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My portion of the AL-EX Project is a parallel to two other projects (the trans-AL-EX train and the research labs). The main focus is to make the specialized labs of the AL-EX have a mobile aspect that allow for on-site research in areas as it is needed. The main focus is not on specific areas. Instead, the labs are meant to be as flexible as possible to allow for a maximally-efficient infrastructure of transporting the labs. The labs need to be fully compatible with train transportation but not limited to it ( i.e. they will be also transportable by other means such as trucks and tractors for a more flexible area that can be installed on any terrain in the AL-EX region).The mobile labs will be a supplementary outpost to the larger static labs (like the Observatory) through implementing various techniques of quick shelter assembly that takes minimal time to deploy. Examples, Inspirations:

Modules for “Rolling Master Plan” for city of Åndalsnes, Norway by The Swedish architecture office Jägnefält Milton

Rapidly-Deployable Structures by Chuck Hoberman

Modern Mongolian Yurt – modern version of the light huts used by nomadic Mongolian tribes

ALEX Synopsis  

a quick 150 word summary of my part of the ALEX Project

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