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Aksbav Pundir 4th year B.Des(Product Design) Symbiosis Institute of Design

I am in my final year of Product Design. I plan to pursue automobile design in the future. My passion is to sketch and develop forms.

Simple Product Design Oil Dispenser

Brief: Concept tackles the problem of transferring oil(3 tier process) from a 15 litre container to a 500ml daily use container. This product provides a frame for the 1 litre oil packets and converts it into a daily use oil dispenser directly without having to transfer oil to different containers.

Faculty: Mrs. Sheetal Natuu Course length: 3 months


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Form Studv: Shoe design Self Initiated project Time taken: 8 hours

Brief: To study adidas aesthetic sense and develop a new strong form for adidas sports shoes. The form developed is angular with sharp edges and bold sole to give it sense of strength and power.

Packaging Design Faculty: Mrs. J.B. Bhatt Course length: 2 weeks

Brief: The form of the packaging has been designed for 180ml Smirnoff vodka. Since Vodka is many times consumed in neat form referred to as 'SHOTS' . The form of the packaging has been designed as the form of revolver bullet canister giving the consumer the feel that vodka is as strong and powerful as a 'BULLET'

Chevrolet Design Competition RYNO v1.0 - .Time taken: 24 hours

Brief: It is a 2 door 4X4 hatchback with a SUV look. the concept provides you the option of switching from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. The form is inspired from a rhinoceroces since the IRYN0 is a small yet powerful car. 1

Craft Design Faculty: Mr. J.A.Panchal Course length: 1 week

Brief: The concept is of a collapsable penstand which reduces the cost of transportation for the product as many peices can be transported together.

Rapid Car Renders Self initiated Time taken: 30 minutes

Brief: Rapid form development sketches with photos hop rendering.

Car Sketches Self initiated Time taken: 15 minutes

Brief: Rapid sketching and form development. Inspiration from a panther.

Car Sketches Self initiated Time taken: 15 minutes

Brief: Rapid sketching and form development. Form inspiration from a bull.

Thank You

Contact Details: email mob. no.: 9967349680


Compilation of some of my work

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