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5-Step Beginner’s Guide To SEO For New Website Owners

Are you planning to start a new website or have launched one already? Then you must be thinking about optimizing your website for relevant online searches. While most people are aware that search engine optimization is essential for a website’s success, only a few of them know about the correct approach to building an effective SEO strategy Here we are presenting a beginner’s guide to SEO for all new webmasters. This guide will help you understand the basics of search engine optimization and enable you to build a strong plan to get your website and business in front of the target audience before your competition. Even if you are planning to hire the best digital marketing agency in India, the information presented here will help you in dealing with the agency in a better manner.

What Is SEO And Why Do You Need It? Before we discuss the fundamentals of SEO, it will be pertinent to know exactly what the practice is. Search engine optimization involves improving your rankings in relevant organic search results. Search engines are the primary source of information on all kinds of topics for internet users across the globe. Improving your positions in related internet-based searches is essential for catching the attention of potential customers. You can also use paid search advertising to increase your chances of appearing prominently in related results. However, a strong organic search presence conveys to the audience that you are a trustworthy entity that offers high-quality information, products or services. Most of you, on reading this, will start thinking of approaching the best company for SEO in India for your business. Let’s know a little about how search engines function before hiring a consultant.

How Do Search Engines Work? Search engines are constantly discovering new URLs through a process called crawling. Their spiders or bots are always looking for new or updated content in all types of forms. This means that whether it is text, video, image, or any other kind of material, it’s presence is registered by the search engine. Once all new links have been crawled, search engines organize all the content in their database through indexing. It is not that indexing happens only once for a page. Every time a change is made, the page is crawled and indexed again. Whenever a search is conducted the search engine scans its index to find all the relevant links and presents them in the order of

relevance. This means that you must make all the vital content of your website accessible for crawling and indexing by the search engine bots.

Beginner’s Guide To SEO Let’s now see how an effective search engine optimization plan is built.

Step 1: Identify The Best Keywords For Your SEO Plan There are some terms that are used by searchers to find the necessary information, as well as, by search engines to identify the best results. You have to identify the most suitable phrases in your category and integrate them with your website. These terms are called keywords and researching them is one of the fundamental tasks for preparing an SEO plan. Start by conducting some Google searches to see the kind of phrases being used by your audience. You can also engage an SEO agency in India that will use tools to determine some appropriate phrases. Identify a bunch of small, medium-tail, and long-tail terms and assess their search volume and competition. Find out the keywords for which your main competitors are not performing well and include them in your campaign. Choose keywords with high search volume and low competition. You must also include some location-based terms for targeting local searches.

Step 2: Optimize Your Website’s On-page And Technical Elements Of SEO Every search engine uses a custom and sophisticated algorithm to finalize their results’ rankings. You have to ensure that your website’s on-page elements establish your relevance to related searches in the best possible manner. Every page of your website must have a unique title and meta description. Ensure that they are optimized with relevant keywords naturally. The URL structure must also be descriptive so that search engines can easily understand their nature. Moreover, the content must also be optimized with suitable keywords but you have to be careful that you do not indulge in keyword stuffing. Create an efficient internal linking structure so that humans and search engines can navigate all the related pages. Upload images after proper optimization so that they do not bloat your website. Every image must have an alt text to increase their search-ability. Apart from this, your website must be responsive so that it is easily accessible on all types of devices. Invest in a dependable hosting service subscription and ensure coding best practices are used to ensure your website has a fast page loading speed. The better the user experience of your website, the more will its chances be of appearing prominently in results. This is where it becomes pertinent to hire an SEO consultant to build a comprehensive plan.

Step 3: Invest In Creating High-quality Content You cannot hope to achieve good results without high-quality content that answers your audience’s questions. The ideal way would be to entrust a digital marketing company with the responsibility of creating informative and interesting content but if you have the skills and the time, then you can do the job by yourself. Add a blog to your website and upload posts that provide information on topics that your users are interested in. You must also include images, videos, infographics, and any other material that helps in impressing your audience. Make sure that all the content is optimized with suitable keywords. Moreover, your material must be fresh and unique as search engines penalize duplicate or plagiarized content.

Step 4: Create External Links To Build Your Authority The world’s number 1 search engine uses approximately 200 factors to assess the ranking of a page. The external link structure of a domain is a vital factor that is used for finalizing the positions on a results page. Generating inbound links from other domains in your category helps in building your authority. However, you have to make sure that the backlinks are earned from websites with high domain authority. There are two types of backlinks namely, do-follow and no-follow. The former are beneficial for SEO as they pass on the authority of the linking page to your domain. The latter so not help directly in your SEO but if you earn them from websites with high traffic, then you improve your own visibility. It will also help you in getting more traffic that will ultimately have a positive impact on your SEO program. The best way to earn quality backlinks is by posting informative content on other websites. An SEO consultant service helps in creating a strong external link structure.

Step 5: Track And Measure Your SEO Program An SEO program must be tracked to assess its performance. You must set some quantifiable goals for your campaign. For instance, you can target to increase your website traffic by “n” percent within a specified duration. Once you have set the goals, you must track the progress through analytics resources. You will be able to gauge the engagement of your audience, conversions, and other key statistics like the total number of visitors, total time spent on the website, visitors’ demographic details, bounce rate, traffic sources, etc. All this data gives you an insight into your audience as well as helps you know whether your plan is working or not. Many webmasters outsource SEO services to ensure that their performance is measured accurately by professionals.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Company For SEO?

This guide gives you a basic idea of how to initiate an SEO strategy but you must hire a professional agency to achieve the best results. Many esteemed brands believe that SDLC Infotech is the best digital marketing company in India. The following attributes encourage them to consider the agency as the best company for SEO:

1. SEO Consultants With Vast Experience Of Various Industries Every business vertical requires a different approach for optimizing websites for related online searches. The consultants at SDLC Infotech have spent numerous years in devising innovative strategies to improve search results positions of client websites belonging to different industries. They are ideally positioned for running your SEO programs for driving the best possible results.

2. Excellent Track Record Of Delivering Good Results

SDLC Infotech is one of the few digital marketing agencies in India with an impeccable track record. The company has delivered good results on a consistent basis for all of its clients. The SEO consultants at the agency are adept at creating custom plans that are aligned with the clients’ requirements and their target audiences’ behavior.

3. Creating Custom Plans At Reasonable Rates The India-based digital marketing company designs a custom plan for each of its clients based on their business and target audience. It ensures that even individuals and small firms with limited resources enjoy the advantage of effective SEO by creating powerful strategies without charging prohibitive prices.

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5-Step Beginner’s Guide To SEO For New Website Owners  

Creating a powerful SEO program is essential for taking your new website to the right audiences. But do you know how to build a robust plan?...

5-Step Beginner’s Guide To SEO For New Website Owners  

Creating a powerful SEO program is essential for taking your new website to the right audiences. But do you know how to build a robust plan?...