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A middle aged woman and a young man (about 20) meet on a street corner in the dead of night- it’s snowing. YOUNG MAN (Strolling toward the woman standing under the lamppost, a beer in his hand) “MARY – hey Mary! Merry Christmas!” MARY (turns startled) “Dammit JACK keep your voice down- you want the whole damn street to hear us?” JACK (reaches the woman)“Jesus Mary you don’t have to get so worked up. (laughs to himself) ha. . jesus mary. . .” MARY “Were the hell have you been anyway? Out drowning yourself down at 4 th street?” JACK “No. . . I was . . . I was just- ” MARY (Eyes narrowing) “Don’t tell me you were with that girl again. . .” JACK “No! . . . I mean. . . (running his hands through his hair) look she asked meet to meet her. . . I couldn’t just ignore. . . ” MARY (interrupts) “No no no Jack! You can’t do this! This totally compromises the plan!” JACK “What? meeting a girl for a few drinks?! Come on Mary that’s hardly compromising. (cracks a smile) There was nothing in the fine print about not interacting with a few women if you know what I mean. . .” MARY (Stands in front of him pointing at his chest) “Look you knew the rules- you knew what you were signing up for- Johnson told me you were one of his best snipers and that’s the only reason a rooky like you got on this case in the first place. We are dealing with dangerous new technology here- it’s not chemicals or nuclear bombs. . . it’s time travel, and you don’t fuck around with time- one little mishap could completely alter the space time continuum and the future of civilization as we know it- all because you fell in love with a fucking girl.” JACK

(Shoves her hand and turns away from her) “God dammit Mary I’m not in love. Jesus. . . I just met her for a few drinks – it’s not like I married her or something. . .” MARY “Are you going to see her again?” JACK (pauses staring down the alley) “. . . I. . . I don’t. . . no - no I won’t ok?” MARY (walks up behind him- more gently) “Look Jack I see the look in your eyes every time you see her. This needs to stop now- not only for the sake of our mission, but for both of you. You’re not from this time Jack. . . we’re not from this time- we don’t belong here. . . when we’ve assassinated Collins we’re getting right back in that time machine and heading home to the future. . . a future we’re she’ll have been dead for over two hundred years. . .” JACK (Turning around angrily) “God Mary you don’t think I don’t know that?! I get it ok- Collins is the mission – I haven’t forgotten that.” JACK (pauses for a moment staring at the falling snow, not looking at her) “Look is there anything else you need from me? We can’t stay here long - his spies we’ll be swarming the whole goddamn alley any second now.” MARY (staring intently at him) “No – that’s all I needed to speak with you about – Harper filled you in on our plan for tomorrow?” JACK “Yeah - yeah he told me – fuckin crazy ass plan if you ask me . . .” MARY “I didn’t ask you.” JACK (pause) MARY (smiles, turns, and starts walking down the opposite end of the ally) “Merry Christmas Jack.” JACK (turns and starts walking the other way) “Goodnight Mary.” MARY (pauses, turns and calls) “Oh jack?”

JACK (Turns) “Yeah?” MARY “I mean it – stay away from that girl. . . she’ll be the death of you you know.” JACK (turns and continues walking- mutters to himself) “Fuck you Mary. . . fuck you. . .”

Assignment 7  

By Audrey Snider

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