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Hosting visitors around Al-Ex General program I have been designated to concentrate in the hosting part of the project. Key words: moving, relax, fulfilling and sleeping over. Things to think about: • Where and how to get on and off the “hotel” • Prices and value of proyect • Moving around towns: -Bikes -Motorbikes -Bus -Old/disabled/babies options • Wagons arrangement/size/design • Cards to take out bikes, food etc • Yoga, spa/water wagon etc • Cooking wagon: -Best chef -People can cook and share food (Food could be included in price, therefore as you depart from an area the food has been refilled and you will experience the taste of the gastronomy of each zone)

Geometry Has to take the minimum space like in cars, boats, airplanes, trains‌

Planned structure

Planned skin -that is: faรงades and roofs.

References (other buildings, it don't matter if they are exactly your constructive type). 1. Transcantรกbrico

Ruta en este caso:

2. Renfe hotel


Development of previous Scenario about hosting visitors  
Development of previous Scenario about hosting visitors  

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