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INFO CENTER STATION ALEX TOURISM INFRASTRUCTURE Creating a railway system with Ourique as a base

Badajoz Main Input to the System

Or Cork Express


The main idea of the project is based on a train station that at the same time is an introduction to ALEX, this is situated in a really small town that hopefully, due to this new feature, the town will start growing. There will be an increase in tourism bringing income and businesses to the town. (Project will replace the old train station and leave it for loads only, no passenger transportation)

Project will replace the old train station and leave it for loads only, no passenger transportation.

In addition, this station/info center is the main entrance to the railway system of the ALEX project. The exhibitions will be divided into present, past and future where future will be temporary exhibitions, as it will constantly be changing, present exhibition won’t change as much and past won’t change at all. Station 1h away from Faro (Airport) by car and 20 - 30 mins by train.

In addition, there is a socio-economic strategic plan to develop the municipality of Ourique in 10 and half years into a valued region. This will contribute to the projects surroundings.

Social Strengths •  Ability to receive population. •  Open for Immigrant

Population. •  Strong cultural tradition and ethnographic regional songs and legends. •  Fairs and festivals with traditional national projection. •  Existence of communities in all parishes. •  Traditional rich gastronomy.

Weaknesses •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

aging population. Birth rate below the national average. Rate of mortality and aging above the national average. Pyramid unbalanced demographics: the fastest growing elderly population in relation to young people. High illiteracy rate. A large number of families living in extreme poverty. Unemployment rate higher than the national average. Apathy of citizens to reality. Dispersed settlements. Institutional incapacity in the face of worsening problems. Risk characterization territorial. Little interchange between the various local parishes. Social facilities underutilized. Some historical monuments (Castle Ourique). Degradation of old buildings (hills, railway stations, railroads, mills ,..). Absence of an Emergency Health Plan, with the ability to respond quickly and appropriately. Strong seasonality.

working on your ideas and producing drawings, diagrams, models...

Design Studio Final Powerpoint  
Design Studio Final Powerpoint  

Design Studio Final Powerpoint