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tImEs cHANGE PAssIoN DoEsN’t

Whether we play music created by others, create new music ourselves or just listen to music, everybody have their own story to tell or their own song to sing. It’s all about why we love music and about the experiences, we get through music. My generation grew up with a belief in peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll. I’m proud, that these values from way back have followed me through all my life.

Tom Bedell

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HEADLINE: Welcome to Bedell Guitars in Scandinavia

Velkommen til

Bedell Guitars i Norden

After well over 30 years as a dealer and distributor of guitars and other stringed instruments I have seen and heard it all. I thought then. At the nAMM Show in Los Angeles in 2010, I came by chance to a booth with a new producer. A brand new series guitars, both in design, sound, price and quality craftsmanship differed significantly from all the others. BEDELL GuItArs HELD It’s WorLD PrEmIĂˆrE.

toNE, sustAIN, PLAyABILIty That afternoon, I felt a tickling delight, while I tried one and the second and the third and seventh guitar. During the exclusive and somewhat strange appearance was a rich sparkling sound universe. Volume, definition, sustain and equality of sovereign level. Playability and balance to none. each instrument presented its own unique identity. A personal signature with mixture of something soft, something hard, something round, something sharp. Just like humans. In any case, the interesting of them. Those who stand by who they are and what they are striving for. Soon after I was introduced to Tom Bedell, and there was human and professional harmony between us from the first handshake - or chord, if you will. very few others - actually no - designs and manufactures guitars in so uncompromising quality at reasonable prices so that the instruments Bedell Guitars this year presented to the world for the first time. And now sold world wide. each guitar emits a visual personality.

The hand-carved Bedell logo in two types of wood embedded in the guitar’s headstock and the beautifully crafted binding in wood on front and back are just the most obvious. next the minutely detailed dovetail-joint of the neck and body. It also hand-finished, inlaid rosette of wood around Soundhole. The classic Grover tuners. Saddle and chair legs. Flawless, sparkling or satin finish. Someone has invested knowledge and skills and love to hand build this particular guitar. In this publication you can read how Bedell Guitars occurred and the philosophy behind the company and the guitars. A true hippie vision has been to hand-built reality.




QuALIty & QuALIty coNtroL Good tools and expert advice is the very foundation of any music business. That is where future customers to be nurtured.

When the guitar out of the box from the factory after the journey over the oceans, the awless, well adjusted and ready for a long, thoroughly musical life in his new owner’s arms.

Bedell Guitars guarantees the impressive quality of materials processing, hardware, craftsmanship and finish. In addition, investing Bedell Guitars in a strict control of each instrument before it leaves the factory in China.

With Bedell Guitars have both the nybegyndende, the intermediate, the competent and the hammer talented guitarist got a splendid, new and exotic option in guitar woods. Ole Abildgaard Thomsen, Akustikken


To gamle

hippier skifter kurs inden de når enden af regnbuen MAyBe IT’S reALLy HAPPIneSS TO SIT On THe AFT DeCK OF ITS LArGe SAILBOAT WITH A GLASS OF CHILLeD WHITe WIne In HAnD AnD KnOW THAT yOU never HAve TO WOrK AGAIn.

One evening in the spring of 2009 were Molly and Tom Bedell in exactly the stage in life. The large, reputable family business was sold and the couple had sailed out on a long voyage. The two (semi) old, declared hippies were finally free to live the dream from the ’60s about peace, love and rock ’n’ roll. But even after six months at sea, there was something that creaked. On board a sailing vessel is of course always something that creaks. But what here was different. Something inside. The evening aboard, opened Molly and Tom, for once, even a bottle of white wine. And the reason for the distraction murmur was identified and analyzed on good, proven hippie style.

What was it that shone so far out at the end of the rainbow, that they could not get there in their big sea sailor? The. Molly dreamed actually not to keep free for life. She dreamed of designing clothes. And Tom fantasized not about the big fish he would catch from his boat. He fantasized about starting a production of matchless guitars. next morning they pulled the anchor and headed for home. In a mature age was Molly and Tom ready to take you on a new, joint project, businesses Two Old Hippies and Bedell Guitars.

HEADLINE: The world’s youngest guitar distributor

Lifetime love As a 14-year-old kid at home in Spirit Lake, Iowa in the United States in the early 60s, was Tom Bedell lucky enough to get a Fender Stratocaster for Christmas by his parents. It was an extremely nice Christmas present, but Tom’s father, Berkley Bedell, drive a solid company in the production of equipment for anglers, Berkley & Company. It was probably the way with the Fender. And this rock ’n’ roll phenomenon that raged in the boy and blew all good American norms and customs pounding, went well enough to soon ... Two years later, Tom was so tough on guitar, he earned money to teach his companions. And he was hopelessly and life-long love of guitars in rock ’n’ roll and in life itself many opportunities. With economic convenient backup and many admonitions from daddy started his own import of Acoustic Guitars from Japan. Of course, with the name Bedell as a logo on the head. The first samples arrived from Hiroshima in Japan to the main office in Spirit Lake, 22 November 1963. On the same day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Verdens yngste

guitarimpor .. And he was hopelessly and life-long love of guitars in rock ‘n’ roll and in life itself and many ITS opportunities ...


16-yEAr-oLD Boss Over the next few years made Tom an extensive wholesale business with guitars and music equipment. Hundreds of music stores in five states negotiated Bedell guitars, and the 16-year-old Tom was probably - and hopefully - the youngest in the industry in the world. He established even a real music business in his home town. But when high school graduation was in the house, raised daddy voice. It was time to grow up. Or at least time to get an education.

BIG BusINEss for BIG ocEANs In 1979, Berkley Bedell asked his son to take over management of the family business, Berkley & Company, which soon changed its name to Pure Fishing and the Toms management over the next nearly three decades, developed into a worldwide enterprise with an annual turnover of 270 million. dollars and 1,100 employees in its own offices in 22 countries and distribution agreements with partners in another 77 countries.

Tom traveled from Stanford University in California in 1973 as a newly graduated Bachelor of Science in political science. After three semesters at the University of Iowa he also had a legal education. In 1975 he led his father, Berkley Bedell’s, campaign to be elected to the U.S. Congress, and in 1976 he established a consulting firm specializing in advising U.S. Congress members.

On the way to a position as the market leader worldwide, acquired Pure Fishing including the recognized, Swedish manufacturer of fishing tackle, ABU. Parallel gave Tom a comprehensive effort in humanitarian work and nature conservation, and he has over the years received numerous honors for this part of his work. In 2008, Tom sold its interests in Pure Fishing, bought a large boat and went to sea with his wife, Molly. not because he was tired of working. The job as CeO of an international company was filled with challenges and gave great experiences, both at the professional and human level. But if he was to get out and fish at some of the amazing places he had sold equipment to, this was the time.

HEADLINE: BEDELL GUITARS, from vision to handcrafted reality

Bedell Guitars

fra vision til håndbygget virkelighed I was raised to make an effort and to accomplish something in my life. This may very well be combined with a humanistic attitude to life and the people, you associate with, both professionally and in your private life. A good deal is only a good deal, as long as both sides feel satisfied. - Tom Bedell

Home again after the interrupted trip in the summer of 2009 founded the Molly and Tom Bedell the joint venture, Two Old Hippies, and now they got busy. At the very cool way. Molly established himself as a designer of new style hippietøj. Tom began to build Bedell Guitars. - Pure Fishing had its own factory in Taiwan, I have gone out to partners in China in the past 30 years, and we had divisions in 22 countries, the concept of global business operations was almost a part of my DNA. Among other things, it is crucial to find the right people at home and the best partners out. Some of the people to Bedell Guitars brought me ashamed to say in my old company, Pure Fishing. They are now key personnel in production management, logistics and marketing. For development and design department dedicated I Dan Mills, which among other things has worked in the Gibson Custom Shop for ten years, and I caught up with Jeff Moore, a well known and respected in the guitar industry. And so we began designing guitars, says Tom.

A little guy with sense of sticks A little later in the process invested Bedell Guitars in the small guitar construction, Breedlove Guitars, as the guitaraficionado and Masterbuilder Kim Breedlove’s leadership and with headquarters in the betting by Bend in the state of Oregon built and builds guitars that are true wonders. - We were young, Bedell Guitars would like to be bigger, and we have the same roots in the hippie times and the same little naive ambition. It is about doing things the right way and to have a good time with each other while. We must stick to the passions and the values we ​​ had many years ago when we started building guitars, which should be better than them, we could not afford to buy, says Kim Breedlove. Breedlove Guitars, some extremely refined and sophisticated and interesting things with braces and other parts of the guitar’s internal anatomy, as Bedell Guitars would like to use. It certainly was not the first time there was a knock on the door of Breedlove, but it was the first time the answer was ’entered’.

- The exciting thing about the small, pale sticks, called bracings and are glued into the guitar’s stomach ... it exciting is that they act as both volume and bass and treble and midrange controls. An equalizer system of wood. - At Breedlove, we are geeks who have moved around the sticks and various other small items inside the guitars for decades. Fortunately, we took notes along the way, and therefore we are now deeply involved in developing new models with carefully specified and documented tonal characteristics of Bedell Guitars, while we have the freedom to build the original Breedlove Guitars, says Kim Breedlove. cHINA Is QuALIty While the beautiful guitars took shape on tegnebrædtet, included Tom an appointment with a hand-picked guitar manufacturer in China. - They are among the best in the world. Maybe the best. This is the great instrument builders, and it applies the automated parts of the production. My philosophy of Bedell Guitars was and is that we must design and produce instruments with unmistakable personality of absolute top quality and sell them at prices that most can afford. It is a mission statement, which for many different reasons can not be realized with production in the U.S. or for that matter northern europe, said Tom continues:

- China has a many thousand year old craft tradition of outstanding craftsmanship in wood and lakarbejde, and I will direct angry when I hear someone speak disparagingly of the products from the new Chinese industry. All the world’s production of complicated electronics, most of nano-technology and shipbuilding and what we have, or rather had, located in China. So let me be free of condescending criticism based on ignorance. - As everywhere else followed price and quality along hand in hand, and I will just remind you that there indeed was built many bad guitars at home in the U.S. in the 50s and 60s. There was a market need then to be covered, and of course there were some who chose the lowest common denominator. So it is with the Chinese-made guitars today. Some of them are rubbish, others are on a par with the best from anywhere in the world. This applies to design, manufacturing, materials, hardware and finishes. Such as guitars from Bedell. DIstrIButIoN coN AmorE When the first prototypes at the factory in China arrived at Bedell Guitars’ headquarters in Aspen, Colorado, where Tom and Molly have their home, Tom had already established a strong distribution network Bedell Guitars all over the world. - In the UK, we chose to work with Aria Distribution, and distribution in the nordic countries carried out by the acoustics in Aarhus in Denmark, as the focal point in an excellent music business distributes a handful of other quality brands. It’s the kind of people I want to work with. Love of music and musical instruments combined with professionalism and experience. People who have the dream intact. A con amore relation to what they are dealing with.

froNt mBA-17-G BAck mB-17-G_


Om træ og tone The tree is the most important component of a guitar, because the wood in the guitar bottom, sides and decks is a coherent, vibrant organism that creates and shapes the sound - in conjunction with the fine bracings inside the body and in cooperation with the neck, fretboard, saddle and bridge. The tree, which becomes Bedell guitars, selected piece by piece from the best suppliers in europe, Far east, South America, Africa and Asia by Bedell own, trusted buyers. At the factory in China saved the rough cut wood for up to three years while it dries and stabilized in a natural, patient process. After further cutting is sorted again critical between ’major’ and ’no good’. And again in the following processes. Only the absolutely flawless and perfectly dried, ripened and cut pieces tone wood goes into production.

HEADLINE: 7 sErIEs AND tHE otHEr cooL oNEs

7serier og

de andre seje A GuItAr Is Not Just A GuItAr. not even the perfectly built guitar can be described as guitar. It depends on the eye of the beholder, ears that listen, and fingers that play. Guitarists play music in many different genres, and guitarists have personal preferences for sound, playability and appearance unimpressed. The economics are often a word to say. Therefore, there are seven series of Bedell guitars and almost unlimited possibilities in the custom section. In addition, handbuilt Bedell unique instruments from the customer’s own specifications or very small series unique instruments for various reasons.

BEDELL customsHoP - mooNsPrucE

BEDELL customsHoP - mooNsPrucE

mooNsPrucE. WHAt’s tHAt? Well, moon means the moon, and spruce means spruce. Moonspruce is spruce, which cut down and stored after a centuries-old method, which has its origin in the southern mountain areas. Moonspruce is optimal, no, excellent, no, incomparable tonal characteristics. Master violin by Stradivarius knew it. Bedell Guitars at it and use Moonspruce to the most exclusive guitars from Bedell Guitars Custom Shop. The recipe for Moonspruce live the best rødgraner for the production of violins, lutes and other stringed instruments including guitar, of course, on the northwest side of the mountain slope at an altitude of 1,000 meters and up to treeline. Here, the trees grow so slowly as a millimeter or less in diameter per year. The ideal strain Moonspruce is approx. 50 cm diameter, when it is folded, so that it is distinguished old fighting forest, that lives on in the fine guitars. The absolute ideal is that an empty timber contain 20-25 rings. Here, we speak of ’Master Grade’. The best of the best.

The trees to be felled Moonspruce when the waning moon in the last quarter of its phase during winter, where growth has stalled. Finally, not before, certainly not later. The raw, felled tree trunk should be left in the woods to stabilize until spring comes, and the tribes moved down to the sawmill and cut up, and then it dries and stabilizes naturally in covered storage. One might think that the tree does not tolerate loud noises or the gang in its vicinity. Quite so sensitive, the process is not. But almost. Moonspruce is something very, very special. Just like any Bedell guitar.

A small glade in the the FOREST OF guitars...

Playing guitar is a passion, a love for life. The acoustic guitar enchants and hex with its universe of possibilities. The call on you during the day and whisper to you at night. It will you know when you are happiest, and when you most need answers. There are many guitars. A lot of good guitars. Basically they have in common is that they will never leave you and never let you decide everything. Your guitar talk to you in a language you rarely get to speak. You do not need to learn all the chords 450,000,000 in full four octaves and alternative tunings before it understands where you need to go. You do not even have the 60 basic finger positions, before embracing your heart and go with. Start with a-chord and hear so just how it feels. In you and in it.

But. Which guitar of the infinitely many should you choose? Our sincere answer is that it certainly is not safe, you are allowed to choose the guitar. It can easily be reversed. That guitar chooses you. You will be notified immediately. Body and soul. It is more than beautiful. Now we have told you about Bedell Guitars. A little wildlife sanctuary in the giant guitar forest. We hope you have wanted to take the short detour to where Bedell Guitars live. Seating little clearing there. Play games, listen, feel. What you feel, can easily be love.

Ole Abildgaard Thomsen

Bedell Magazine - Akustikken 2012 (english version)  
Bedell Magazine - Akustikken 2012 (english version)  

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