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Program of the Landscape observatory

Program of the Landscape observatory. What does a center of research and development needs? What kind of infrastructure do they use? Can this same infrastructure be applied to the Landscape observatory? For the Research and development centers there is a need of space for work and investigation. Depending on the research the space for investigation can be from a simple desk to the most advanced technology. Also normally we can find a set of “spaces, or uses” that all share. This goes from the cafeteria to the auditorium in where the results can be presented to the public. Also offices and archives are elements that appear very often in the R+D. Should a Landscape Observatory have this same program? What elements differentiate the Landscape observatory over the “normal R+D center”? I believe that a landscape observatory should be positioned in a privileged area in terms of surroundings quality of the landscape. Therefore the Landscape should be present as much as possible in the building whether it’s by layers of transparency or by presence on the program. This observatory should have a set of laboratories, yes, but these laboratories must be a merge between working space, scientific laboratory and a place from where you have a panoramic view. In this same line as it has been defined in previously presentations the landscape is not composed only by the vegetation but also by its biodiversity. Because of this there will be different types laboratories depending on what is the focus of its analysis. Vegetation, Fauna, Landscape etc. At the same time I will incorporate what I have called “dreaming/creativity rooms”. Spaces isolated from the rest of the program in where the investigators artists etc can spend some free time in deep contact with the landscape in order to inspire themselves. Also another element for the landscape observatory and that are not typical to find the R+D centers will be the photography laboratory and the painting laboratory. Because the landscape observatory is a place where long researches will be done I will also incorporate a mini residence formed by three double rooms and a set of basic spaces needed for living in the building. Elements like the auditorium (no more than 50/75 people) the bar, the archive, study and seminar rooms and the common spaces will also be in the Landscape observatory for the Al-Ex region.

Program of the Landscape Observatory  

this is the inital program for the Landscape Observstory for the Al-Ex Region

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