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Organization of the spaces. Second Trial.

Organization of the Spaces. Along the first trial of the organization of the spaces I noticed that some point where not very coherent and that on this first trial, thing should be changed. I first pointed out the points that I believe that are quite coherent. Those are the placement of the amphitheater and the deck. These spaces are fundament and all what has been said is coherent as they fit both on the “big picture” of the TLO as a part of the territory and also on the “closer picture” of the TLO as a constructed element. Another set of elements that I believe that are partially well placed are the laboratories. These laboratories I divided them in three groups. On the bridge, on the island and on a rise position. From these three positions, the ones that I believe that have to be re-thought are the ones placed on the bridge. These laboratories are not placed according with the rest of the program. They were too close to the café and too far away of the library and of the meeting rooms. The rearrangement of these spaces made me think on the placement of the meeting rooms. Now one/two of the meeting rooms will appear along the areas of investigation in order make the movement of the people more efficient. This step also made me look to the placement of the café in relation with the auditorium. They were just too far away, and the café should be a supporting element for the auditorium With so many changes happening I decided to work the relations part with a diagram in where to place the space according to the relation with two main focus elements; the laboratories in the bridge and the Café.

Second Trial of the Organization of Spaces