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The Assignment. Write a bunch of ‘bitter’ tweets to populate the ironic twitter spin-off, The site was to mourn the launch of Burger King’s Angry Whopper.

office mgr took it personally when i said the coffee was weak & stormed off! so over this place.

what's worse than waking up to depeche mode every morning? that she hits snooze 5 times before getting up.

@kbobistan Sprained my ankle on skateboard he never uses. Was hiding under a blanket . Seriously??

@hatderby Slight fender bender in the explorer. kids are ok, but the sundaes they were eating? all over.. all. over.

iphone i apparently paid too much for is now somewhere in the san dimas sewer system.

Just bit tongue after burning it on frozen pizza lastnight. gonna be a looonng week.

@jackass: people are trying to sleep & your lapdog wont shut its freaking yap!

Broke my heel and am now hobbling to the courthouse. All to fight a parking ticket wasnt supposed to get in first place!

charred ribs and warm beer. another company picnic bites the dust.

Past 3 weeks of poker night: Go in with 20 & leave 100 down. new hobby suggestions are welcome.

sure im going to look back at sitting in 2 hours of gridlock traffic and a broken a/c and laugh. far far in the future.

Driving in Orlando. What's your hurry? Disney world not going anywhere!

@byronspub thx for playing creed at high volume lastnite. not only cant i hear, but hte music sux! dont know what i hate more about the beach: sand in your hair or all the projectiles being thrown.. life from inner row: got up once & both bathrooms locked. 2nd time, told to get seatbelt on. 3rd time, drink cart. worst trip ever. productivity down so boss calls us into neverending meeting. she hired a decorator so now every time i want to sit on the couch, i have to throw a bunch of pillows on the floor. pretty much over the 4th floor walk-up after spraining my ankle carrying laundry down lastnite.

boss fell asleep on 3 separate occasions during my presentation. just found out my new roommate is a pet lover. aside from children's museums, who owns a tarrantula anyway?

get a bmw for bday & now cant drive after teeny fender bender. why even say its mine?

who turns coffeemaker back on when there's old coffee in it? #ihatemondays

Can't talk anymore after visiting crappiest dentist in dallas. unfortunately for u, i can only tweet complaints.

ordered subs from church drive and theyre all soggy. i mean, i want to help, but this is a little much..

Nothing like waking up to a wet paper. Don't think paperboy knows about invention of plastic bag.

worked 80 hours at the pool this week already! am i the only that works there? i forget. . .

Blood has not clotted on back root canal. Novacaine wearing off. where's the dentist?

Found quiet spot at beach. woke to 3 different people blaring 3 very different types of awful music.

Been lying down quite a lot. Need a longer straw.

told boss was up all late b/c reading dean koontz novel and says he hates koontz. everybody hates the temp i guess.

Brand France The Assignment. The French Tourist Office wanted to promote French wine in the US through Go postcards placed in restaurants in major cities.

The Problem. Every year, French wine gets ignored by Americans, largely due to the learning curve -- which doesn’t help the France’s already snooty image. The Solution. Turn restaurant postcards into magnetized fridge magnets that give aspiring wineophiles a crash course in French wine right in the kitchen.

<<Magnetized>> Peel & Stick on Fridge

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill (This was pitched to their marketing manager, Greenlight Management.) The Assignment.

Create a platform that includes a brand partner for Tim McGraw & Faith Hill.

The Objective.

Bring casual listeners closer into the Tim & Faith fold.

The Target.

30-50 year-old couples that are casual listeners to Tim & Faith. They know a song or two, but have never gone to a concert.

The Insight.

Tim & Faith: The Anti-Brangelina. Everyone we talked to was fascinated by this country power couple’s relationship. Digging deeper we found what made Tim & Faith so special was that they were two independent people who supported each other’s endeavors.

The Strategy.

Strengthen your relationship by recognizing and encouraging your partner to follow their dreams. Support your partner ---> Makes them a stronger individual = A stronger relationship

Brand Partner.

Mastercard focuses on the emotional instead of the utility: family and rewarding yourself for what you’ve earned.

The Creative. In addition to the strategy, I ended up writing some print ads to support the tour and web experience that we came up with.

Zipcar The Assignment.

ZipCar needed some affordable guerilla marketing to promote their car service in urban areas.

The Target.

Urbanites in their 20s and 30s.

The Insight.

Buying a car is a huge commitment. You have to take out a car loan. Get insurance. Registration... Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kind of like getting married.

The Strategy.

Zipcar is the total opposite. You just find one nearby and start driving.

Zipcar is like owning a car without the commitment.

The Concept.

I go

“No Strings Attached.” Turn Zipcar into an escort service.

both ways


Bargain Beauties

asian fantasy

HOT TAIL roughs

5 Bo ll to all - Outca creet is D % 0 - 10



Private & Discreet











Affordable rates

Swedish Dream Date Let me Pamper You gh t lon g, Dr ive me wi ld al l ni me th e ne xt da y ll ca th en fo rg et to

Super Sexy European Beauties

Outcalls Must be 21+

Take my top off al Actu o o h P t

866 - 4 -ZIPCAR

866 494 7227



for a whole day of fun

No strings attached.


Are U Ready? 1-866-4ZIPCAR

Not for the easily offended, this was of course spec work.




The Context. City papers. Street teams pass cards out. GO Cards in restaurants. Ads in furniture/moving sections of Craigslist.

Polaroid SX-70 The Assignment. The copywriting professor, Mark Fenske, gave me this one: Write some ads for the classic Polaroid camera from the 1970s. The Concept.

The beauty of the camera is that it collapses in so you can take it on the go. This led to the tag, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Only you know its secrets.â&#x20AC;? (NOTE: I just had the lines, so I adapted it to an old print ad from 1974.)

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