47:21] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: I could not build an auditorium for 200 people

[17:47:32] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: because I have Badajoz right next to it [17:47:43] MARINA DURÁN: and I have Caceres [17:47:57] MARINA DURÁN: the thing is that [17:48:09] MARINA DURÁN: I think that instead of both projects overlapping [17:48:16] MARINA DURÁN: the complement each other [17:48:17] MARINA DURÁN: look [17:48:21] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: I do so [17:48:34] MARINA DURÁN: you are researching about the whole landscape [17:48:47] MARINA DURÁN: so your scope is in a bigger scale than mine [17:49:10] MARINA DURÁN: because I'm researching about the landscape but as individual and unique elements [17:49:14] MARINA DURÁN: the seeds [17:49:25] MARINA DURÁN: at least that is how I understand it [17:49:31] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: yes [17:49:36] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: the point now is [17:49:43] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: how do they complement [17:50:04] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: a scientist from your R+D has to do a research on the landscape [17:50:13] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: so he would come to the bridge pavilion [17:50:19] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: y vice versa [17:50:29] MARINA DURÁN: I do think so [17:50:48] MARINA DURÁN: If scientists from your center are researching about the dehesa [17:51:10] MARINA DURÁN: he could come to mine and study the different species that there exist [17:51:19] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: exactly [17:51:30] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: what I think we should do is to come up [17:51:38] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: with very specific programs [17:51:48] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: for example you would need microscope [17:51:48] MARINA DURÁN: I agree

[17:51:56] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: I would need prismatic [17:52:23] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: good metaphor for explaining how they complement [17:52:30] MARINA DURÁN: yep :) [17:52:59] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: so we will have a common program (todo el mundo necsita ir al baño o comer) [17:53:15] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: but other elements are not needed [17:53:20] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: for different purposes [17:53:23] MARINA DURÁN: and offices and conference room for example [17:53:28] JAIME PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ: exactly [17:53:34] MARINA DURÁN: I think we both need them [17:53:42] MARINA DURÁN: maybe in different scales […]